Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Things I Wished I Could Tell You.

i hate when people know that i've cried.
but at the same time,
it's that much more painful to weep in silence.

This entire week has been nothing less than brutal, from start to finish.
In every sense that you could imagine.

I was so, so glad that it came to close.

Every inch of my being, right to the core.
Looking forward to the weekend, when I could finally let it all go.

Never did I expect that it would all culminate to this.

When was the last time I cried?

I'm proud to say I can't remember.

But tonight, I have once again been reacquainted with this feeling.
All of it.

i don't want to be a fraud.
what is it to constantly say that i'm blessed,
but to spend so many nights alone, 
empty with nothing but a worn out, aching soul and nobody to tell it to?

the last thing i'd want...
is to lie to myself.

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