Saturday, 31 December 2016


Howdy, sweetums. I just touched down early this morning from my year-end trip to Guangzhou. Here to publish this draft which I had pre-typed up while still in China, coz I be hardworking and time-efficient like dat! jks lol. There wasn’t much to do at night when I was waiting for my hair to dry before bedtime, other than watch How It’s Made on the hotel’s glorious cable TV.

Also, Imma try and crank these China posts out in a timely fashion. Need to break the habit of blogging about vacations literally years after they take place…shit’s just embarrassing.



Some marinated grilled chicken chunk type shit, pretty good. Assortment of veggies were A+. Potatoes were nice and starchy, broccoli tender and chloro-phylled (lol idk), roasted pumpkin was effing sweet and tender. Caramelised on the edges, all that good shit. Cherry tomatoes were the devil, as usual. And I do not permit The Devil to enter my mouth xo

Appetiser: beef pastrami on a bed of quinoa tossed with onions, peppers and minute tomato chunks (because they were so insignificant in size, i let it slide)(down my gullet)(just this one time, you slimey lil satanic shits!!)

I watched Bad Moms during the flight, and lemme just say Kathryn Hahn is ALL SORTS of hilarious. I legit burst out in audible guffaws 80% of the time she was onscreen, which was kinda embarrassing considering I was seated in the middle row amidst some middle-aged Chinese folks.

I also finally got to catch Your Name, an anime (i m not An Otaku) film that’s said to be tragic as hell, according to a few of my mates who all sobbed like babies when they watched it in the cinema.

True enough, that shit will have you in da feely feelz lol

I didn’t shed a tear, but damn I felt stuff right in the cockles of my heart…like, wtf man. Don’t play me like that. They be making you feel all warm and fuzzy with happy shit, filled to the brim with youthful optimism for true love, then have it all come crashing down (much like the comet. ha ha) with nary a shred of hope left in the cold, dark and painfully lonely world.


We arrived in Baiyun International Airport on a cool December’s night at about 1 am! Then proceeded to Chimelong Hotel which was a good 45 minutes or so via car, sat until me arse was sore

:D :D :D

Sorry the gif is so damn shaky...apparently I walk like a fucking elephant stomping around the plains of wild Africa lmao

Checking in~~~

Because of the ungodly hour, the entire lobby was deserted and almost completely shrouded in darkness! A bit eerie, actually.

festive as all hellllll


Our room :))))

The bathroom (ALWAYS my favourite part of hotels, tbh) had some Mexican villa vibes to it. Made me crave some cheesy nachos like crazy lol

Tucked in and all ready to sleep my absolute ASS off!!!! hehehe

Catch y’all in the next post <3


Monday, 19 December 2016

probs my last post of 2016 coz limpeh goin overseas

Typing out some random shit before I fly off to China in less than 24 hours, just to keep this blog alive while I'm gone huehuehue

Presenting a documentation of mah daily life, in da form of pics and captionnnnnnnnnnsss.

Long. Ass. Muhfuggin captions lol

And pics that are pretty much bits n pieces of events so they don't form an entire post on their own.

Pls enjoy :)

(im balding. dont tell me. i alrdy know it lol)

Snorlax Christmas display at Changi Airport.

Dear lord, I want a cuddly Snorlax plush toy so much. Not even the mammoth ones, too. Just something adequately huggable, I ain't greedy lol

Yaas, I am very much still a slut for Pokemon Go lmao

Hey, I caught a festive Pikachu literally on the night it came out okay:

I don't play around when it comes to Catching Them All™  8)

Flavours: Signature Milk & Honey + Tiramisu

My dearest Kim Bee showed me around her east side turf and brought me to this lovely hole-in-the-wall gelato parlour at Bedok! Forreal tho, it is situated right smack at the ground floor of some HDB estate. If I were to stay in that area, best believe I'd eat my weight in quality ice cream every single week til I eventually die from diabetus at the ripe old age of 21 years and 3 months lmao

Super yummy, i fucking LOVE honey-based desserts lol. Also, tiramisu is one of my all-time fave sweet treats. Go-to ice cream flavours, tbh <3

Hifumi, all day err day babyyyy.

My main dish was a sizzling plate of crispy chicken fillet strips and a hunk of salmon (of course lol).

But of course, the star of the show is the appetiser buffet. And lemme just tell all y'all now that it was nothing short of straight up GLORIOUS.

Main highlights for me were the seaweed wedges (SO crispy and flavourful!! gah damn), sweet potato fries (drenched in sticky honey and cinnamon, what's not to love?) and generous strips of pork belly. Not too fatty, just the way I like it!

Veggie ballz from Ikea cafeteria!

~obviously~ i got the signature Ikea meatballs as well, but i just picked these out from the refrigerator shelves coz i was legitimately curious. Think they were going for $1.50 per bowl of 3? Not cheap sia

Verdict: very rich in flavour and you can clearly taste the many vegetables it constituted, but it was a flat and dull kind of flavour that would require you to bathe it in sauce to actually enjoy it. also, extremely mushy and reminiscent of baby food. or old people food. basically, any food that's mean for people with No Teeth lol

yea, imma stick to being a hardcore carnivore. :'))

Seafood paella from some pizzeria, was about $19++ I think.

Holy shit, it was dry as all hell. I legit felt like I was eating space food or something, it was all the way dehydrated :(

I appreciate the presentation and quality of ingredients, but it really was quite awful. Severely lacking in flavour as well, I had to dump literally 3/4 of a can of parmesan cheese and mix it in while it was still hot just to get some actual taste and moisture in there lmao

Try harder next time pl0x

View from my window, coz the sky is effing gorgeous. So is the skyline of south-central Singapore, tbh! Beauty is everywhere, so long as you stop for a minute and find it :))

Saturday, 17 December 2016

i just want the High, supply me.

"I'm straight up,
with this one boy I know of.
I call 'em, when I start feeling alone.

I want it...
And sometimes

see, I don't.

I just need a moment.
and leave.

You can say you had it all, no strings.

I don't need the lovin'.
So don't make this something.

See, I'm nothing like a girlfriend.
I'm not like someone I'm supposed to be.

I just want some company."

Tinashe is my goddamn QUEEN.
Discovered her early this year and her music really took me through the entirety of my life's very first dating/semi-serious relationship experience lol

Man, I was such a naïve and idealistic little girl back in the first quarter of 2016.
This year has truly been a ride in terms of finding my sexuality and harnessing the force within me which I knew existed ever since I was the age of like, seven.

Sometimes physical experiences spill over to emotional connections that I by no means planned for.
I've had times where I hit actual rock bottom all because of my lifestyle choices.
But nothing, and I do mean absolutely Nothing in this past year of fucking around (in all senses of the term lol) will I ever come to regret.
Every tiny piece of it had to take place and come together like a puzzle, to form the picture that I have now. A visualisation of my life clearer than I'd ever imagined and hoped for.

Didn't quite enjoy the song "Company" at first. I mean, how can you compete with the saccharine feel-good ditty that preceded it? Seriously tho, I looped the shit out of "Superlove" for like months on end, especially when I was on my way to my dick appointments and tryna get PUMPED lol ja feel??

But lately the lyrics, grim beat and sultry vocals have really started to feel a fit in my personal life. x

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


If you've been reading my blog for close to a year now (which is unlikely, unless you're someone i know irl and therefore have a reason to take interest in the mundane activities of my life)(if you're not, and you STILL have continued reading my shit all this time...then, man. i oughta mail you a non-perishable snack or something just as a token of thanks lol. you real as hell!!), you would know that back in mid-2015 I had a special relationship with a cafe in Bugis called Stateland.

Back then I had just ventured into the cafe-hopping lifestyle. I sucked at directions and self-navigation (still do, tbh)(fun fact: the maps and PokeStops on Pokemon Go have actually been more helpful in getting me to my destinations than Google Maps lol. go figure!) so I was pretty happy to have found a decent cafe that was walking distance from an MRT station.

My friend Danielle also had a waitressing stint at Stateland, which is the reason behind why I (sometimes along with our mutual friends) went there so many times to visit, chill, get some grub in me and perhaps do some work on my laptop as well.

Since the end of last year, I haven't really gotten the chance to swing by. Until a few weekends ago when I decided to head over with my dear friend Cheryl. Just for a nice brunch and catch-up session! It was starting to drizzle and we desperately needed to seek food and shelter, so no time for galavanting all down Bali Lane and Arab Street in search of whatever eatery tickles our fancy.

We stepped into Stateland and, holy Mother Of Pearl. It had undergone a doozy of a revamp.

Vibes were on POINT.

As were the food and beverages, obviously.


Iced coffee drinks usually cost a small fortune at most cafes. But their exotic ass ICED APPLE PIE (yup, u read that right) LATTE was only $6.50!! bruh

I am a huuuuge fan of apple pie and anything containing cinnamon, really. The latte concoction was pretty satisfying, with ample hints of apple pie flavours without being too sweet. Would've loved for it to be just a tad less milky with more strength leaning towards the coffee aspect, but I'm k00l wit it :)

For a dessert-like caffeine drink at $6.50, I really can't complain.

Meanwhile, Cheryl (wit da beautiful, bombshell coloured hair) got herself a Watermelon Lemonade for $5.50. Super gorgeous, and very refreshing. The watermelon syrup was definitely A+

{Kimchi Carbonara, $18}

I love carbonara like crazy, but kimchi isn't something I'd typically eat unless it's served on the side with my favourite Korean dishes. In essence, this pasta dish was truly just a well-executed carbonara simply tossed with some piquant kimchi.

An interesting taste concept considering carbonara is usually on the rich and creamy side. With the tang and slight spiciness of the fermented cabbage slicing through, it all feels a little less jelak. Plus, the bacon slices and fried shallots did wonders for the texture of this dish!

A little disappointed that the runny egg didn't have that flawless oozing yolk lava, but taste-wise it still did its job :)

{Mentaiko Tiger Prawn Pasta, $20}

Cheryl's dish was actually something I enjoyed a LOT more (yes, i totally nicked a few mouthfuls from her bowl and vice versa lol. what are friends for??).

The mentaiko was TOP. freaking. NOTCH.

Flavour explosion with EVERY bite, I honestly could just sit there and lick mentaiko mayo forever and ever lol. It's that good.

Only gripe I would have is that the dish really packs a mean spice punch, the kind that would have you reaching out for water after each mouthful and panting eventually in an effort to cool off the fire on your tongue.

Good thing I had my milky latte at hand to quell the flames, but spice wimps (like have been warned!


Throughout my stint at TSL, I've written about my fair share of fusion dishes. In my opinion, it's a trend that's kinda done to death as it is already, and with stark variations of success too.

The two dishes I sampled at Stateland? Fusion done right. There's truly a harmonious balance between cuisine influences both East and West and, most importantly, it actually tastes GOOD!

Go try it out for yourselves, y'all. I'll definitely be returning some time soon to grub on their other dishes :'))

Stateland Cafe
Address: 32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866
(Pretty short walk from Bugis MRT station)
Opening hours:
Mon, Wed & Thurs 12 pm to 10 pm
Fri & Sat 12 pm to 12 mn
Sun 11 am - 6 pm
Closed on Tue.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

memers for my creamers (lol wtf)

Been a willy while since the last compilation, so here are some choice memes served up Dank*!

lol what is wrong with me

*more like Depressed, tbh



Fun fact: when i was in primary school i used to get so famished after the day ended that, when my dad came to pick me up in his car, it was a daily tradition for him to have bought me a 4-piece box of nuggets from KFC. yes, KFC in Singapore still served nuggets back then, and they were BOMB. and yes, i realise that it's highly unhealthy for a lil kid to eat processed ass chemical chicken shit-based nuggets every weekday for a good period of 8 months or so lmao

anyways, i would always be starved to the point where i SWALLOWED dem nuggets practically whole. like, that shit was warm and well-seasoned and smelled absolutely MAGICAL. so i chewed about 3 to 4 times and down the gullet it went. i still remember that feeling of those chicken mush chunks stuck in my throat, but young me was a satisfied and happy little camper who would just sit in the car and wait patiently for them to descend to my empty stomach lol

KFC needs to bring back dem nuggets doe..forreal

THIS IS SO TRUUUUUUUU LOL just kill me now!!


Lmao this is some real shit tbh.


btw, y'all need to check out Nicki's take on Black Beatles. not her best work, i'll admit. but it's been SO long since she's put out a proper album that i'll gladly take whatever i can get.

plus, i've been watching so many Mannequin Challenges that the Rae Sremmurd beat has really grown on me lol.

shoutout to the one Nigahiga did, too. it was soooo next-level wtf. the entire time i watched it my jaw just stayed dropped and i was like D; ?? bruh.


he looks so sad!!!!! omg poor boi ;(( </3

but yea that about sums up my entire life as student lmao


real talk tho, i LOVE subway. but y'all gotta understand that nothing about their food is "fresh"...

a friend of mine used to work there as a sandwich artist and she was just horrified about the way they stored their meats. i'm like, ok das sad but i'm still tryna enjoy my Subway Meltz®!! ain't nothing about ham and bacon is fresh from da source anyway, lol.

but the thing is, im always a slut for avocado (that means i like it lol JUST CLARIFYING FOR FOLKS WHO ARENT ~IN THE KNOW~) so i get the top-up every single time without fail.

the other day...i requested for it but they ran out. so they had to refill the avocado tub...and there i was, all along thinking that the delicious green spread was made out of actual mashed avocados, maybe blended with the help of a machine or wtv i don't mind. i'm not expecting my avocados to be hand-smashed by the tender but nimble fingers of 12 delicate virgins but HELLO. they retrieved the new avocado stash from the fridge and squeezed out some preservative-loaded, cold as hell, MUSHY LOOKING green goo...from a vacuum sealed plastic bag of horror.

bitch, bye.

i legitimately had to stop myself from gagging as i stood there, completely aghast.

fyi i still stay eatin dat shit coz im broke af and this is the best i can get in terms of ~*quality*~ meat n cheeses lol

tru shit lol has anyone ever just stopped and realised these sort of things?? man, how times have changed. technology and the internet are beautiful, beautiful things.

?????? why does this make me so fcukin sad tho!! :'))


LOL. scorpios stay petty and vengeful like dat.

HAHHAHAHAHA I DIED. why is this so cute yet hilarious!!!

Yas, all the way bruh. ALL THE WAY.

Sleeping is everything <3

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Curious Palette rekt my soul

[note: i started writing this post like a solid month ago. such is the troubling degree of my chronic procrastination. anyway, the essay that i mention later has already been written, submitted, and fucking MARKED in the time that it took me to complete this goddamn post lol. may the good lord help me.]

I'm here typing out this post instead of the 2,500-word critical film analysis essay I'm supposed to turn in like, real fuckin soon. In an effort to relive some happier times, I'd say. Short-term memory throwback to just last Sunday, where I had a fabulous brunch and catchup sesh with my beloved BMC. Also got to savour ~legitimately~ some of the best food that I've had the pleasure of having inside my body...before I shat it out.

What? A healthy digestive system is totes important ok. Make sure y'all are eating enough fibre and drinking some "cultured bacteria" type o' shit like Yakult and whatnot. There was a period of time I ate nothing but fast food for like 10 days. Wound up hella constipated and when the waste finally exited me, my poops were super greasy.

Ok anyway. On to the food porn! lol


I got this corned beef scotch egg and it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life, right up there with deciding to appeal my ass off to get into my dream course and applying for the internship position at even though the competition was stiff as hellllll and all the people vying for the job seemed way more suited to the role than I (or at least i thought)(mostly because they were hot Instagram-famous chicks lol I KNOW RIGHT. HOW 2 COMPETE WIT DEM).

Alright that was obvs a joke lol but still!!! This dish impacted my life in a MAGNIFICENT way. One that I'll truly remember for months to come, for sure :'))

My first time ever having a SCOTCH egg. And y'all know how I feel about muhfuckin eggs lmao

As a person with a HUMONGOUS salt tooth, the corned beef hash aspect of it really tickled my fancy. Like, it was SO. SALTY. So fuckin salty. But I liked that tho! Because I'm a legit goat, you know what I mean?

I crave that mineral.

yo i'm so sorry u guys. this meme is like from 2014 or some shit. i canot belieb. i unleashed a ded meme upon yall. lel

Ok but what I'm trying to say is: i love me some savoury ass foods.

There we go.

This is Joyce's simple but satisfying plate of scrambled eggs on toast, with an additional top-up of bacon rashers!! *heart eye emoji*

I've said this umpteen times but nothing and I repeat NOTHING, beats some well-executed scrambled EGGZzzzz.

Frickin love me some eggs.

(note the selfie taking lol)

Meanwhile, Thomas got this breakfast platter that was fit for a king. Well, we were there for brunch. But at about late 10, 11am or so, it is one of the earliest friend hangz I have been a part of. It's so nice to head out into the world and just do shit (even if it's something super chill, like stuffing your face in a cafe) early in the day!! Like, top of the mornin' to ya, laddies! rofl wtf

It was raining that morning, too. Made for some pretty spectacular vibes. Even if it also led to me slipping on the fucking pavement after our meal and landing on my ass IN FRONT OF A HEALTHY HANDFUL OF BYSTANDERS, MIND YOU. (yes it actually happened and u best believe i was much mortified)

Good golly.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember the components of this awe-inspiring spread. But let's just agree upon the fact that each of them looks stunning, yeah? Especially that egg-in-an-avocado. Lord have mercy...TWO OF MY FAVOURITE TINGS!!

(although come to think of it, both of them are kinda rich so a combination would just make for a pretty bland, jelak lump to stay lodged in yer throat huehue)


In all honesty, Curious Palette should be on all yall's cafe-hopping bucket lists. Out of all the Singaporean cafes I've been to thus far (and it's not very many at all lol BUT STILL), Curious Palette really is up there.

Once you step in, the interior design concept and atmosphere will quite literally take your breath away. It's like, the deeper you journey into its whimsical woodlands-like (as in, actual wood lands. not the fucking northern region of sg lmao) aesthetic, the more you'll feel like just sinking down into the floor and staying there forever and ever. or maybe das jus me lol

Vibes are A+. Food can be a lil hit or miss and the prices definitely are on the steep side, don't get me wrong. But it's just something you gotta experience for yourself at least once, boo.

So do it.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


Some time last week I caught myself in a very, VERY shitty place for a couple of days straight. Just couldn't pull myself out of a mental state where I'd be thrown in following a fucked up series of events.

"Cry me a river, build myself a bridge. Get over it."

But I couldn't!! lol

The near perpetually gloomy weather sure didn't help.

One afternoon, I just felt completely done with feeling helpless and miserable. I am going to help my goddamn self, ffs! lol so yeah. I decided to put my crummy feelings to the side, even if just temporarily, and create.

To birth something – anything! – out of a sad situation. That would be ideal, huh?

So...Say hello to the new blog logo! Officially retiring this one...

Which y'all have been seeing for years now. Or just started seeing, depending on when you even discovered this blog hehe. [Hello! thank u for reading my bullshit haha :)]

What's the verdict? Do y'all like this new paddle pop/watercolour splatter design? Does it make y'all...

moister than da oysters?


If you wanna delve even further into the (painfully embarrassing and straight up CRINGE EXPLOSION) history of Pudding Fancy, the header actually used to look like this:

Design inspo derived from a random Australian magazine I was flipping thru while sittin on da toilet lol I STILL REMEMBER OK! hahaha

Alas, I still haven't made any changes to the general layout lol. Mostly coz I suck at such things and if I tried to shuffle the HTML coding about, I'd probably fuck up the entire webpage to the point of no return.

So yeah.

ya i definitely felt it necessary to pose with a paddle pop ice cream and engage in a full-on selfie photoshoot lol. and yes my forehead is massive, no sense in denying it so i shall just bask in the fact that my brain is larger than average! lol just kidding, i don't know if that's actually true. but apparently there is an old wives' tale that peeps with big foreheads are blessed to not see/be attacked by ghosts, so hooray for that! lol

Please enjoy this adorable Paddle Pop colour scheme!! I hope it serves your eyes well :) For the next few years* or something lol idk. I guess we shall see when I randomly get inspired to switch it up again huehuehue

*looking at my past "new header announcement" post (lol cringe max), the appears that the pattern is to have a new header every 2 years? 2012, 2014, and now. And it's always in the later part of the year! lol see y'all in late 2018 i guess :)

(thank you once again for reading hehe i just feel rather warm and fuzzy about the fact that real life human beings, with actual lives to lead and shit to do, find my nonsense ramblings worthy of even taking up a minute portion of thy busy days!)(BLESS YA!!!! ♡)

go treat yourself to a Paddle Pop today. instant happiness for less than $2!!!!!!! THERE IS NO ARGUMENT. DO NOT HESITATE ANY LONGER!!!!!1 lol

'twas delicious indeed <3