Sunday, 31 January 2016

가끔 (sometimes).

My levels of exhaustion from life has reached incredible new heights.
Just so, SO glad to have survived this past week.

Tired, but happy.



sunday; beachy fun times.

never was a beach type of person, and the views weren't all that spectacular. 
but the sight of a golden sunset still made my heart swell with blessedness hehe. 
i guess it matters who you're with :))


Life has been so packed with back to back blessings that I no longer have time nor excess energy to sit around, staring into blank space and allowing my mind and soul to wander into the darkness.

So many unbelievably joyous and fulfilling things have taken place over the past coupla days. As much as I'd like to sit here and recount them to you while at the same time relive those wonderful moments for myself, time is a luxury which I cannot afford at this point of life/my internship.

monday; thai minced chicken basil rice. such simple yet filling and tasty fare. 
while munching on the very same dish i've been having for lunch at work since week 3
i've probably eaten the same thing like 20 times since then, 
and the realisation that i have up til the end of the coming week to savour it before we move offices. 
a new location which i'll be stationed at for a grand total of two weeks 
(technically 11 working days, minus weekends and CNY hols), it's a lot to take in. lol.


Although I guess my internship has pretty much been my whole life these past 4+ months haha. 3 more weeks to go!! Omg. This is all so real.


tuesday; went to Changi Airport 
(das right, ma faveeeee place in the whole. wide. WORLD)
with Cheryl for a shoot. 
above is an accurate representation of how absolutely chuffed I was hehe.
yay Airport!! ♡ ♡

post-work dinner was an amazing smorgasbord at Itacho Sushi,
well recommended by Ryl Ryl ^_^
such nice and refreshing cold soba noodles!

aburi salmon with a measly sliver of cheese.
not worth it lol.
i made a rookie mistake.
should've just gone with the variations that have a dollop of yummy sauce.
the cheese was like...nothingness lmao.

yo these croquettes were NEXT LEVEL, dawg.
cream croquettes. CREAM!!
freaking crunchy and flavourful and oooooozing with creamy deliciousness.

as sinful and jelak as it was 
(deep-fried, greasy balls of pure fat and cream??? yas.)
i kinda wanted to eat like, twelve.
and then another seven for dessert :3

avocado maki with soft shelled crab.
again, rather subpar.
i can always appreciate fresh avocado though!
(maybe hold back on the mayo next time? damn.)

ok so for dessert i ordered this amazing looking pumpking flavoured ice cream...
served within a wedge of actual pumpkin lmao.
would've been lovely to eat the creamy pumpkin flesh together with the ice cream but alas,
it was frozen solid and completely impossible.

took this picture with the intentions of highly recommending it to you all
(the ice cream, not the picture. lol),
but i now realise that i was momentarily bought over by the novelty factor and nothing else.
although the taste was pretty decent with nicely subtle hints of pumpkin,
the entire thing was a hard, frosty ass mess that was clearly meant to impress based
solely on how cute and quirky it is instead of what real Japanese food should be about:

Thankfully my overall meal was saved by this glorious plate of semi-torched salmon bellies I ordered afterwards.
Yes, I had even more mains after dessert.
Tasted fan-freaking-tastic and you wanna know the real kicker?
As part of their special (insane) promos, each of those three pieces of sushi cost an average of 50 cents.
God is real, y'all. :'))


If there's one thing I have to leave you with, and by you I mean my blog which I'm pretty sure is read by myself and no one else lmao (sialah even my sister has lost interest -_-), for it to simply serve as a reminder on my bad days:

I've literally lost count of the number of times gratitude and blessedness has coursed through my entire being and physically shook my heart since the start of this week.

And to think this time roughly one week or ten days ago, I was feeling so hopeless and filled to the brim with despair.

Just goes to show how quick and intensely things can make a turn. Most times for the better.

So, so much better.


friday; Kimberley's last day at the office.
ok emotions time.

the way i am with people in my life is,
i don't feel too strongly about them at all.
those that i do, i either hate them a lot.
or i give them all my love.

not having known her for an exceptionally long amount of time,
and definitely without forming a good first impression of her,
Kim plays a role in my life that hasn't been touched for a while now.
you know that deeply special connection established between two human beings,
the kind that can't be explained by theories and rationality,
not triggered by a definite cause or event,
but still manages to become strong and lasting?

i was lucky enough to find that in Kim.

and best believe imma hold onto that like the sentimental ass b!tch i am :'))
luv ya, my JolliBae 4 lyfe <3


With much hope and excitement in my heart, I'm gonna try stepping into the first of my last three weeks with TSL. After which I'm sure I'll not know what to do with my life lmao I NEED U, STRUCTUREEEEE~!!

Although it would be mighty lovely to catch up on sleep for the first time in almost half a year.

I'm thinking a 6-day hibernation, no less.

Mario: "here we go!"


Crazily in love with Crush's music recently.
His songs just transport me to a make-believe island of sensuality and chill tbh haha.
The beats, the melodies.
Mind becomes tranquil.
Hips may or may not start swaying when I'm alone in my room.
Heartbeat accelerates just a little bit, it's like being injecting with a dose of excitement for the kind of love
that I've yet to experience.

For life itself to unfold.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Thought That I'm Lucky (?) Enough To Have On The Regular

"Damn, it's been an amazing day/week/month/[insert relevant period of time].

I sure am glad I didn't kill myself a while back."

Friday, 15 January 2016

Do You Remember?

"call me when you’ve made up your mind, but you won’t.
caught up in the way that you played my heart.
only love could ever hit this hard."

you only ever show the sides of you that you want the world to see.
the bright, cheerful, happily shining sides.

who would be comfortable baring their soul?
displaying all their vulnerabilities.
scars and battle wounds.

with nobody to extend a helping hand.
what’s the point then?

this past week has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride from start to finish…
and that is neither ironic nor an exaggeration.
like, seriously. what even was this week about??

trust me when i say that back in the beginning of the week i had no idea any of this shit would go down, like. absolutely NO clue.
there is seriously no possible way that i or anyone else could’ve seen this coming lol

from the highest of highs, sent crashing straight down to the lowest i’ve felt in a long time coming.
guess it’s what you need to know that you’re still alive, huh?

of course it’s at a time like this that i’ve been chosen to confront my past demons.
of course it is.

but until it all blows over,
it’s like i no longer know the difference between darkness and light anymore.

"ohh, when you think about it.
do you remember me?
do you remember the way it made you feel.
do you remember the things it let you feel."

Monday, 11 January 2016

Charged Up

By some form of miracle or other, I just survived one helluva first day of the work week on only - get this, 1 HOUR of sleep. Yup. One. Well, I'm pretty sure it was like 73 minutes or something but STILL.

I wanted to blog about what a swell start to the day I had :))

Apparently I was so ecstatic in the morning (some bombastic cocktail of hormones from lack of sleep + good ass music, i reckon) that I had to write down my exact thoughts and the form of an SMS draft while I was on the bus commute to work lmao

depiction of absolute bliss and gratitude, taken to whatsapp to my mum to thank her for the glorious food hehe you'll soon see!!

So it all started out at 4.30 in the morning when I was rudely interrupted from my peaceful slumber a little over an hour after I'd successfully drifted off to sleep. By none other than my own damn stupid body. Like, ????????? wat u doin wakin me up before i can even get a whole REM cycle in man GOD DAMN.

Completely unable to fall back asleep and wildly missing my phone's music collection that was destroyed after I dropped the device in coconut water, I decided to try my luck and. YO. I did it.

I managed to restore freaking 300++ songs!!

You will NOT be able to even begin comprehending how over the moon (sun? lmao it was about 6 am by this point. file transfers took a while HEH)(yeh i kno the saying is over the moon lah GOD just trying to make a joke RIGHT. irritating.)(did i just irritate myself with my inner voice and sassy doubts lord jesus i need to calm down) I was to have regained my entire music library.

Even tho the files got hella corrupted so each song was broken up into like freaking 3 parts or MORE, and all the file names were:


in total there were over 10k files. which i then had to listen to and manually rename. yup.

all the way to 28,000+......bruh

idec man, i'm THAT desperate for my fave tunes lmao :')  creys

For the past months since the coconut water tragedy, I've only had Spotify to accompany me on long bus rides to the office and shit like that. Which I have to PAY for every month coz I can't stand the stupid ads and the stupidest, most infuriating thing on earth which is that you can't even pick what song you wanna listen to. It's all on shuffle and if you wanna skip it you have like fucking 5 skips per hour or some shit like that before you gotz ta PAY.

Jeez I really don't mean to be uncouth but something about Spotify non-premium really gets on my last nerve. Have seriously wanted to snap my phone in half out of sheer rage whilst using that dumb shit.

But alas, here I am. Forking out over ten bucks per month. And they don't even fulfill all my music needs??? First of all, their K-pop selection is just embArRAsSIn'. Not only that, they don't even have the slightly lesser known songs by popular Western artists either. E.g. Jhene Aiko and freaking DRAKE (??) July, How Bout Now, etc. etc.

Okay so anyway, not that anyone asked or would remotely give a shit but I feel like I'm overly passionate about this so I must share it somehow, but the songs that I managed to recover which excited me the MOST were:

Shake It, SISTAR
My Type, Jessi & Cheetah ft. Kangnam
Your Love, Nicki minaj
Where Did You Sleep, San E + Verbal Jint + Swings (i cri evrytim e)(SUCH a good song omg)

And surprisingly Na Na by Trey Songz but like...damn that song dirty as hell lol REALLY GOT ME IN THE MOOD AT 7 IN DA MORNING as you can well imagine!! !

im kidding lol

So yeah getting back my precious baby music collection was a giant victory and I feel like I'm ready to conquer the rest of 2016 now <3

More pointless stuff that nobody gives a damn hoot about but I personally find much joy in: my mum tabao-ed SALMON for me!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

There are few things in this world that will instantly perk you up and set the tone for the day quite like a good breakfast. And this, hoo boy. This was a PHENOMENAL. Brek. Fusssstttt.

Apologies for the shitty ass photo oh gosh it literally looks like it wasn't taken through an anus or smth lmao but I was reeeally excited to start tearin' into that shit...

omg ok fugz

Actually wait I think I took a nicer pic of the same dish my mum tabao-ed from a while ago.


With baby carrots and sugar snap peas this time hehe how cute!

Ok so dis a salmon fillet thingy with citrus cream sauce from Coffee Club Cafe/Restaurant.

Imma just tell you straight up that it tastes soooooo bomb. Very moist, very flavourful. God bless the day I discovered I wasn't allergic to salmon, and I want to eat about 7 whole fillets of these right now.

But one thing I would say is that it's like, crazily inconsistent. Not only the kind of sides it's served with, sometimes the entire piece of salmon goes un-encrusted. Which it's totally supposed to be???! And the dressing is ALWAYS different. Sometimes too creamy, sometimes way too much citrus that it makes me feel like I'm sucking on some oranges sacs at all times. So yeah, there's that.

They'll always give you whipped potatoes with it tho and that makes everything okay coz dem taters be gooooood as hellllll. So creamy, man it's ridonk!! And the salmon is pretty A+ on its own, regardless of yummy crust. Just depends whether the chef cooks it moist or EXTRA moist on that day haha.

Damn I need to get a life. I'm talking so much shit about the most inane things. But I feel like I just MUST lol whyy????!?!

Caught up on some good ol' HIMYM over brekkie (this makes it about the thirteenth time I've gone through the series? yup.) and it was grrreat. It was the funny episode (ok all episodes are funny im bias and i dont care) where Robin and Barney are together for so long that Robin starts like physically rotting away (lmao) whilst Barney becomes chubbz af.

Good times man :'))

Ok I've come to the end of this complete, UTTERLY pointless post. Hopefully I'll be reading this back to myself like a journal entry years or maybe even just months down the road and remembering what a swell start to the day I had.

Oh ya and on top of all the wonderful gr8 things that were mentioned, it probz also had something to do with the fact that a few hours earlier on the evening of 10th January I (finally) had my first kiss at the ripe old age of 20 years 1 month and 21 days hAHAH (FUCKING FINALLY omg).

Jeez Louise even as I'm typing this now I'm like all giggly and shit?? I am SUCH a nerd omg get a life???????? me @ me

O and very important, to my sis if you're reading this (and u probably are lol, all scandalised and shit. i do apologise HAHA) please help a brotha out and do NOT question me or even in the least bit MENTION your knowledge of this the next time you see me lol

We siblings4lyfe and shiet and for sure Imma tell you all about it when I feel ready, but as of right now I'm still such a shy and blushing Fuji apple piece of shit that if you so much as even bring it up I will just DENY dat shit to my fucking grave.

Hell yea, I kissed. Kissed my freaking hand, that is! Or like, idk. Felt extra lonely one night and went to the store to buy a life-sized Bob The Builder figurine to make out with.

Oh and is2g if u show mama this post or in any microscopic way, shape or form allude to the fact that my tender lips are no longer virginal (which honestly still feels kinda unbelievable, tbh) I WILL EAT UR LAPTOP

aight it's been fun guys ciao

this (probably way too fucking personal) post was pretty much just to help me forever rmb the date of my first kiss HAHA i m soooo lame omg someone throw an egg at me or smth

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Farewell Food & Fatness.

Had a post-work farewell dinner on Thursday for Eudea! Such a lovely and SUPER unique name right? Only it's now become Eudz/Oots/EduS/Makliaooooo hahaha what in tarnation

We went to Le Steak at Little India, opposite Rex Cinema.

It's such a cool area! Gonna try and explore it a lil more this year.

It's wonderful how many hidden treasure finds you come across exploring the island on foot instead of just roaming shopping malls. I find myself always sticking to places that are directly connected to MRT stations and that is it. I'm just so afraid of getting lost! Even tho Singapore is such a tiny and very, very accessible place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ribeye, very tender and quite delicious. Probably not the most mind blowing steak I've ever had, but I love beef so damn much I don't think I gave a shit haha. Bonus points for their rough cut, thick chips! They were sublime~~

Headed to Curious Palette for dessert afterwards and although I knew that it was wildly popular in the local cafe scene, I was still pretty awestruck from the moment I set foot in it. Hell, even the exterior looked all hipster and fancy!

The interior is incredibly Tumblr-worthy and will probably make you swoon if you're the type who enjoys drawing inspiration for your bedroom decor fantasy daydreams. Also, the place is huge!!

teehee so naughty!!

Ondeh ondeh and earl grey lavender cakes. I looove earl grey but can someone make a version that's devoid of disgusting lavender flavours??! lol #unpopularopinion (probably)

Got myself an $8 slice of cake (eight. EIGHT!!!! PLUS GST 0MG save me) even though I was quite full already and wasn't particularly feelin' the flavours they had on display that day...Darn.

Still, you can't go wrong with Tiramisu! And their's was pretty good, decent amount of coffee soaked in the layer of sponge. Very creamy (a tad too much, even) and as flavourful as I'd expect it to be for something so extravagantly priced.

hi Fau xo

Exclusive behind the scenes shot of dat #IGlyfe:

such dedication much w0w

very wall

such kek


lmao ok

i m just now realising that Eudea does not move an INCH in all these pictures..omg. a bit creepy ya.......a bit lol

Gonna miss ya EduS, yet another fellow intern to have finished their stint, meaning one less familiar face in the office ;(

It's an unfortunate fact of life but a lot of the time, it's once you get to know someone that y'all have to part ways.

ok this is getting too emo lol GAH DAMN.

See u guys in a bit. I'm realising that I have less material for short updates and catchup posts now coz I've fallen out of the groove where I used to snap pictures of pretty much everything in my life.

Either coz I'm sick of my phone camera's shitty resolution (no offence)(yes i just apologised to my phone)(U CAN NV BE TOO SAFE OK OMG what if appliances turn on us one day and vow to wipe out the human race?! i;d hope to be in my phone's good graces then, by golly! transformers is real ok fight me) or I'm scarred by that one time I accidentally submerged my phone (yes, the current one that i've still been using for the past few months since) into coconut water and corrupted the memory card within, thus losing over 10,000 picture files.


What??? I didn't even think I'd taken one THOUSAND photos lmao much less 10 freaking K.

Aight man I'm gonna go sleep now have a good week teehee xo

Monday, 4 January 2016

°₊·ˈ∗ Wanton Noodle Selling Auntie ∗ˈ‧₊°

Usually I'm so plumb tuckered out by the end of a work day I just make a mad dash for home, shower and hop right into bed. (usually still wet from my bath but it's cool, my bedsheets and blankie do a nice job of soaking it up, keeping me warm and toasty)(idk y i just admitted that to u)

It's a horrible habit, I know. But many a night I give dinner a miss only to wake up at ungodly hours of the night, having no choice but to stuff myself with whatever cookies and ice cream I can find in the kitchen so as to quell my growling stomach.

Then it's right back to bed. I really don't give a hoot about digestion times, do I? Or my waistline, for that matter.

On the rare occasion that I'd actually buy myself a meal on my way home (coz i'm just that absolutely STARVING), it'd be something junk-y like 7-Eleven's instant microwaveable food.

Aye, no hate man if you know me you'll know that i LOVE their shitty, preservative-loaded mac&cheese and curry butter biryani lmao

Since I was on half-day leave today, I had just the ample amount of spare time and energy left in my body to swing by the nearby coffeeshop from my workplace and grab a decent takeaway meal.

Zoning in on the noodle store (my fave!! i love me some n00d-n00dz hehe), I gave the jovial old lady manning the store my order: "云吞面,打包!" ("Wanton noodles, takeaway.")

Right off the bat I noticed two things,

1. She was extremely cheerful and friendly
2. Our interaction was a lot more personal than most kopitiam experiences I've had. She stood really close to me and she was just so warm about our exchange that she felt like an auntie I could've known for years!

"要辣椒吗?" ("Do you want chilli?")
"要,多多辣椒。" ("Yes please, a lot!")(i freaking love chilli lol)

So she sent my order in to the kitchen, where a man who I presume was her husband toiled away over a roaring stove.

"打包云吞面,给这位小姐!"("One wanton noodles, takeaway with lots of chilli. For the lady here!"

I smiled and took some steps back to wait for my order.

See, usually my takeaway orders can take fairly long so I'm totally used to just standing aside and stoning quietly while my food's getting prepared.

This time round, the noodle selling auntie kept glancing my way to offer my smiles and say things like "很快啊!"("it'll be quick!") and "要好了!" ("almost done!") from time to time.

I was like awwwwww this is too much!! You don't even have to do that haha I'm so fine with waiting! At the same time, I wondered if any part of my physical being lead to the false assumption that I was at all upset about having to wait. God, I felt super guilty and tried my darndest to readjust my cursed resting bitch face. The sweet ol' noodle selling auntie doesn't deserve to see that!! Anyone but her!!!!!!!

Around the time my noodles were finished and getting packed into the little box, I noticed that my bus was just around the corner and, with the next one coming in freaking 29 minutes, I really had to run.

This is where the kicker comes in.

I stood over the packing counter, all smiles (coz honestly those noodles and wantons smelled amaaaaazing lol) waiting patiently for the auntie to slot in the box, follower by chopsticks and a spoon.

As she did so, she said the following and it was so cute I honestly thought I was gonna have to flop on the floor like a fish for a while:

"多多辣椒啊!很辣,很好吃。吃了精神,辣辣才好吃啊!" ("Lots of chilli! Very spicy, very delicious. It'll make you alert/invigorated/#ChargedUp lol. Spicy makes it yummier!")

And a bunch of alternate versions of pretty much the same meaning, but it was SO. Adorable, oh my word.

By this time I was already utterly charmed by this lovely old lady, but my bus was fast approaching and I had to say my thanks in a hurried manner.

As I said "谢谢"("Thank you"), the auntie continued with all sorts of polite chatter and I had no choice but to interject quickly before I made my move.

"新年快乐!" ("Happy new year!")


At this point of time.

Lil old lady, FULL-ON exclaimed to not only herself but her immediate surroundings,

"哎哟, 新年快乐啊!新年快乐!!哎哟这小姐祝新年快乐啊!!!" ("Aiyo, happy new year? Happy new year! Aiyo, this lady wished happy new year!"

She then proceeded to lunge for the kitchen and tell the chef (husband?) "这小姐祝我们新年快乐啊!!!新年快乐!!" ("This lady wished us happy new year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!")

Oh gosh. Lemme just tell you that my already warm and fuzzy heart was full to bursting at this moment. I couldn't hold back the grins and as my bus had just pulled in to the adjacent stop, I had to bid the noodle seller auntie farewell with a wave, and a smile that ensured I would return once more for sure.

Honestly, the sheer joy that another human being can receive from something as minuscule as a four syllable Happy New Year greeting is astonishing.

Staying in Singapore, the nation classed as unemotional and antisocial, it's sort of been ingrained in my brain that that really might be the case for every single individual on this island.

Sure, crass and unfriendly people may be aplenty. And they come in all genders, ages and races. Rudeness does not discriminate!

But it's people like this unassuming noodle seller whose saccharinely pleasant disposition and activeness in treating every customer with so much warmth and kindness, that gives me hope.

Lean towards the positive, and all that you do will be good.

Oh yeah and obviously I had to talk about the food lol guiseee! You know me~~

[prepare for an onslaught of excessively passionate food ramblings, no bias involved i promise!]

Noodles were delightfully springy and al dente, just the way they should be. Forreal doe nothing thrills me more than to see them skinny strands of goodness rather than fat noodles that have been soaking for way too long and have become awfully MUSHY.

Chilli was on point, as I had hoped and expected. Much smokier and less tangy than most other versions I've tried, which is right up my alley.

Nothing's perfect though, and the char siew bbq pork slices left me rather disappointed. A lot less charred and lean as I would've liked!

The real star of the show, however. Is the awe-inspiring deep-fried wanton.

SO ridiculously fragrant. Do you know how much I had to suffer on the almost-hour-long commute back home, as the heavenly aroma wafted to my nostrils and teased my starving senses??!

SO crisp and crunchy.

Batter on point.

MEAT inside?! Was flawless and abundant.

Dear lord, I could wax lyrical about that little morsel of perfection all day long tbh.

But you NEED to go visit the legendary noodle selling auntie yourself and scarf down a piping hot bowl of noodles prepared with love while you're at it.

Noodle Stall
1 Thomson Road (Opposite Thomson Medical Centre)
Balestier Hill Shopping Centre Singapore 301001

Contemplating whether I should order a plate of 50 deep-fried wantons the next time I drop by. Or a hundred.