Monday, 11 January 2016

Charged Up

By some form of miracle or other, I just survived one helluva first day of the work week on only - get this, 1 HOUR of sleep. Yup. One. Well, I'm pretty sure it was like 73 minutes or something but STILL.

I wanted to blog about what a swell start to the day I had :))

Apparently I was so ecstatic in the morning (some bombastic cocktail of hormones from lack of sleep + good ass music, i reckon) that I had to write down my exact thoughts and the form of an SMS draft while I was on the bus commute to work lmao

depiction of absolute bliss and gratitude, taken to whatsapp to my mum to thank her for the glorious food hehe you'll soon see!!

So it all started out at 4.30 in the morning when I was rudely interrupted from my peaceful slumber a little over an hour after I'd successfully drifted off to sleep. By none other than my own damn stupid body. Like, ????????? wat u doin wakin me up before i can even get a whole REM cycle in man GOD DAMN.

Completely unable to fall back asleep and wildly missing my phone's music collection that was destroyed after I dropped the device in coconut water, I decided to try my luck and. YO. I did it.

I managed to restore freaking 300++ songs!!

You will NOT be able to even begin comprehending how over the moon (sun? lmao it was about 6 am by this point. file transfers took a while HEH)(yeh i kno the saying is over the moon lah GOD just trying to make a joke RIGHT. irritating.)(did i just irritate myself with my inner voice and sassy doubts lord jesus i need to calm down) I was to have regained my entire music library.

Even tho the files got hella corrupted so each song was broken up into like freaking 3 parts or MORE, and all the file names were:


in total there were over 10k files. which i then had to listen to and manually rename. yup.

all the way to 28,000+......bruh

idec man, i'm THAT desperate for my fave tunes lmao :')  creys

For the past months since the coconut water tragedy, I've only had Spotify to accompany me on long bus rides to the office and shit like that. Which I have to PAY for every month coz I can't stand the stupid ads and the stupidest, most infuriating thing on earth which is that you can't even pick what song you wanna listen to. It's all on shuffle and if you wanna skip it you have like fucking 5 skips per hour or some shit like that before you gotz ta PAY.

Jeez I really don't mean to be uncouth but something about Spotify non-premium really gets on my last nerve. Have seriously wanted to snap my phone in half out of sheer rage whilst using that dumb shit.

But alas, here I am. Forking out over ten bucks per month. And they don't even fulfill all my music needs??? First of all, their K-pop selection is just embArRAsSIn'. Not only that, they don't even have the slightly lesser known songs by popular Western artists either. E.g. Jhene Aiko and freaking DRAKE (??) July, How Bout Now, etc. etc.

Okay so anyway, not that anyone asked or would remotely give a shit but I feel like I'm overly passionate about this so I must share it somehow, but the songs that I managed to recover which excited me the MOST were:

Shake It, SISTAR
My Type, Jessi & Cheetah ft. Kangnam
Your Love, Nicki minaj
Where Did You Sleep, San E + Verbal Jint + Swings (i cri evrytim e)(SUCH a good song omg)

And surprisingly Na Na by Trey Songz but like...damn that song dirty as hell lol REALLY GOT ME IN THE MOOD AT 7 IN DA MORNING as you can well imagine!! !

im kidding lol

So yeah getting back my precious baby music collection was a giant victory and I feel like I'm ready to conquer the rest of 2016 now <3

More pointless stuff that nobody gives a damn hoot about but I personally find much joy in: my mum tabao-ed SALMON for me!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

There are few things in this world that will instantly perk you up and set the tone for the day quite like a good breakfast. And this, hoo boy. This was a PHENOMENAL. Brek. Fusssstttt.

Apologies for the shitty ass photo oh gosh it literally looks like it wasn't taken through an anus or smth lmao but I was reeeally excited to start tearin' into that shit...

omg ok fugz

Actually wait I think I took a nicer pic of the same dish my mum tabao-ed from a while ago.


With baby carrots and sugar snap peas this time hehe how cute!

Ok so dis a salmon fillet thingy with citrus cream sauce from Coffee Club Cafe/Restaurant.

Imma just tell you straight up that it tastes soooooo bomb. Very moist, very flavourful. God bless the day I discovered I wasn't allergic to salmon, and I want to eat about 7 whole fillets of these right now.

But one thing I would say is that it's like, crazily inconsistent. Not only the kind of sides it's served with, sometimes the entire piece of salmon goes un-encrusted. Which it's totally supposed to be???! And the dressing is ALWAYS different. Sometimes too creamy, sometimes way too much citrus that it makes me feel like I'm sucking on some oranges sacs at all times. So yeah, there's that.

They'll always give you whipped potatoes with it tho and that makes everything okay coz dem taters be gooooood as hellllll. So creamy, man it's ridonk!! And the salmon is pretty A+ on its own, regardless of yummy crust. Just depends whether the chef cooks it moist or EXTRA moist on that day haha.

Damn I need to get a life. I'm talking so much shit about the most inane things. But I feel like I just MUST lol whyy????!?!

Caught up on some good ol' HIMYM over brekkie (this makes it about the thirteenth time I've gone through the series? yup.) and it was grrreat. It was the funny episode (ok all episodes are funny im bias and i dont care) where Robin and Barney are together for so long that Robin starts like physically rotting away (lmao) whilst Barney becomes chubbz af.

Good times man :'))

Ok I've come to the end of this complete, UTTERLY pointless post. Hopefully I'll be reading this back to myself like a journal entry years or maybe even just months down the road and remembering what a swell start to the day I had.

Oh ya and on top of all the wonderful gr8 things that were mentioned, it probz also had something to do with the fact that a few hours earlier on the evening of 10th January I (finally) had my first kiss at the ripe old age of 20 years 1 month and 21 days hAHAH (FUCKING FINALLY omg).

Jeez Louise even as I'm typing this now I'm like all giggly and shit?? I am SUCH a nerd omg get a life???????? me @ me

O and very important, to my sis if you're reading this (and u probably are lol, all scandalised and shit. i do apologise HAHA) please help a brotha out and do NOT question me or even in the least bit MENTION your knowledge of this the next time you see me lol

We siblings4lyfe and shiet and for sure Imma tell you all about it when I feel ready, but as of right now I'm still such a shy and blushing Fuji apple piece of shit that if you so much as even bring it up I will just DENY dat shit to my fucking grave.

Hell yea, I kissed. Kissed my freaking hand, that is! Or like, idk. Felt extra lonely one night and went to the store to buy a life-sized Bob The Builder figurine to make out with.

Oh and is2g if u show mama this post or in any microscopic way, shape or form allude to the fact that my tender lips are no longer virginal (which honestly still feels kinda unbelievable, tbh) I WILL EAT UR LAPTOP

aight it's been fun guys ciao

this (probably way too fucking personal) post was pretty much just to help me forever rmb the date of my first kiss HAHA i m soooo lame omg someone throw an egg at me or smth

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