Friday, 15 January 2016

Do You Remember?

"call me when you’ve made up your mind, but you won’t.
caught up in the way that you played my heart.
only love could ever hit this hard."

you only ever show the sides of you that you want the world to see.
the bright, cheerful, happily shining sides.

who would be comfortable baring their soul?
displaying all their vulnerabilities.
scars and battle wounds.

with nobody to extend a helping hand.
what’s the point then?

this past week has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride from start to finish…
and that is neither ironic nor an exaggeration.
like, seriously. what even was this week about??

trust me when i say that back in the beginning of the week i had no idea any of this shit would go down, like. absolutely NO clue.
there is seriously no possible way that i or anyone else could’ve seen this coming lol

from the highest of highs, sent crashing straight down to the lowest i’ve felt in a long time coming.
guess it’s what you need to know that you’re still alive, huh?

of course it’s at a time like this that i’ve been chosen to confront my past demons.
of course it is.

but until it all blows over,
it’s like i no longer know the difference between darkness and light anymore.

"ohh, when you think about it.
do you remember me?
do you remember the way it made you feel.
do you remember the things it let you feel."

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