Saturday, 9 January 2016

Farewell Food & Fatness.

Had a post-work farewell dinner on Thursday for Eudea! Such a lovely and SUPER unique name right? Only it's now become Eudz/Oots/EduS/Makliaooooo hahaha what in tarnation

We went to Le Steak at Little India, opposite Rex Cinema.

It's such a cool area! Gonna try and explore it a lil more this year.

It's wonderful how many hidden treasure finds you come across exploring the island on foot instead of just roaming shopping malls. I find myself always sticking to places that are directly connected to MRT stations and that is it. I'm just so afraid of getting lost! Even tho Singapore is such a tiny and very, very accessible place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ribeye, very tender and quite delicious. Probably not the most mind blowing steak I've ever had, but I love beef so damn much I don't think I gave a shit haha. Bonus points for their rough cut, thick chips! They were sublime~~

Headed to Curious Palette for dessert afterwards and although I knew that it was wildly popular in the local cafe scene, I was still pretty awestruck from the moment I set foot in it. Hell, even the exterior looked all hipster and fancy!

The interior is incredibly Tumblr-worthy and will probably make you swoon if you're the type who enjoys drawing inspiration for your bedroom decor fantasy daydreams. Also, the place is huge!!

teehee so naughty!!

Ondeh ondeh and earl grey lavender cakes. I looove earl grey but can someone make a version that's devoid of disgusting lavender flavours??! lol #unpopularopinion (probably)

Got myself an $8 slice of cake (eight. EIGHT!!!! PLUS GST 0MG save me) even though I was quite full already and wasn't particularly feelin' the flavours they had on display that day...Darn.

Still, you can't go wrong with Tiramisu! And their's was pretty good, decent amount of coffee soaked in the layer of sponge. Very creamy (a tad too much, even) and as flavourful as I'd expect it to be for something so extravagantly priced.

hi Fau xo

Exclusive behind the scenes shot of dat #IGlyfe:

such dedication much w0w

very wall

such kek


lmao ok

i m just now realising that Eudea does not move an INCH in all these pictures..omg. a bit creepy ya.......a bit lol

Gonna miss ya EduS, yet another fellow intern to have finished their stint, meaning one less familiar face in the office ;(

It's an unfortunate fact of life but a lot of the time, it's once you get to know someone that y'all have to part ways.

ok this is getting too emo lol GAH DAMN.

See u guys in a bit. I'm realising that I have less material for short updates and catchup posts now coz I've fallen out of the groove where I used to snap pictures of pretty much everything in my life.

Either coz I'm sick of my phone camera's shitty resolution (no offence)(yes i just apologised to my phone)(U CAN NV BE TOO SAFE OK OMG what if appliances turn on us one day and vow to wipe out the human race?! i;d hope to be in my phone's good graces then, by golly! transformers is real ok fight me) or I'm scarred by that one time I accidentally submerged my phone (yes, the current one that i've still been using for the past few months since) into coconut water and corrupted the memory card within, thus losing over 10,000 picture files.


What??? I didn't even think I'd taken one THOUSAND photos lmao much less 10 freaking K.

Aight man I'm gonna go sleep now have a good week teehee xo

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  1. Those cakes look really good and I'm glad that you thought they were worth the price. I think I once paid seven dollars for red velvet cake. It tasted good but not mindblowingly delicious.