Sunday, 31 January 2016

가끔 (sometimes).

My levels of exhaustion from life has reached incredible new heights.
Just so, SO glad to have survived this past week.

Tired, but happy.



sunday; beachy fun times.

never was a beach type of person, and the views weren't all that spectacular. 
but the sight of a golden sunset still made my heart swell with blessedness hehe. 
i guess it matters who you're with :))


Life has been so packed with back to back blessings that I no longer have time nor excess energy to sit around, staring into blank space and allowing my mind and soul to wander into the darkness.

So many unbelievably joyous and fulfilling things have taken place over the past coupla days. As much as I'd like to sit here and recount them to you while at the same time relive those wonderful moments for myself, time is a luxury which I cannot afford at this point of life/my internship.

monday; thai minced chicken basil rice. such simple yet filling and tasty fare. 
while munching on the very same dish i've been having for lunch at work since week 3
i've probably eaten the same thing like 20 times since then, 
and the realisation that i have up til the end of the coming week to savour it before we move offices. 
a new location which i'll be stationed at for a grand total of two weeks 
(technically 11 working days, minus weekends and CNY hols), it's a lot to take in. lol.


Although I guess my internship has pretty much been my whole life these past 4+ months haha. 3 more weeks to go!! Omg. This is all so real.


tuesday; went to Changi Airport 
(das right, ma faveeeee place in the whole. wide. WORLD)
with Cheryl for a shoot. 
above is an accurate representation of how absolutely chuffed I was hehe.
yay Airport!! ♡ ♡

post-work dinner was an amazing smorgasbord at Itacho Sushi,
well recommended by Ryl Ryl ^_^
such nice and refreshing cold soba noodles!

aburi salmon with a measly sliver of cheese.
not worth it lol.
i made a rookie mistake.
should've just gone with the variations that have a dollop of yummy sauce.
the cheese was like...nothingness lmao.

yo these croquettes were NEXT LEVEL, dawg.
cream croquettes. CREAM!!
freaking crunchy and flavourful and oooooozing with creamy deliciousness.

as sinful and jelak as it was 
(deep-fried, greasy balls of pure fat and cream??? yas.)
i kinda wanted to eat like, twelve.
and then another seven for dessert :3

avocado maki with soft shelled crab.
again, rather subpar.
i can always appreciate fresh avocado though!
(maybe hold back on the mayo next time? damn.)

ok so for dessert i ordered this amazing looking pumpking flavoured ice cream...
served within a wedge of actual pumpkin lmao.
would've been lovely to eat the creamy pumpkin flesh together with the ice cream but alas,
it was frozen solid and completely impossible.

took this picture with the intentions of highly recommending it to you all
(the ice cream, not the picture. lol),
but i now realise that i was momentarily bought over by the novelty factor and nothing else.
although the taste was pretty decent with nicely subtle hints of pumpkin,
the entire thing was a hard, frosty ass mess that was clearly meant to impress based
solely on how cute and quirky it is instead of what real Japanese food should be about:

Thankfully my overall meal was saved by this glorious plate of semi-torched salmon bellies I ordered afterwards.
Yes, I had even more mains after dessert.
Tasted fan-freaking-tastic and you wanna know the real kicker?
As part of their special (insane) promos, each of those three pieces of sushi cost an average of 50 cents.
God is real, y'all. :'))


If there's one thing I have to leave you with, and by you I mean my blog which I'm pretty sure is read by myself and no one else lmao (sialah even my sister has lost interest -_-), for it to simply serve as a reminder on my bad days:

I've literally lost count of the number of times gratitude and blessedness has coursed through my entire being and physically shook my heart since the start of this week.

And to think this time roughly one week or ten days ago, I was feeling so hopeless and filled to the brim with despair.

Just goes to show how quick and intensely things can make a turn. Most times for the better.

So, so much better.


friday; Kimberley's last day at the office.
ok emotions time.

the way i am with people in my life is,
i don't feel too strongly about them at all.
those that i do, i either hate them a lot.
or i give them all my love.

not having known her for an exceptionally long amount of time,
and definitely without forming a good first impression of her,
Kim plays a role in my life that hasn't been touched for a while now.
you know that deeply special connection established between two human beings,
the kind that can't be explained by theories and rationality,
not triggered by a definite cause or event,
but still manages to become strong and lasting?

i was lucky enough to find that in Kim.

and best believe imma hold onto that like the sentimental ass b!tch i am :'))
luv ya, my JolliBae 4 lyfe <3


With much hope and excitement in my heart, I'm gonna try stepping into the first of my last three weeks with TSL. After which I'm sure I'll not know what to do with my life lmao I NEED U, STRUCTUREEEEE~!!

Although it would be mighty lovely to catch up on sleep for the first time in almost half a year.

I'm thinking a 6-day hibernation, no less.

Mario: "here we go!"


Crazily in love with Crush's music recently.
His songs just transport me to a make-believe island of sensuality and chill tbh haha.
The beats, the melodies.
Mind becomes tranquil.
Hips may or may not start swaying when I'm alone in my room.
Heartbeat accelerates just a little bit, it's like being injecting with a dose of excitement for the kind of love
that I've yet to experience.

For life itself to unfold.


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  1. I'm reading it constantly! Love your writings! Jiayou! -Jaznale