Monday, 4 January 2016

°₊·ˈ∗ Wanton Noodle Selling Auntie ∗ˈ‧₊°

Usually I'm so plumb tuckered out by the end of a work day I just make a mad dash for home, shower and hop right into bed. (usually still wet from my bath but it's cool, my bedsheets and blankie do a nice job of soaking it up, keeping me warm and toasty)(idk y i just admitted that to u)

It's a horrible habit, I know. But many a night I give dinner a miss only to wake up at ungodly hours of the night, having no choice but to stuff myself with whatever cookies and ice cream I can find in the kitchen so as to quell my growling stomach.

Then it's right back to bed. I really don't give a hoot about digestion times, do I? Or my waistline, for that matter.

On the rare occasion that I'd actually buy myself a meal on my way home (coz i'm just that absolutely STARVING), it'd be something junk-y like 7-Eleven's instant microwaveable food.

Aye, no hate man if you know me you'll know that i LOVE their shitty, preservative-loaded mac&cheese and curry butter biryani lmao

Since I was on half-day leave today, I had just the ample amount of spare time and energy left in my body to swing by the nearby coffeeshop from my workplace and grab a decent takeaway meal.

Zoning in on the noodle store (my fave!! i love me some n00d-n00dz hehe), I gave the jovial old lady manning the store my order: "云吞面,打包!" ("Wanton noodles, takeaway.")

Right off the bat I noticed two things,

1. She was extremely cheerful and friendly
2. Our interaction was a lot more personal than most kopitiam experiences I've had. She stood really close to me and she was just so warm about our exchange that she felt like an auntie I could've known for years!

"要辣椒吗?" ("Do you want chilli?")
"要,多多辣椒。" ("Yes please, a lot!")(i freaking love chilli lol)

So she sent my order in to the kitchen, where a man who I presume was her husband toiled away over a roaring stove.

"打包云吞面,给这位小姐!"("One wanton noodles, takeaway with lots of chilli. For the lady here!"

I smiled and took some steps back to wait for my order.

See, usually my takeaway orders can take fairly long so I'm totally used to just standing aside and stoning quietly while my food's getting prepared.

This time round, the noodle selling auntie kept glancing my way to offer my smiles and say things like "很快啊!"("it'll be quick!") and "要好了!" ("almost done!") from time to time.

I was like awwwwww this is too much!! You don't even have to do that haha I'm so fine with waiting! At the same time, I wondered if any part of my physical being lead to the false assumption that I was at all upset about having to wait. God, I felt super guilty and tried my darndest to readjust my cursed resting bitch face. The sweet ol' noodle selling auntie doesn't deserve to see that!! Anyone but her!!!!!!!

Around the time my noodles were finished and getting packed into the little box, I noticed that my bus was just around the corner and, with the next one coming in freaking 29 minutes, I really had to run.

This is where the kicker comes in.

I stood over the packing counter, all smiles (coz honestly those noodles and wantons smelled amaaaaazing lol) waiting patiently for the auntie to slot in the box, follower by chopsticks and a spoon.

As she did so, she said the following and it was so cute I honestly thought I was gonna have to flop on the floor like a fish for a while:

"多多辣椒啊!很辣,很好吃。吃了精神,辣辣才好吃啊!" ("Lots of chilli! Very spicy, very delicious. It'll make you alert/invigorated/#ChargedUp lol. Spicy makes it yummier!")

And a bunch of alternate versions of pretty much the same meaning, but it was SO. Adorable, oh my word.

By this time I was already utterly charmed by this lovely old lady, but my bus was fast approaching and I had to say my thanks in a hurried manner.

As I said "谢谢"("Thank you"), the auntie continued with all sorts of polite chatter and I had no choice but to interject quickly before I made my move.

"新年快乐!" ("Happy new year!")


At this point of time.

Lil old lady, FULL-ON exclaimed to not only herself but her immediate surroundings,

"哎哟, 新年快乐啊!新年快乐!!哎哟这小姐祝新年快乐啊!!!" ("Aiyo, happy new year? Happy new year! Aiyo, this lady wished happy new year!"

She then proceeded to lunge for the kitchen and tell the chef (husband?) "这小姐祝我们新年快乐啊!!!新年快乐!!" ("This lady wished us happy new year!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!")

Oh gosh. Lemme just tell you that my already warm and fuzzy heart was full to bursting at this moment. I couldn't hold back the grins and as my bus had just pulled in to the adjacent stop, I had to bid the noodle seller auntie farewell with a wave, and a smile that ensured I would return once more for sure.

Honestly, the sheer joy that another human being can receive from something as minuscule as a four syllable Happy New Year greeting is astonishing.

Staying in Singapore, the nation classed as unemotional and antisocial, it's sort of been ingrained in my brain that that really might be the case for every single individual on this island.

Sure, crass and unfriendly people may be aplenty. And they come in all genders, ages and races. Rudeness does not discriminate!

But it's people like this unassuming noodle seller whose saccharinely pleasant disposition and activeness in treating every customer with so much warmth and kindness, that gives me hope.

Lean towards the positive, and all that you do will be good.

Oh yeah and obviously I had to talk about the food lol guiseee! You know me~~

[prepare for an onslaught of excessively passionate food ramblings, no bias involved i promise!]

Noodles were delightfully springy and al dente, just the way they should be. Forreal doe nothing thrills me more than to see them skinny strands of goodness rather than fat noodles that have been soaking for way too long and have become awfully MUSHY.

Chilli was on point, as I had hoped and expected. Much smokier and less tangy than most other versions I've tried, which is right up my alley.

Nothing's perfect though, and the char siew bbq pork slices left me rather disappointed. A lot less charred and lean as I would've liked!

The real star of the show, however. Is the awe-inspiring deep-fried wanton.

SO ridiculously fragrant. Do you know how much I had to suffer on the almost-hour-long commute back home, as the heavenly aroma wafted to my nostrils and teased my starving senses??!

SO crisp and crunchy.

Batter on point.

MEAT inside?! Was flawless and abundant.

Dear lord, I could wax lyrical about that little morsel of perfection all day long tbh.

But you NEED to go visit the legendary noodle selling auntie yourself and scarf down a piping hot bowl of noodles prepared with love while you're at it.

Noodle Stall
1 Thomson Road (Opposite Thomson Medical Centre)
Balestier Hill Shopping Centre Singapore 301001

Contemplating whether I should order a plate of 50 deep-fried wantons the next time I drop by. Or a hundred.

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