Thursday, 25 February 2016

the best kind of wealth.

Backdated post from 21/02/2016. (you’d be surprised how many random shitposts i have backlogged lol)(mostly written on my phone during the commute to and from work)(the previous post about macca’s was typed out as a gmail draft during my mrt ride huehuehue)

Was scrolling through the slew of nonsensical humour and 30-second recipe vids on Facebook when I stumbled upon this short film that Danielle (damn, danielle! sorry i just had to lol. now that this meme has become time-appropriate i MUST reference it) shared. Despite being only less than 6 minutes long, it really awakened some familiar but forgotten feelings within me. It certainly gave me a lot to think about, a lot of past values to look back and reflect on.

When I was a kid, I dreamed of leading the typical fairytale life of a princess.
Chilling in a castle all day, surrounded by sparkly things.
Waited on hand and foot by butlers and maids, feasting on meals prepared by my personal cook.

As I grew older and became fascinated with the idea of love, I remember a period of my life where I was dead set on marrying rich.

Regardless of whether or not I was going to be a career mom or a housewife, I needed a husband who was either born with a silver spoon in his mouth or made it on his own to become a #baller.

I just wanted loads of money, fancy things, and an inheritance so shamelessly large I would have to spend the rest of my days worrying about what I could possibly spend it on next.

That was me roughly around the ages of 14 to 15 years old.

Fast forward half a decade on, I feel like I’ve learnt to adopt the complete opposite way of thinking.

Nothing monumental happened to shift my viewpoint, but I did get to witness a handful of instances where money brought on disgusting evils and destroyed many a relationship in the lives of people around me.

Without getting too personal about my family life, I came to realise that I was raised by certain characters who would sometimes be too shallow and materialistic for my liking.

As I grew older and realised that money doesn’t directly equate to happiness, I remember feeling hurt and devalued when both my mother and grandmother criticised me for being worthless if I weren't to succeed in seducing a rich man’s son into marrying me. (real life story, sadly.)

I remember the distinct change within me when I suddenly went from having a huge sense of meaningless pride whenever I got to own something expensive, to completely hating branded goods.

I suddenly became very thrifty, and I took pride in every last cent that I was able to save on my own. People who say they don’t love or at the very least, VALUE money are lying because without it, you wouldn’t have all the things in your life and the people you love would have to suffer too.

After crashing to my lowest points; of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts every single day where no amount of gifts, fancy food or material objects, or a straight up wad of cash could fix and make a smile appear on my face again, all the beliefs that were ingrained within me melted away.

I realised the importance of gratitude, even when you have next to nothing.
And I already have a lot.

I have a great family, wonderful friends. I’m constantly surrounded by love.
I have a stable life and I get to live comfortably.
I’m so incredibly privileged for even being able to travel.
I have health on my side.
I’m able-bodied and equipped with boundless opportunities to pursue whatever I may want.

I honestly, cannot…even begin to think of anymore that I could want or ask for.

This is MORE than enough.
More than I’m happy for.

My life is filled to the brim with blessings.

And the biggest blessing of all, is the ability to practice genuine gratitude for even the littlest things.

Right now, I yearn for a simple life. That’s right, no branded shit and crazy indulgences every day. No baller husband, anything I want I can earn it the right way and get that shit on my own. Hell, if I loved a guy enough to marry him, best believe Imma be the one to spoil him and treat him the way he deserves lol. And my beautiful future babies!!


I don’t know what I’ll be like in 5, 10, and 50 years to come. I don’t know where life will take me.

But I hope to still be able to find joy in all the little things.
To value the most important things, like the health and safety of my family, friends, and all whom I care about.
And to always remember what a crucial part gratitude plays in living a life full of love and meaning.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

(@macs) I'm a Slave 4 U

You know dat feel when you wanna establish some sort of aggresive disdain for all fast food chains under the pretense of leading a healthy diet and lifestyle?

Yeah, I'm done with that now lol

Processed junk dripping with oil and grease is just so yummy! As are artificial beverages which are essentially a swirl of nasty chemicals and enough sugar to render your once healthy body a nutritionally-deprived wasteland.

It's been a willy while since I'd hit up a McCafé but good golly, I needed my Himalayan tea latte fix, BAD. It's like a drug, forreal. If you've never dipped your pure and untainted taste buds into this life destroyer of a drink, I strongly advise you to stay away. I swear to god, that shit is addictive AF.

It will not only drain you of monetary funds (remember that period of time i was in my third year of polytechnic and i drank so many himalayan tea lattes i didnt have money to buy a plate of solid foods for lunch lol that was fun) , the level of contentment you get from other things in life will just never be able to match up. Also, I'm pretty sure all the resulting lipids go straight to your thighs lol #tragik

Honestly tho...when that first sip hits the back of your throat, the surge of saccharine Himalayan tea flavours quite literally arrest all of your senses. So smooth and milky, yet sweet and balanced with robust accents of floral aroma. Unfff...I've never gulped anything down with such gusto.

i be suckin on that straw so hard I almost broke that damn thing in half!

kidding lol

But seriously...iced Himalayan tea lattes...get on that shit.

I wish to inject it straight into my veins...If I had things my way, chilled and creamy Himalayan tea latte would be coursing through my entire arterial being at all times.

After I was done with the logbook submission, I left SP (goodbye my love ♡) and headed to work. During lunch, I made the decision to dine at Macca's because I wanted to try their new bread salmon burger with paella spice. Sounds fancy as balls right? Excitement was all in the air. I would soon come to realise that my decision was the ultimate worst one I've ever made in my life up til this day. Or the best. I don't know. I feel emotionally violated.


Ok so I got the sweet potato fries, a very worthy top-up of only 50 cents (not the rapper). Considering how high quality the sticks of orange spud are. They're practically bordering on gourmet! Very tasty and wholesome, nice and crispy on the outside. Don't expect any fluffy goodness within, though. What is guaranteed, is an authentic burst of goguma flavours erupting in your bucal cavity much like Vesuvius.

Alright, on to this absolute fucker of a fish sandwich.

How, DARE you.

If y'all didn't already know, I. Love. Salmon.

Seeing as this was a fast food store and all (i refuse to call it a restaurant), I was expecting it to be equal parts Trash and Disgusting. But lemme tell you right now, when I bit into that damn thang,

Holy fuckeroni.

What...the absolutely dongle, is this moist, juicy, sickeningly delicious piece of aquatic crappé?? ? um

I was mad, y'all. Honestly. A cheap ass (well my meal cost like $8++ with the fries top-up and a cup of iced milo (stayin away from that carbonated shit coz im watching my figure~~)(HAHA lol no) but still) burger should not be allowed to taste this good. And y'all wanna class it up with deluxe rocket leaves and frisee lettuce instead of the shitty iceberg variety? Nah, fam. That's not how we play it in the junk food industry. It's called JUNK, yo. Don't be actin' all fancy with special menu items of such gastronomical brilliance, it's just not right!

And that fluffy bun studded with all sorts of nuts, seeds and oats in place of regular sesame. Jeez...

It tasted so superb I actually had to interrupt poor, sweet Joyce mid-sentence into a very personal and riveting story about her life, so that I could moan loudly and exclaim how goddamn fucking sexy the burger tasted in my mouth. That's when you know you've got to stop, when the food is messin' wit yo manners.

Oh my god did I also mention that the crispy breaded salmon patty (VERY fresh, btw) was also infused with heavenly paella spices throughout?

fuck me hard.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Eggstremely Eggcited for all things Eggstraordinary

Not sure if it was already made pretty damn obvious from the title, but this entire post is clearly going to be about……...potatoes.

jks lol it’s EGGS!! i love eggs omg <3

My new phone cases (flown in all the way from Guangzhou, damn) finally arrived and I was so excited I almost ate my own fist.

I’ve always been mad envious of iPhone users coz their phone cover choices are just like...infinite.

Not only is my phone an Android one, it’s of some obscure SONY model. So you can only imagine what a #struggle it is to procure a freaking piece of plastic that can actually give my precious device not only snug protection but ultimate swaggy aesthetics as well teehee


not even kidding when i say i really do ADORE dem eggz hehehehe

simply looking at the back of my phone now puts this big ol’ smile on my face, FOR NO DAMN REASON!!

o well, happiness is always welcome ^_^

Pls don’t judge me for taking that mirror selfie btw...honestly the entire time I was just thinking about this comic:

HAHA it's so true tho??

I could very well have just taken a pic of the phone case alone but...I seldom wear that top (bought it back in 2014 for like, ten bucks hehe but it’s a bit ill-fitting heh)(ok no one asked tho??) and I was wearing the absolute reddest of my red lippies, which I wear even LESS often.

That yummy, bright red NYX soft matte lip cream was probably my most prized purchase, a self-gifted 19th birthday pressie (JEEZ can’t believe i’m no longer a teen omg) from two years back. Since then, I’ve probably only worn it out a grand total of three times haha IT’S JUST SO BOMBASTIC OMG and I feel like I always have to worry about staining and reapplication throughout the entire day? Definitely not fun, ja feel

I only put it on for the sake of doing this in time for Valentine's Day hehe:

LOLLLLL yo if you don’t think this is just the cutest, funniest and most charmingly accurate card in existence u can fuck right outta my face rn haha forreal doe?? ?

Triceratops also happen to be my all-time favourite dinosaur so...yay me hehe :3

Pretty proud of the fairly immaculate print I managed to make, even if I do say so myself teehee! xo

--- small but growing collection of gudetama nonsense.

Lovingly funded by none other than my momma lol forreal, everything here was bought by her WITHOUT me asking for it...i swear.

First ever gude merch:

SOOOOO CUTE!! it’s like a lil stress ball hehe STRESS EGG!! oh my gaaaaahd i can’t take it, it’s just so soft and fun to squeeze!

actually kept it in my bag to keep me company on-the-go back when we were still at the old TSL office at Balestier hehe.

this is us on the bus approaching Newton stn!

still trips me out that i’ve stopped going on that 25 minute bus commute back and forth to work every single weekday...i actually love bus rides omg. especially double decker buses!!

the familiar journey that’s a tiny bit different each day heh. ah, memories! so much change is going on in life...damn.

we growin up and shiet :'))

ok this just took a weird turn i thought we was talkin bout egg merchandise?!


my mum went ahead and bought me this for no rhyme or reason...

mmmm...feels so good in my hands...

jks lol (#twss)

i later on found out that it’s the exact same one that Joyce (yes, my boss HAHA) has one her desk at the office HAHA high five 老板!

look at dat ass...gahd damn

bless whoever invented Gudetama tbh

Bacon blankets? Really? That shit is GENIUS, goddamn!

The latest:

My beloved Gudetama planner hehe

SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS CUTE LIL BABY!! look at the steaming hotpot oh my...i love Japanese food drawings omg they always be lookin delicious as helllll

poor gude tho, he look like he sufferin

I always need a notebook to jot down my shit but I keep making the mistake of getting the giant, bulky ass ones that bog my bookbag down and I always end up scribbling in about 1/8 of the pages before I toss it aside for something new and better lol (sorry, ‘tis the truth)

This tiny baby is the perfect size!! Except when it gets loss in the sea of biohazardous waste that is the junk I cram into my bag...but still


Lastly, I think my unwavering love for the humble tamago is evident in the sheer number of times I’ve dined at Hatched since my initial discovery of this magnificent palace of eggs back in 2014.

The first time...wit ma love, Summer x


Their vast array of egg-related knick-knacks thrills me SO much it shakes me right to my core, no joke T^T

Oh ya, I should probz apologise for the downright shit-tastic quality of these pics lmao IT WAS MY OLD PHONE OK two years ago leh, cut a brotha some slack

Even their seasonal salt and pepper shakers!! Snow-like salt in a winter wonderland? Sand-like pepper whirling in a dessert complete with a tiny plastic camel??! ? ?! I DIE

Pretty sure it was one of the first times I had Eggs Benedict...obviously my soul almost descended my body right there and then

Summer got the smoked salmon version :)

Those fucking rose lattes are SO good, to this very day they still make me wanna get pregnant on the spot. Idk why, it’s just that tasty.

You have GOT to try it for yourself man, i swear. It’s like bandung mixed with coffee!! How can that NOT taste phenomenal, amirite??! D;

Hatch outing #2: Lunch with Divyata

Tried their hashed beef version of Eggs Benedict, very salty but still delicious nonetheless teehee.

look at the cute lil potatoes!! oh my

Gr8 conversation with Div and it was my first and so far only time getting to sit on their upstairs level! Beside the window somemore omg YES

And the salt and pepper shakers were in the shape of actual eggs………...HALP

#3: On my own coz it’s been a while and I need some egg in me lol (not in that way...oh my god)

Some baked eggs contraption...super tasty despite its unassuming looks haha!

And of course I had to take a hipster shot of my fucking notebook in the background lol (yes that is an adorable mini Eiffel Tower in the salt shaker! gotta love 'em lol)

I did a grand total of about 12 minutes of work before I just ate my goddamn eggs while talking to some dumbass fuccbois on Tinder hohoho (yas this was the beginning of my cursed Tinder phase...kinda tragic* that i can still rmb lollll)

*Tragikarp Magikarp lol HAHA ok sory idk what possessed me to say dat.


A photo posted by Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Went on a Hatched hiatus and only returned on August 22, 2015!

2014 vs 2015

dat transformation tuesday tho...

Way better interior shots as compared to the ones from my first trip there, if I do say so myself hehe :3

I want that clock!! So cute omg

My love~ ♡ Pre- and post-stirring hehe how gorgeous can a drink be??! look at that rose syrup goodness!! i want 2 die lol

Cheesy scrambled eggs and prosciutto ham on toast...sooooo good omg T^T

I’d never been a fan of prosciutto ham after trying little bits of it in several instances over the past years, and this dish just reaffirmed my tastes lol. The texture and saltiness is just like...nah brah. I’ll stick to my cheap ass honey baked ham slices from NTUC thank u very much x

Even the light fixtures are gorgeous omg, goals much?? :’))

Goal in life is to try every single fucking thing on their glorious (and very cute!!) menu teehee <3

#5: The latest Hatched outing,

was on 10th January '16 huehuehue if the date looks familiar to you (no of course it doesn’t, coz you are you and you are not ME lol what??) it’s because it was the day of ME MILLIONTH DOLLAR MY FIRST KISS!!!!!!!1

lol did anyone ask? no hahaha but oi it’s limpeh’s blog right i want mention my fucking first kiss in every single post also can lol

(dont worry i wil not)

Ok so, I actually just admitted this to the kiss-planter (ew lol)(pls disregard the fact that i just said that) himself when I saw him we all good...but I basically jio-ed him out to go to Hatched (yay Hatched ❤) with me that Sunday afternoon under the pretense of having to get some food shots in the name of WORK...which was total bullshit 112% lmao

I was like...tryna be super chill about it…

I still remember when I crafted the text with so much care and precision…

I was dining at Jollibee with Kim, Chwin and Cheryl one evening after work………….


Me: i actually need to go to Hatched and get some food shots, i’ll be alone so u can just drop by if u want!

BULLLLLSHITTTTTTTT lol what a lying bitch

Was tryna be hella chill...but now there is absolutely NO chill left lmao not even a single bit :’))

And boy am I glad, hehehehehe

(the timestamp is wrong btw...we had brunch lol not fucking supper near 11pm, goddamn. have some decency!)

Introduced him to da wonderful world of rose latte...fecking good omg even if the date was a fail I would’ve gone home happy knowing that the rose latte was in me...and it felt SO good. mmmmm. *moans*


Aight so, at this point of time it’s clear as day how much of a freaking diehard Hatched fan I am, but yo.

The omelette I had on that day was just straight up BAD lmao

Super dry...very overcooked and way too hard...It was sad, man. Ugh.

Oh well, the day was a smashing* success anyway HAHA so who cares!

*no we didn’t smash i’m just using the word in its informal British adjective definition meaning excellent or wonderful lol don’t know why i had to clarify but i just had to...ok


I’ve officially written way too much about eggs...goodbye my eggy friends I must be gone!

/abrupt ending, yet again./

thank u for reading hehe y u so sweet!!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Second-To-Last Week Shenanigans

Can’t believe I just got done with my second last week of being a #TSLintern. Only lasting three days due to the Lunar New Year festivities but still. By the time you’re reading this (backdated coz i always take a willy while to write omg sorry) post, I’m probably well into my final (!!) week at the office.

Time is fleetinggg, the past 6 months seem to have gone by in a flash. Seriously?? That’s HALF A YEAR YO. oh my word!

The vibes are so different now. As a senior intern (a title i gave to myself lol), I look at all the young (read: foetus) and fresh-faced new interns brimming with so much vigour and I just think...that used to be me :’))

And now I just want to nap all the time lol

Jks. Other than possessing energy levels that are on par with that of an elderly, I can say with much conviction that I’ve learned a whole lot throughout my stint here at what I still believe to be The Best place to work. (yes i’m extremely biased, i know)

// throwback to 5th June '15, the glorious day where i first got the job. oh, such splendid memories! //

More than just writing, more than just creating content people wanna read and actually wind up loving so much that they’ll actively share it with everyone they know, more than having that first taste of what it’s like in the working world.

I have been thoroughly blessed in being granted this job that’s just BURSTING with the most positive of people, a working and learning culture so fun and pleasant yet ever rewarding, I honestly couldn’t ask for more.

Except that part where I get fully exhausted by the end of each week and throw myself into a pit of despair and self-destruction, sometimes documented on this very blog lol which I understand can be rather confusing to a dear reader like yourself who might be wondering if I truly enjoy this job or not lol. (spoiler alert: i do. hehe!)

I still can’t believe I was even accepted for this position...much less the crazy things I’ve been able to experience and new heights I never even dreamed of achieving, but did. Holy shit, I’ll forever be grateful haha

Will I ever stop being so cheesy and sentimental over the littlest things? Probs not hehe. But goddamn, I love you TSL <3

The people, the experiences.
The vibes.
Just the life of a #TSLintern :))

It’s nothing that anyone will ever be capable of imagining til you’ve lived and breathed it yourself. ❤


So as I mentioned in my prev post, we moved to a swanky new office! Tragically the pantry is not yet decked out with snacks (aka my breakfast, usually lol) but itz k00l coz Neon very kindly brought us all snacks from Tokyo, woohoo~!!

Three simultaneous flatlays then promptly ensued:

Dat IG life tho…lol

First lunch ever at the new office…was McDonald’s. For which we had to queue like a whole 50 minutes for omg that was no fun!!

Their new Golden Treasure Chicken was actually pretty bomb tho. Not a big fan of chicken burgers but theirs was a whole chunk of delicious thigh meat. The real kicker was in the fact that they had not only golden slivers of caramelised onions in the mix but sautéed MUSHROOMS as well. Like, yo. That was a lovely surprise!

Try and get your hands on it if you still can. I mean, if this limited edition item is still on their menu…not because you somehow no longer have hands lol

ok sorry

Couldn't stop munching on the Nihon snacks throughout the day, they are just so KAWAII and yum yumz omg T^T

how cute is this Tokyo Strawberry cake!! the fact that they even bother to print on dem adorable lil polka dots UGH. bless da Japanese <3

as someone who firmly hates strawberry flavoured foods, i was quite pleased with this spongy handful of sugar and daydreams. and that milk + strawberry cream filling? GLORIOUS.

pardon the shit-tastic photo but holy xiangjiao, Tokyo Banana cakes ARE amazing!

seriously...such soft, much fluff. and the freaking banana cream filling just bl0ws ma freakin mind, ja feel??

veh nice hehe

Met up wit ma jolliBAE Kim for some Astons dinz on Thursday and it was just a swell time hehe :’))

hooooo yess get in me, u glorious carbs and sauce laden hunk of charred CHIKIN

her boyf Benedict aka Benndingo was there too lol (i hope i never get called out for giving him this secret nickname HAHA)(i shall try addressing him this way the next time we meet lol)(I’m sure he will be mighty pleased)(a Mandingo status is sought after by many a guy! he should be proud!)(wait what was i talking abt again)

ice cremmmmmm

if you’re wondering why we went to Churros 101 but didn’t get any churros, lemme give u the lowdown right quick.

did u know: a cup of soft serve like the ones you see above cost $2.80 each

If you wanna get a stick of churro to go with it, it suddenly costs fucking $5.90


Three whole dollars and an extra TEN CENTS for a lone churro?? C’mon, bruh. C’mon.

Forgot to mention that lunch on the 2nd day at da new office was a bag of fried economical kway teow that was just...ugh. I don’t wanna talk about it, please. Just thinking back to those greasy, clumped up pieces of disappointment upsets me greatly. Such difficult times…*cri*

Anyway, we ordered takeout delivery (thank u Food Panda...blessss) on Friday and even though it was the most expensive lunch I’ve had EVER since starting my internship ($9.90 + GST + delivery fee lol fuck me up fam) I was pleased as punch!!

me lol

(ya i actually took the time to photoshop that lol dont judge me can?)

Nice nice!! i lubb me some glass noodles :))))
The duck was a tad on the salty side but very very deliciousõ~~!

Ever amazed by how dem noodlies are made out of sWEeT POTAYTOOOOO omg. yay, science!

aight that’s about all.

i’m so done with writing proper conclusions, it’s probably up there in the Top 5 Most Dreaded Things I Have To Do for work. so u just gon have to deal with this abrupt ending.

~i be out like a rocketship~ lol HAHA

ok sorry, to get that reference you first have to watch what i reckon is hands down The FUNNIEST episode of Your Grammar Sucks, in which there is an entry that made me laugh so hard my spleen almost ruptured. and then i proceeded to re-watch that clip about 29 HUNDRED times in the two years since the video has been out.

jack and his bigass forehead disabled embedding, so imma have to trouble u to kindly click here (not a rickroll, i swear on me mum lol) for da vid

hilarity begins at the 2:50 mark. & pls for the sake of all things holy, make sure you’re not drinking anything lol coz i swear u gon be laughing so ferociously the liquids are just gonna go right up to ur nostrils and come whooshing out from your eye sockets or something

idk, science maybe. probably not lol HAHA


Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Japan & Hong Kong Trip That Never Came To Be.

In a series of tragedies that occurred swiftly in succession over a short period of two weeks, I ultimately lost the chance to travel abroad as part of my soon concluding internship. First to Tokyo, Japan, and afterwards to Hong Kong.

I feel like the distress would’ve been a lot lesser if it had just been a flat-out “no” from the start, but it became more of a rollercoaster ride that sent me up, then down, then round and round.

Literally running around town for the better part of a fortnight trying to convince my parents to grant me permission, heading to the Australian High Comm to apply for a new passport and plead that it gets processed in time for the trip, and even returning to good ol’ Singapore Polytechnic to — get this...find any lecturer I know who would be willing to play guarantor for my citizenship.

What a lol.

Throughout this whirlwind of highs and lows, the cliched theories of fate, destiny and “everything happens for a reason” seemed to be the only things that allowed me to hold onto my sanity.

How else would you be able to justify getting the reward of a lifetime for five months of hard work, only to have it pulled out from under you? And then reintroduced as a glimmer of hope...then gone again...then a new possibility that it may work out after all...but nope. Rinse and repeat. Til you’re so tired and just done that you’d rather concede defeat and let “fate” have its way.

If there’s one thing I got from all this that makes me say I wouldn’t want to trade this experience or have it turn out any other way — and genuinely mean it — it would be that I couldn’t be more touched and thankful of all the help I’ve gotten from the lovely people from the office throughout this whole debacle.

This sounds crazy, I know. But the mere fact that I was even considered for this reward, and offered such a phenomenal opportunity, means more to me than any actual trip.

Not to mention the immense amount of support and compassion shown by all my colleagues and superiors over this troubling time.

An all-expense paid for trip sounds amazing, to such exotic locations no less. But who knows? There’s no guarantee that I would've had a pleasant time. Who’s to say that it wouldn’t have ended in some sort of unforeseen tragedy?

Life is full of curveballs and surprises like that. Both pleasant, uncalled for, or everything else in between that no words would be able to adequately describe.

For instance, the time my parents brought me out for dinner during the weekend in a bid to try and cheer me up.

And the venue, Jurong Point mall, just so happened to include both Japan AND Hong Kong food street attractions.


O cruel fate, why do you mock me so?

The whole area was decked out in psychedelic, Jap-themed knick knacks. Even the ceiling, look and ye shall find:

gross tbh lol

Truth be told, I wasn't even that affected until I ventured into...


Actual aching in da heart!! I wanted to eat everything??? ? ?.

As fate would have it, I recently chanced upon this amazing cheese tart courtesy of the fabulous internet machine. It's supposedly legendary in its native Japan, and it sure ain't hard to see why!

Pure. SEX. holy cow, i need to get one o' them tarts in me like, ASAP.

ye...idc how excellent you are i ain't eatin no placenta for god;s sake

those yummy looking snack boxes u got on the left doe...damn ;))

is that a runny hard boiled egg i see?

sweet potatoes are everything, forreal. soft, fluffy and warm ones that are fresh off the grill? UNFFF.

remember when seohyun from snsd said on We Got Married that she once got so crazy with her goguma obsession that she ate 'em til her palms turned orange?

lol that's #goals tbh

So at this point of time, I thought that the Japan Food Street was about as wacky and wonderful as it could get. But boy, was I wrong.

We continued coursing through the (very large) mall in search of a decent eatery to get some dinner in, and soon enough...



I shit you not, my mum and dad legit took one gander at the rowdy sight before us, turned back and laughed at my face lol

which, might i just add, probably bore the expression of a woman who is just 3000% done with life and the way things play out.

Rubbing salt in the wounds much?

Sigh, and to think...this would've been the map of places I'd actually go to during my TSL trip to Hong Kong...

Thank goodness, my delicate soul and damaged sensibilities were sufficiently comforted when food came to the rescue. Really good food, in fact!

(am fully aware that the pics u are about to see are aTroCi0US but pls do not judge me mmmkay i was clearly too devastated and hence did not give two fucks)

drumstick rice bowl, nice nice

in da background we have an appetiser of layered cold tofu stuffed with some meat floss and drizzled over with a VERY salty sauce lmao ngl my hair almost began fallin right outta my scalp by the clump

cold tofu is always bomb tho, such appetising much YUMz

my dish!!

lemme tell u rn that when it was first served, my metaphorical tears dried right up coz it was just so amazing in many different ways.

  • i love dry wanton noodles?
  • the sauce smelled sweet and utterly delectable?
  • fucking SILVERFISH yummm???? mmm crispy!
  • yo. the bowl shape alone is PHENOMENAL. it's in the all-too auspicious shape of an "8" and i get to have a lil soupy bowl of wanton?? UMM thank you????? ? ?? ?
  • dem wantons. were filled with. not just meat, not just prawns. but MEAT, PRAWNS, FUNGUS STRIPS (i know it sounds super ew but trust me it's delicious haha) AND MORE!!!!!!!!!1 fookin yummy omg i die

i also added big ol' dollops of CHILLI sos (that's Malay for "sauce", i m not calling for emergency assistance lmao) so that just elevated the experience for my tastebuds TENFOLD.

only downside was the fact that they gave me a pathetic piece of LETTUCE instead of some delicious bok choy or kai lan. like come on guys get yer head out of yo ASSES.

but other than that, A+! :D

idk why my sis would go to a hk restaurant to get fish and chips lol but ok

fries were really nice! but cmon now, it's french fries. how u gon fuck something as simple and delightful as that up?

me: o how nice they gave u tomatoes in slice AND cube form!
*upon closer inspection*
me: wait nope, those are watermelon cubes.

nothing like having a little dessert right on your plate, nevermind that the fruit touches greasy pools of mayonnaise :')

pros & cons of these spicy garlic fried chicken bites:

very garlicky
nice spicy kick that'll make u reach for that delicious hk nai cha (milk tea) to douse ur mouth flames with
served in a cute basket
it's fried chicken.
no bones, yay!
bite-sized for maximum nonstop-popping-in-your-mouth pleasure

fatty af

seriously, there was nary a mouthful of tasty lean meat. it's all just fats and grease, mostly. sigh.

looks pretty promising but these noodles were bad, just BAD.

totally no flavour, way too hard and very very dry.

and yez dey was maggi noodles. like, i could probz cook dem me self and most days ion even kno how to turn on da stovez.

Duck slices were heavenly tho, but once again it's because it's duck and duck is by default fan-freaking-tastic :))

Good ass meal (for the most part)(i am going to choose to ignore the flop dishes completely and act like they never existed)(coping mechanism for life, y'all) and it's safe to say I was feelin rather jolly by the end of it. Well done, Central Hong Kong Cafe! Shall visit you again hehe.

Tip: please drink the stocking milk tea, idk if there's even anything about it that has to do with "stockings" but idec, milk tea is just sooooo gosh darn delicious omg one day i just know i will overdose on it and by then i'd be happy knowing that it was all worth it. probably.

Other things I chanced upon at Jurong Point (Popular Bookstore to be specific) that helped put a smile back on my face hehe:

Gudetama is love. Gudetama is life.

Such big much w0w

Kiu moh (curly hair) max. Kinda gross actually lol JOYCE ARE U SEEING THIS????!

still can't get over dat glorious SHREK AESTHETIC

hahahahhahaha THIS IS MY SWAMP.

idk how this post came to such an ending but here:

wonderful lol