Tuesday, 9 February 2016

2016 Chinese New Year Snack Favourites

In the true spirit of Lunar New Year, I've eaten probably more than my own weight's worth of sinful snacks both sweet and savoury. As I sit here covered in crumbs, bloated as hell and dripping with grease and shame, I reach for my 37th pineapple tart today decide that it's time to do another roundup of my fave goodies this CNY.

Here's last year's edition if you're interested: 2015 Chinese New Year Snack Favourites

It was back when I had way too much time on my hands and attempted to write in a proper listicle style complete with an actual photoshoot HAHA what a lol indeed.

Oh wait. Nothing has changed.

One whole lunar year has come and passed and yet I remain, as bo liao as ever. :'))



1. HANDS DOWN FAVOURITE SNACK: crisps derived from random root vegetables

I have a major salt tooth. Always have, always will. So I'm not kidding when I say that any form of sodium-laden crisps THRILL me to no end.


How gorgeous are these pristinely cut slivers of crispy holed out goodness?!

This is the definition of thinness so intense, it's not even called slicing anymore. It's SHAVING.

Only gripe I have would be that the crisp surface area is so minuscule that when the oil gets soaked into them, it is VERY noticeable. Can't eat more than a handful or so of these without feeling a mouthful of nasty grease :(( Which is probably a helpful indication that I should lay the tub down for the time being and pick up an apple or something...but nah, fuck that!


These babies are not only crunchy af, there's a nice little variety in each tub because unlike most conventional chips, they're not made uniform. So some are paper thin and ultra crispy, while others may be on the thicker side and almost kind of like munching on some delicious yam bark.

It's hard to put your finger on the yam taste coz it's just so subtle, but like the yam sticks I was so obsessed with back in 2013 (damn, those were the days of foetus era blogging lol)(can't believe i used to be that into the Janoskians...jfc), they're just terribly addictive and have a flavour in completely different realms than that of potato crisps.

The best part? Instead of plain ol' salt, they use chicken flavoured seasoning. DROOOOOOOL.


These individual vacuum-sealed packets of bak kwa are genius??

Look, idk what the science is behind them and I used to be rather concerned of how artificial they could be, how they're probably not as good for you as the fresh option (ye sure coz bak kwa is supposed to be "good for you") but we're all gonna die someday, so who cares? (keepin it festive and not at all inauspicious...yup)

In the name of convenience, these lil cuties are a definite winner. One of the things I hate the most about indulging in these smokey treats (besides the BILLIONS of calories per slice) is how it'll completely wreck your fingers with lingering grease. With the packaging, gobbling them down 12 at one go is a totally clean and fuss-free affair!

Also, how great is it that you can chuck them into your handbag by the handful when you go house visiting? Y'know, just in case you hate the snack offerings at your relative's/friend's place. This way, you can be a non-ungrateful guest AND stay satiated on the sly! Win-win.

3. THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY: parmesan cookies from Pies & Coffee

Errbody who knows me knows that I freaking LOVE Pies & Coffee. The very first time I set foot on its premises was to meet (and hug!) none other than Jenn Im herself. Since then, I've gone there pleeenty of times to savour their delicious dishes amidst a chillchillmango atmosphere, my personal idea of heaven.

Oh yeah, add to that list the fact that it was the last known spot at which I was hanging out at and sippin' on (non-alcoholic) beverages wit the guy before he and I adjourned to seal the deal known as My First Kiss™ lmao good times!!

omg i just realised that tomorrow marks the official one month since these tender but occasionally dehydrated lips of mine had their virginal status removed...not that i'm the type who would celebrate "monthsaries" or even "weeksaries" lol...im not a lunatic..... .  .. .

*pops a bottle of champagne every year on the 10th of January til the day that i die*

kidding lol

(i don't drink alcohol so a bottle of Fanta will have to do)

Ok anyway.

These little nibblets of perfection were sent to the office a few weeks back, god bless my job <3

My apologies for the hideous picture, here is an illustration that certainly does more justice to a snack as magnificent as thee:

Such beauty...much w0w. *sheds a tear*

I'd never really tried cheese biscuits before, which is ludicrous since I practically live for da cheese. Munching on these non-stop was like a spiritually awakening experience. My selfish ass actually chope-d a good handful when I still had the chance and just sat them at my desk for gradual enjoyment throughout the work day.

Of course, I had to pace myself not only because there was a limited resource but also due to how incredibly rich and jelak they were. Very oily, too. They soaked right through the kitchen towel I used to wrap them up in before dashing out of the office pantry in what I hope was an ultra discreet fashion!

Sadly I was not able to procure an entire tub on my own as I am what one would call, a Broke Ass Bitch.

Oh well, maybe someday. :'))

For now, I am content living life knowing that I've tasted yet another remarkable form of cheese-infused delicacies. Aka, a life worth living.


Aight, that’s all folks. I am off to mourn (again with the auspicious choice of words. if my mum ever chanced upon this post she'd whoop my ass, belieb that) the end of this glorious 4-day long weekend.

'Twas fun while it lasted :'))

Tomorrow it's back to waking up at 6 in the morn and writing more listicles. Hopefully also eating more free snacks courtesy of the little slice of paradise known as the office pantry.

Oh yeah, we're moving to a spanking new office so that should be a hoot and a half!

lol...TheSmartLocal be like, new (lunar) year, new me!


jeez i am so sorry, that truly did sound a lot funnier in my head lmao

i'll see myself out.


  1. I can't believe I actually read it all.

  2. you're a B.A.B and i am up for some footsie any time ;)