Saturday, 20 February 2016

Eggstremely Eggcited for all things Eggstraordinary

Not sure if it was already made pretty damn obvious from the title, but this entire post is clearly going to be about……...potatoes.

jks lol it’s EGGS!! i love eggs omg <3

My new phone cases (flown in all the way from Guangzhou, damn) finally arrived and I was so excited I almost ate my own fist.

I’ve always been mad envious of iPhone users coz their phone cover choices are just like...infinite.

Not only is my phone an Android one, it’s of some obscure SONY model. So you can only imagine what a #struggle it is to procure a freaking piece of plastic that can actually give my precious device not only snug protection but ultimate swaggy aesthetics as well teehee


not even kidding when i say i really do ADORE dem eggz hehehehe

simply looking at the back of my phone now puts this big ol’ smile on my face, FOR NO DAMN REASON!!

o well, happiness is always welcome ^_^

Pls don’t judge me for taking that mirror selfie btw...honestly the entire time I was just thinking about this comic:

HAHA it's so true tho??

I could very well have just taken a pic of the phone case alone but...I seldom wear that top (bought it back in 2014 for like, ten bucks hehe but it’s a bit ill-fitting heh)(ok no one asked tho??) and I was wearing the absolute reddest of my red lippies, which I wear even LESS often.

That yummy, bright red NYX soft matte lip cream was probably my most prized purchase, a self-gifted 19th birthday pressie (JEEZ can’t believe i’m no longer a teen omg) from two years back. Since then, I’ve probably only worn it out a grand total of three times haha IT’S JUST SO BOMBASTIC OMG and I feel like I always have to worry about staining and reapplication throughout the entire day? Definitely not fun, ja feel

I only put it on for the sake of doing this in time for Valentine's Day hehe:

LOLLLLL yo if you don’t think this is just the cutest, funniest and most charmingly accurate card in existence u can fuck right outta my face rn haha forreal doe?? ?

Triceratops also happen to be my all-time favourite dinosaur so...yay me hehe :3

Pretty proud of the fairly immaculate print I managed to make, even if I do say so myself teehee! xo

--- small but growing collection of gudetama nonsense.

Lovingly funded by none other than my momma lol forreal, everything here was bought by her WITHOUT me asking for it...i swear.

First ever gude merch:

SOOOOO CUTE!! it’s like a lil stress ball hehe STRESS EGG!! oh my gaaaaahd i can’t take it, it’s just so soft and fun to squeeze!

actually kept it in my bag to keep me company on-the-go back when we were still at the old TSL office at Balestier hehe.

this is us on the bus approaching Newton stn!

still trips me out that i’ve stopped going on that 25 minute bus commute back and forth to work every single weekday...i actually love bus rides omg. especially double decker buses!!

the familiar journey that’s a tiny bit different each day heh. ah, memories! so much change is going on in life...damn.

we growin up and shiet :'))

ok this just took a weird turn i thought we was talkin bout egg merchandise?!


my mum went ahead and bought me this for no rhyme or reason...

mmmm...feels so good in my hands...

jks lol (#twss)

i later on found out that it’s the exact same one that Joyce (yes, my boss HAHA) has one her desk at the office HAHA high five 老板!

look at dat ass...gahd damn

bless whoever invented Gudetama tbh

Bacon blankets? Really? That shit is GENIUS, goddamn!

The latest:

My beloved Gudetama planner hehe

SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS CUTE LIL BABY!! look at the steaming hotpot oh my...i love Japanese food drawings omg they always be lookin delicious as helllll

poor gude tho, he look like he sufferin

I always need a notebook to jot down my shit but I keep making the mistake of getting the giant, bulky ass ones that bog my bookbag down and I always end up scribbling in about 1/8 of the pages before I toss it aside for something new and better lol (sorry, ‘tis the truth)

This tiny baby is the perfect size!! Except when it gets loss in the sea of biohazardous waste that is the junk I cram into my bag...but still


Lastly, I think my unwavering love for the humble tamago is evident in the sheer number of times I’ve dined at Hatched since my initial discovery of this magnificent palace of eggs back in 2014.

The first time...wit ma love, Summer x


Their vast array of egg-related knick-knacks thrills me SO much it shakes me right to my core, no joke T^T

Oh ya, I should probz apologise for the downright shit-tastic quality of these pics lmao IT WAS MY OLD PHONE OK two years ago leh, cut a brotha some slack

Even their seasonal salt and pepper shakers!! Snow-like salt in a winter wonderland? Sand-like pepper whirling in a dessert complete with a tiny plastic camel??! ? ?! I DIE

Pretty sure it was one of the first times I had Eggs Benedict...obviously my soul almost descended my body right there and then

Summer got the smoked salmon version :)

Those fucking rose lattes are SO good, to this very day they still make me wanna get pregnant on the spot. Idk why, it’s just that tasty.

You have GOT to try it for yourself man, i swear. It’s like bandung mixed with coffee!! How can that NOT taste phenomenal, amirite??! D;

Hatch outing #2: Lunch with Divyata

Tried their hashed beef version of Eggs Benedict, very salty but still delicious nonetheless teehee.

look at the cute lil potatoes!! oh my

Gr8 conversation with Div and it was my first and so far only time getting to sit on their upstairs level! Beside the window somemore omg YES

And the salt and pepper shakers were in the shape of actual eggs………...HALP

#3: On my own coz it’s been a while and I need some egg in me lol (not in that way...oh my god)

Some baked eggs contraption...super tasty despite its unassuming looks haha!

And of course I had to take a hipster shot of my fucking notebook in the background lol (yes that is an adorable mini Eiffel Tower in the salt shaker! gotta love 'em lol)

I did a grand total of about 12 minutes of work before I just ate my goddamn eggs while talking to some dumbass fuccbois on Tinder hohoho (yas this was the beginning of my cursed Tinder phase...kinda tragic* that i can still rmb lollll)

*Tragikarp Magikarp lol HAHA ok sory idk what possessed me to say dat.


A photo posted by Renae Cheng | 佳琪 (@renaecjc) on

Went on a Hatched hiatus and only returned on August 22, 2015!

2014 vs 2015

dat transformation tuesday tho...

Way better interior shots as compared to the ones from my first trip there, if I do say so myself hehe :3

I want that clock!! So cute omg

My love~ ♡ Pre- and post-stirring hehe how gorgeous can a drink be??! look at that rose syrup goodness!! i want 2 die lol

Cheesy scrambled eggs and prosciutto ham on toast...sooooo good omg T^T

I’d never been a fan of prosciutto ham after trying little bits of it in several instances over the past years, and this dish just reaffirmed my tastes lol. The texture and saltiness is just like...nah brah. I’ll stick to my cheap ass honey baked ham slices from NTUC thank u very much x

Even the light fixtures are gorgeous omg, goals much?? :’))

Goal in life is to try every single fucking thing on their glorious (and very cute!!) menu teehee <3

#5: The latest Hatched outing,

was on 10th January '16 huehuehue if the date looks familiar to you (no of course it doesn’t, coz you are you and you are not ME lol what??) it’s because it was the day of ME MILLIONTH DOLLAR MY FIRST KISS!!!!!!!1

lol did anyone ask? no hahaha but oi it’s limpeh’s blog right i want mention my fucking first kiss in every single post also can lol

(dont worry i wil not)

Ok so, I actually just admitted this to the kiss-planter (ew lol)(pls disregard the fact that i just said that) himself when I saw him we all good...but I basically jio-ed him out to go to Hatched (yay Hatched ❤) with me that Sunday afternoon under the pretense of having to get some food shots in the name of WORK...which was total bullshit 112% lmao

I was like...tryna be super chill about it…

I still remember when I crafted the text with so much care and precision…

I was dining at Jollibee with Kim, Chwin and Cheryl one evening after work………….


Me: i actually need to go to Hatched and get some food shots, i’ll be alone so u can just drop by if u want!

BULLLLLSHITTTTTTTT lol what a lying bitch

Was tryna be hella chill...but now there is absolutely NO chill left lmao not even a single bit :’))

And boy am I glad, hehehehehe

(the timestamp is wrong btw...we had brunch lol not fucking supper near 11pm, goddamn. have some decency!)

Introduced him to da wonderful world of rose latte...fecking good omg even if the date was a fail I would’ve gone home happy knowing that the rose latte was in me...and it felt SO good. mmmmm. *moans*


Aight so, at this point of time it’s clear as day how much of a freaking diehard Hatched fan I am, but yo.

The omelette I had on that day was just straight up BAD lmao

Super dry...very overcooked and way too hard...It was sad, man. Ugh.

Oh well, the day was a smashing* success anyway HAHA so who cares!

*no we didn’t smash i’m just using the word in its informal British adjective definition meaning excellent or wonderful lol don’t know why i had to clarify but i just had to...ok


I’ve officially written way too much about eggs...goodbye my eggy friends I must be gone!

/abrupt ending, yet again./

thank u for reading hehe y u so sweet!!

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