Friday, 5 February 2016

i am a goddamn fool.

stressed to the point of physical aching.

a blunt pain in your chest.
nauseousness induced by a surge of acid in your stomach.

it's gotten to the point where i am unable to escape falling prey to a breakdown every. single. week.

by thursday i barely get by.
friday i can hardly survive.

the only thing keeping my rapidly crumbling pieces together,
is the promise of weekend's sweet arrival.
where i can curl up in a ball, temporarily without a care in the world.
warmly cradled by the comfort of my bed.

once i kiss the glorious break goodbye,
Monday arrives and it's the start of a new cycle.

This Friday's status of development, you ask?

i was so...utterly. exhausted.
that at one point of time i just sat in my office chair and actually felt hot tears welling up in my tired eyes lol what the flying fuck??? ??. ?

dear internship/dream job, you know i love you so but damn. you, are killing me.

the end is so, so near.
and while i know i would come to miss you,
pain, exhaustion and all,
right now i just want to get out of this alive.

Two weeks.

drained. completely.

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