Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Japan & Hong Kong Trip That Never Came To Be.

In a series of tragedies that occurred swiftly in succession over a short period of two weeks, I ultimately lost the chance to travel abroad as part of my soon concluding internship. First to Tokyo, Japan, and afterwards to Hong Kong.

I feel like the distress would’ve been a lot lesser if it had just been a flat-out “no” from the start, but it became more of a rollercoaster ride that sent me up, then down, then round and round.

Literally running around town for the better part of a fortnight trying to convince my parents to grant me permission, heading to the Australian High Comm to apply for a new passport and plead that it gets processed in time for the trip, and even returning to good ol’ Singapore Polytechnic to — get this...find any lecturer I know who would be willing to play guarantor for my citizenship.

What a lol.

Throughout this whirlwind of highs and lows, the cliched theories of fate, destiny and “everything happens for a reason” seemed to be the only things that allowed me to hold onto my sanity.

How else would you be able to justify getting the reward of a lifetime for five months of hard work, only to have it pulled out from under you? And then reintroduced as a glimmer of hope...then gone again...then a new possibility that it may work out after all...but nope. Rinse and repeat. Til you’re so tired and just done that you’d rather concede defeat and let “fate” have its way.

If there’s one thing I got from all this that makes me say I wouldn’t want to trade this experience or have it turn out any other way — and genuinely mean it — it would be that I couldn’t be more touched and thankful of all the help I’ve gotten from the lovely people from the office throughout this whole debacle.

This sounds crazy, I know. But the mere fact that I was even considered for this reward, and offered such a phenomenal opportunity, means more to me than any actual trip.

Not to mention the immense amount of support and compassion shown by all my colleagues and superiors over this troubling time.

An all-expense paid for trip sounds amazing, to such exotic locations no less. But who knows? There’s no guarantee that I would've had a pleasant time. Who’s to say that it wouldn’t have ended in some sort of unforeseen tragedy?

Life is full of curveballs and surprises like that. Both pleasant, uncalled for, or everything else in between that no words would be able to adequately describe.

For instance, the time my parents brought me out for dinner during the weekend in a bid to try and cheer me up.

And the venue, Jurong Point mall, just so happened to include both Japan AND Hong Kong food street attractions.


O cruel fate, why do you mock me so?

The whole area was decked out in psychedelic, Jap-themed knick knacks. Even the ceiling, look and ye shall find:

gross tbh lol

Truth be told, I wasn't even that affected until I ventured into...


Actual aching in da heart!! I wanted to eat everything??? ? ?.

As fate would have it, I recently chanced upon this amazing cheese tart courtesy of the fabulous internet machine. It's supposedly legendary in its native Japan, and it sure ain't hard to see why!

Pure. SEX. holy cow, i need to get one o' them tarts in me like, ASAP.

ye...idc how excellent you are i ain't eatin no placenta for god;s sake

those yummy looking snack boxes u got on the left doe...damn ;))

is that a runny hard boiled egg i see?

sweet potatoes are everything, forreal. soft, fluffy and warm ones that are fresh off the grill? UNFFF.

remember when seohyun from snsd said on We Got Married that she once got so crazy with her goguma obsession that she ate 'em til her palms turned orange?

lol that's #goals tbh

So at this point of time, I thought that the Japan Food Street was about as wacky and wonderful as it could get. But boy, was I wrong.

We continued coursing through the (very large) mall in search of a decent eatery to get some dinner in, and soon enough...



I shit you not, my mum and dad legit took one gander at the rowdy sight before us, turned back and laughed at my face lol

which, might i just add, probably bore the expression of a woman who is just 3000% done with life and the way things play out.

Rubbing salt in the wounds much?

Sigh, and to think...this would've been the map of places I'd actually go to during my TSL trip to Hong Kong...

Thank goodness, my delicate soul and damaged sensibilities were sufficiently comforted when food came to the rescue. Really good food, in fact!

(am fully aware that the pics u are about to see are aTroCi0US but pls do not judge me mmmkay i was clearly too devastated and hence did not give two fucks)

drumstick rice bowl, nice nice

in da background we have an appetiser of layered cold tofu stuffed with some meat floss and drizzled over with a VERY salty sauce lmao ngl my hair almost began fallin right outta my scalp by the clump

cold tofu is always bomb tho, such appetising much YUMz

my dish!!

lemme tell u rn that when it was first served, my metaphorical tears dried right up coz it was just so amazing in many different ways.

  • i love dry wanton noodles?
  • the sauce smelled sweet and utterly delectable?
  • fucking SILVERFISH yummm???? mmm crispy!
  • yo. the bowl shape alone is PHENOMENAL. it's in the all-too auspicious shape of an "8" and i get to have a lil soupy bowl of wanton?? UMM thank you????? ? ?? ?
  • dem wantons. were filled with. not just meat, not just prawns. but MEAT, PRAWNS, FUNGUS STRIPS (i know it sounds super ew but trust me it's delicious haha) AND MORE!!!!!!!!!1 fookin yummy omg i die

i also added big ol' dollops of CHILLI sos (that's Malay for "sauce", i m not calling for emergency assistance lmao) so that just elevated the experience for my tastebuds TENFOLD.

only downside was the fact that they gave me a pathetic piece of LETTUCE instead of some delicious bok choy or kai lan. like come on guys get yer head out of yo ASSES.

but other than that, A+! :D

idk why my sis would go to a hk restaurant to get fish and chips lol but ok

fries were really nice! but cmon now, it's french fries. how u gon fuck something as simple and delightful as that up?

me: o how nice they gave u tomatoes in slice AND cube form!
*upon closer inspection*
me: wait nope, those are watermelon cubes.

nothing like having a little dessert right on your plate, nevermind that the fruit touches greasy pools of mayonnaise :')

pros & cons of these spicy garlic fried chicken bites:

very garlicky
nice spicy kick that'll make u reach for that delicious hk nai cha (milk tea) to douse ur mouth flames with
served in a cute basket
it's fried chicken.
no bones, yay!
bite-sized for maximum nonstop-popping-in-your-mouth pleasure

fatty af

seriously, there was nary a mouthful of tasty lean meat. it's all just fats and grease, mostly. sigh.

looks pretty promising but these noodles were bad, just BAD.

totally no flavour, way too hard and very very dry.

and yez dey was maggi noodles. like, i could probz cook dem me self and most days ion even kno how to turn on da stovez.

Duck slices were heavenly tho, but once again it's because it's duck and duck is by default fan-freaking-tastic :))

Good ass meal (for the most part)(i am going to choose to ignore the flop dishes completely and act like they never existed)(coping mechanism for life, y'all) and it's safe to say I was feelin rather jolly by the end of it. Well done, Central Hong Kong Cafe! Shall visit you again hehe.

Tip: please drink the stocking milk tea, idk if there's even anything about it that has to do with "stockings" but idec, milk tea is just sooooo gosh darn delicious omg one day i just know i will overdose on it and by then i'd be happy knowing that it was all worth it. probably.

Other things I chanced upon at Jurong Point (Popular Bookstore to be specific) that helped put a smile back on my face hehe:

Gudetama is love. Gudetama is life.

Such big much w0w

Kiu moh (curly hair) max. Kinda gross actually lol JOYCE ARE U SEEING THIS????!

still can't get over dat glorious SHREK AESTHETIC

hahahahhahaha THIS IS MY SWAMP.

idk how this post came to such an ending but here:

wonderful lol

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