Monday, 15 February 2016

Second-To-Last Week Shenanigans

Can’t believe I just got done with my second last week of being a #TSLintern. Only lasting three days due to the Lunar New Year festivities but still. By the time you’re reading this (backdated coz i always take a willy while to write omg sorry) post, I’m probably well into my final (!!) week at the office.

Time is fleetinggg, the past 6 months seem to have gone by in a flash. Seriously?? That’s HALF A YEAR YO. oh my word!

The vibes are so different now. As a senior intern (a title i gave to myself lol), I look at all the young (read: foetus) and fresh-faced new interns brimming with so much vigour and I just think...that used to be me :’))

And now I just want to nap all the time lol

Jks. Other than possessing energy levels that are on par with that of an elderly, I can say with much conviction that I’ve learned a whole lot throughout my stint here at what I still believe to be The Best place to work. (yes i’m extremely biased, i know)

// throwback to 5th June '15, the glorious day where i first got the job. oh, such splendid memories! //

More than just writing, more than just creating content people wanna read and actually wind up loving so much that they’ll actively share it with everyone they know, more than having that first taste of what it’s like in the working world.

I have been thoroughly blessed in being granted this job that’s just BURSTING with the most positive of people, a working and learning culture so fun and pleasant yet ever rewarding, I honestly couldn’t ask for more.

Except that part where I get fully exhausted by the end of each week and throw myself into a pit of despair and self-destruction, sometimes documented on this very blog lol which I understand can be rather confusing to a dear reader like yourself who might be wondering if I truly enjoy this job or not lol. (spoiler alert: i do. hehe!)

I still can’t believe I was even accepted for this position...much less the crazy things I’ve been able to experience and new heights I never even dreamed of achieving, but did. Holy shit, I’ll forever be grateful haha

Will I ever stop being so cheesy and sentimental over the littlest things? Probs not hehe. But goddamn, I love you TSL <3

The people, the experiences.
The vibes.
Just the life of a #TSLintern :))

It’s nothing that anyone will ever be capable of imagining til you’ve lived and breathed it yourself. ❤


So as I mentioned in my prev post, we moved to a swanky new office! Tragically the pantry is not yet decked out with snacks (aka my breakfast, usually lol) but itz k00l coz Neon very kindly brought us all snacks from Tokyo, woohoo~!!

Three simultaneous flatlays then promptly ensued:

Dat IG life tho…lol

First lunch ever at the new office…was McDonald’s. For which we had to queue like a whole 50 minutes for omg that was no fun!!

Their new Golden Treasure Chicken was actually pretty bomb tho. Not a big fan of chicken burgers but theirs was a whole chunk of delicious thigh meat. The real kicker was in the fact that they had not only golden slivers of caramelised onions in the mix but sautéed MUSHROOMS as well. Like, yo. That was a lovely surprise!

Try and get your hands on it if you still can. I mean, if this limited edition item is still on their menu…not because you somehow no longer have hands lol

ok sorry

Couldn't stop munching on the Nihon snacks throughout the day, they are just so KAWAII and yum yumz omg T^T

how cute is this Tokyo Strawberry cake!! the fact that they even bother to print on dem adorable lil polka dots UGH. bless da Japanese <3

as someone who firmly hates strawberry flavoured foods, i was quite pleased with this spongy handful of sugar and daydreams. and that milk + strawberry cream filling? GLORIOUS.

pardon the shit-tastic photo but holy xiangjiao, Tokyo Banana cakes ARE amazing!

seriously...such soft, much fluff. and the freaking banana cream filling just bl0ws ma freakin mind, ja feel??

veh nice hehe

Met up wit ma jolliBAE Kim for some Astons dinz on Thursday and it was just a swell time hehe :’))

hooooo yess get in me, u glorious carbs and sauce laden hunk of charred CHIKIN

her boyf Benedict aka Benndingo was there too lol (i hope i never get called out for giving him this secret nickname HAHA)(i shall try addressing him this way the next time we meet lol)(I’m sure he will be mighty pleased)(a Mandingo status is sought after by many a guy! he should be proud!)(wait what was i talking abt again)

ice cremmmmmm

if you’re wondering why we went to Churros 101 but didn’t get any churros, lemme give u the lowdown right quick.

did u know: a cup of soft serve like the ones you see above cost $2.80 each

If you wanna get a stick of churro to go with it, it suddenly costs fucking $5.90


Three whole dollars and an extra TEN CENTS for a lone churro?? C’mon, bruh. C’mon.

Forgot to mention that lunch on the 2nd day at da new office was a bag of fried economical kway teow that was just...ugh. I don’t wanna talk about it, please. Just thinking back to those greasy, clumped up pieces of disappointment upsets me greatly. Such difficult times…*cri*

Anyway, we ordered takeout delivery (thank u Food Panda...blessss) on Friday and even though it was the most expensive lunch I’ve had EVER since starting my internship ($9.90 + GST + delivery fee lol fuck me up fam) I was pleased as punch!!

me lol

(ya i actually took the time to photoshop that lol dont judge me can?)

Nice nice!! i lubb me some glass noodles :))))
The duck was a tad on the salty side but very very deliciousõ~~!

Ever amazed by how dem noodlies are made out of sWEeT POTAYTOOOOO omg. yay, science!

aight that’s about all.

i’m so done with writing proper conclusions, it’s probably up there in the Top 5 Most Dreaded Things I Have To Do for work. so u just gon have to deal with this abrupt ending.

~i be out like a rocketship~ lol HAHA

ok sorry, to get that reference you first have to watch what i reckon is hands down The FUNNIEST episode of Your Grammar Sucks, in which there is an entry that made me laugh so hard my spleen almost ruptured. and then i proceeded to re-watch that clip about 29 HUNDRED times in the two years since the video has been out.

jack and his bigass forehead disabled embedding, so imma have to trouble u to kindly click here (not a rickroll, i swear on me mum lol) for da vid

hilarity begins at the 2:50 mark. & pls for the sake of all things holy, make sure you’re not drinking anything lol coz i swear u gon be laughing so ferociously the liquids are just gonna go right up to ur nostrils and come whooshing out from your eye sockets or something

idk, science maybe. probably not lol HAHA


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