Saturday, 26 March 2016

Coming Home.

accidentally typed "coming hoe" at first lol HAHA

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(photos gonna be slotted in periodically throughout this post so as to hold onto the tiny attention spans of all y'all visually-inclined creatures heh)

On my first day back at the office, Joyce randomly turned to me and asked, "Are you glad to be back at work?"

Seeing as she's my deputy editor, I shook my head gently coz I wanted to be polite but I didn't want to lie, either. But in my head I was just thinking: Hell to the fuck NO??!

My love for airports is immeasurable <3

Who in their right mind would be happy about returning from cheap gr8 food and shopping paradise? From jetting away in cushy airplanes and living the suite life in fancy hotels with nary a care in the world, back to getting stuck behind a desk and constantly counting down the seconds to my lunch break and thereafter, knock-off time.

I didn't even want to THINK about anything vaguely work-related throughout my 6-day trip. New email sent to my work address? Goodbye, Gmail notification. There's no way I am opening that up.

And every time someone from the office Whatsapped me I just wanted to put my phone into my mouth and swallow it so my stomach acid could break it down and I wouldn't have to tend to whatever issues and responsibilities were waiting for me back at my job.

Not literally tho, lol. But still.

Dined at a cafe called Blue Cup Coffee coz we had a good 2+ hours to kill from checking out of the hotel to boarding time. It was so, so good! Spicy Thai glass noodles salad, chicken wings (it was broken down into single bones so it was super easy to eat) that were on some next level flavour and crispiness, and a glorious plate of fungi hehe. Simple yet delicious fare!

But surprise, surprise. It's been two days since I've resumed my role in the editorial team (bless the long weekend) and I really enjoying myself?

Shit, I dare go as far as to say I really am glad to be back!

True enough, all I needed was a little refresher and to take a step back away from it all.

Stepping back into the office almost as good as new, I'm suddenly reminded of all the great things about working at TSL.

(very bland and watered down) Curry chicken. Thank goodness I'd already fuelled up adequately from the pre-flight lunch. This was honestly one of the most disappointing meals I've had on an airplane and I couldn't go with the other option coz it was snapper and I'm allergic to fish :(( Over the years I've gotten quite bored of plain white rice tbh. It's just so tasteless and...boring. I apologise for dishonouring all my Chinese ancestors lmao DON'T KILL ME!! Coffee panna cotta was delicious, though. This is gonna sound really creepy and weird but I always enjoy eating foods that are extraordinarily jiggly lol

The people, the day-to-day tasks, the little bursts of fun in between hustling it out, the PEOPLE (repeated for emphasis coz they really are amazing), and even the manageable doses of stress which effectively make me feel alive lol.

I now remember why I came to love and be so grateful for this job in the first place.

Not forgetting to mention that feeling of calm after a storm after battling it out and having a final draft to publish onto the site? Seeing my hard work go live and become read, enjoyed and shared by hundreds and sometimes even tens of thousands of people around the world. Man, that's really something.

Goodbye, Bangkok! Til next time x

And of course, having structure back in my life is lovely.

Don't know how I could have continued going out shopping at the night markets til 2 AM, returning to sleep at the hotel, waking up four hours for the continental breakfast (if you think i'm gonna pass up on a free buffet, u r out of yo goddamn mind!!) and diving back into bed for a lil nap into the afternoon before the day officially starts and I venture out to a new destination for more shopping and eating.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Take me away, to better days. A sweet escape, take me away.

I'm in The Land Of Smiles!! :D

Can't believe I get to chalk Thailand up as one of the countries I've been in this lifetime. And remember the shitstorm I had to weather in order to create my current passport? Well, the very first stamp that gets to be chopped in its spanking new, shiny pages is none other than Thailand's. Making it all the more special.

Sawasdee-ka! ^_^


I...LOVE airline food omg. Live and breathe for the sight of a well-organised meal tray, from the gorgeous main course to the cute little side dishes. Makes me recline the cushy airplane seat and tuck my feet cozily under my bum a very happy woman indeed.

Dry tom yum prawn w/ salted egg.

Soy sauce chicken fried rice.


I can't even begin to tell you how gr8ful I am for this trip...It is and will be exactly what my weary soul needs and will likely keep the work stress-induced meltdowns at bay.

I feel so charged up now and, as glorious as it is to be basking in the holiday mood and - come on now, who wouldn't want to trade their office clothes for some sunnies and an open itinerary to spend the day exploring a new land?

But reality always comes a-knockin'. And because my reunion with the ol' office desktop as well as a slew of new articles to slog over will arrive inevitably, I'm actually a lil bit stoked to resume the daily grind.

Just a teensy weensy bit lol...

Til the next blissful getaway, I guess!

Although you don't necessarily have to travel abroad to find joy and excitement, tbh.
Happiness is what you make it, and it can be reaped from all around you no matter what your circumstances.
Life is gr8 lol <3
ok im done
ciao now! have a lovely blessed day teehee

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Had a scrum-diddly-umptious dinner wit ma main boo Alex last weekend, damn it was some good timezzzz ja feel?

Look at dis hensem boii <3

And his hensem dish: (hen lol coz it's a chicken geddit? ha ha)

Half Oven Roasted Chicken. Served with buttery savoy cabbage and natural jus.

First of all, mad props to whoever has the ability to make cabbage taste good coz dat shit is disgustING.

Unlike the choice hens served in Poulet which always slide right off the bone like an absolute dream, the meat on this half chicken seemed like quite a chore to cut up. Poor Alex was legit battling with the bones for most of our meal, and it looked pretty dry too :\

Chicken Roulade. Served with foie gras infused chicken farce, basmati rice and parmesan sauce.

Okay so...I realise the fact that I tend to exaggerate a LOT whenever I'm raving about food on this blog. I love my food, and good food genuinely gets me pumped as hell lol ngl. But ever since I joined The Smart Local, I've been trained to be way more critical about my food comments instead of simply labelling everything I eat gr8 perfect and amazing.

This dish, however, hoo boy. It was FAN. FREAKING. TASTIC.

Like, honestly the entire time I was savouring it morsel by morsel (coz let's face it, it wasn't the most abundant serving of all lol but i guess that's (semi-)fine dining for you!), I was just thinking about how HARD it was blowing my mind, and rocking the world of each individual tastebud residing in my mouth.

Holy buffalo bill.

It don't look like much, but the chicken was FAB. Seared real nicely so that the crispy skin had a smokey and aromatic crackle. Although the meat wasn't the most succulent, I hardly gave an eff coz it just tasted so bombastically good.

A lil on the salty side, I must say. Which is why the rich and decadently creamy rice mellowed out the flavours to a tee.

I could wax lyrical all day about how flawless this dish is, but really I'd just head down there and have another.

$11.90 + GST for such a minuscule plate really pains my heart, but the entire experience of wolfing it down is nothing short of phenomenal. Ugh, get in me already!!

So the last time we'd dined here, the space was still known as Concetto. It was almost one whole year ago, 3rd April '15 to be exact!

I just realised I never got around to blogging about that trip lol, so here it is:

Made the mistake of ordering some overpriced mocktail (think it was a Shirley Temple? rather pretty but who cares lol) that was essentially 4x the recommended sugar intake for an average human.

At least I had Alex's luscious lips to stare at as consolation @_@

Duck Panzerotti. Half-moon shaped pasta filled with Saveur duck leg and ricotta cheese; served with braised savoy cabbage, sweet potato crisp and foie gras infused duck consomme.

I love duck. Quack quack, motherfucka lol

(sorry bout da language if you're a young one xo)

Ordered this coz I was really craving some stuffed pasta. Just kidding, it was almost a year ago lol how tf would I remember what I was craving? But let's just go ahead and assume that, coz the fact is I am never not craving stuffed pasta. And that, my friend, is a tragic fact.

This was also the first time in my life to ever taste foie gras and, correct me if I'm wrong pretty much tasted like nothing??

lol I suppose my palate is just too uncultured. ahh well, time to stick to my Nissin cup noodles and microwaveable pizza pockets! :D  #fate

Crab Risotto. Arborio rice cooked in shellfish broth and crab meat; served with crab meat tartare, brussel sprouts and crispy rice cracker.

Sounds fancy as balls, innit? You know shit is goin down when they serve the fresh crab meat (albeit an amount so tiny u practically need a microscope to spot it) on a separate spoon...made of W00D!! /gasp

Ok back to present day.

After a most enjoyable dinner at Saveur, we goofed around for a bit before getting dessert at this place called Hoshino Coffee.

It's an adorable little Japanese cafe which serves some pretty bomb stuff, in my opinion. Really overpriced as well so it makes my heart bleed bucketloads, but best believe I'ma come here every time I'm feelin like a balla hehe

which is precisely once every eighteen years


y am i a Broke Bitch™

Truth be told...this $10.80+++ souffle was NOT worth it.

I get that souffle is an incredibly difficult dish to execute, but damn. This was nowhere near satisfactory.

The only saving grace was the tiny teacup (hehe so kewt) of vanilla soft serve, which shouldn't be the case at all lol U R NOT THE STAR HERE!!1

Custard was oddly sour...and the cute bol of heavy whipping cream was, alas...way too heavy lol

It wasn't fun timez at all, man. Sad.

Thank goodness the company was so marvellous that it made up for the disappointment of it all :))

In fact, Alex was serving up so much piping hot tea that I could've been chewing on a bullfrog and it still would've tasted delish. Jks, das gross lol

But da gossip was delicious. ;)

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Swaggy a$$ fun timez, y'all.

Can't believe it's been eight freaking years. YOU A REAL JEM, ALEX.

A real JURONG, freaking, EAST. MALL.

lol waht

Monday, 14 March 2016

dem Ice Cream Rolls got me fucked up, fam

After several years of pining, the chance to try ice cream rolls was finally bestowed upon me.

I initially thought there would be a fixed list of flavours to choose from, with some syrups and toppings to go with it at most. But nope, you get to create your own flavour by combining 2 main ingredients.

The mixers include oreo, milo, peanut butter, nutella, banana, strawberry, lychee (!!), and even Thai milk tea.

Kinda regret not going for the Thai milk tea coz that would've been bomb af...but oh well. Hashtag no ragrets.

I chose fruity pebbles and lotus caramel biscuits, which in my honest opinion are two of the yummiest sweet treats on this planet. Also, they be crunchy as hell so that means a party in my mouth! :D

You also get to choose one sauce topping (chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, or maple syrup) and one crunch (mini marshmallows, cornflakes, or rainbow sprinkles.

I went with the maple syrup, coz duh. Maple syrup is the nectar of the gods (bless the Canadians) and makes EVERYTHING taste incredible. Including Gandhi's crispy flip flop, probably.

That's a Gordon Ramsay joke btw, no offense. plz dont kill me

There, I've had this gif saved in my Google Drive (like a fucking nerd lol) coz I stumbled upon it one day at the office (in case any of my bosses are reading was becoz i was doing work ok...research purposes...totally)(hello Joyce) and I've been trying to share the absolute hilarity with you guys but have never gotten the chance.

Well, here u go my friends. I can now die in peace.

Back on topic: I got da mini marshmallows to top it all off with. Kinda wanted the rainbow sprinkles but I thought, ehh. The fruity pebbles are already rainbow. Is there such a thing as too much rainbow? Sometimes we need some black and white in our lives to remind us to appreciate the colour.

As you can tell, my life is full of internal struggle with each everyday decision that I make.


Essentially, the guy just poured some white vanilla liquid onto the cold plate/stove thingamabob together with my chosen mixers and magic ensued. Like, freshly made ice cream was whipped up right before me??? It was grand.

And the lil rolls are so kewt :'))

All in all, the ice cream tasted of decent quality. It was super creamy and not at all frosty, so that's an instant +50 points coz shitty ass frosty ice cream filled with chunks of ice can go fuck itself.

Taste wise, I couldn't stop silently praising myself for being a brilliant bastard with each bite I took, coz simply put, the flavour combination was just flawless and amazing.

Sweet and sugary from the rainbow pebbles, with aromatic vanilla swirling through and blending so perfectly with the rich maple syrup. And that hint of caramel goodness permeating the final layers of flavour dancing on your palate, courtesy of the lotus biscuit.

As Gordon would say, wow wow wow wow wow. Jolly good. Fuck me up with these glorious rolls of frozen cream and get my tastebuds 8 months pregnant, won't you?

Jks about the last part. But ya, it was some good shit y'all.

I can't believe a fully customised flavour featuring two of your favourite textures and tastes is brought to life literally from scratch...upon order, right in front of your eyes, all in shortly over 2 minutes.

Life is amazing. Ayo technology.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

I miss staring out the window from the backseat of the car, riding down the streets of Perth in the middle of the night.

Like a rabbit in headlights,
they're stunned by all your charm.

And I feel so damn lucky,
to have you on my arm.

And I can't help but wonder...
just how we ended up alright.

And I love you like no other,
'cause this has never felt so right.

Yeah, wrap me up and keep me warm on a cold night.
Warm on a cold, cold night.

Oh yeah, you can keep me warm on a cold night.

on a cold,
cold night.

❤ x

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Feel all the Feels

Been a willy while since I'd last rambled on about music I like - from rap to kpop - with way too much passion than necessary, so I thought I'd share some songs which have been giving me huge doses of da good ol' feely feels. & the lyrics I love the most from each!

Of this past week:

Afire Love, by Ed Sheeran

darlin’, hold me in your arms
the way you did last night
and we’ll lie, inside for
a little while here, oh

i could look into your eyes
until the sun comes up
and we’re wrapped in light,
and life,
and love

put your open lips on mine,
and slowly let them shut
for they’re, designed
to be together, oh

with your body next to mine,
our hearts will beat as one
and we’re set alight,
we’re afire love.

I've been faithfully listening to this song ever since it first came out in my second year of polytechnic. I was just a youngin back then, wasting hours on end playing Criminal Case on Facebook and even worse, developing a serious crush on freaking Detective Jones lmao BUT that's all in the past now so we good :'))

Something about the tune, the melody, plus Ed Sheeran's genius and unbelievably soulful lyrics just come together and create an all-out phenomenal song. I honestly can't get over it.

Rarely has there ever been a song that I can revisit consistently throughout the months across TWO years and still not get sick of, not even in the slightest bit.

There are tonnes of saccharine love songs out there that make you blush and think about your highschool crush. But it's songs like this that really explore the greater depths of what love really is, and I don't know about you but it kinda stirs something within me and gets me hella excited for the intense kind of love which is yet to come.

Forever With You, by Big Bang's GD&TOP feat. Bom

Apologies for the aesthetically icky vid lol but you must watch!! Lyric translations will get da feels flowin' real good, just trust me lol

alternatively, you may click here and follow along with the english translation column!

언제나 내 곁에 있어줘요, ma love
내 손을 놓지 말아요
Always stay by my side, ma love
Don’t let go of my hand

떠나가지마, 사랑을 속이지마
평생 믿고 의지하며 살아갈 수 있잖아
Don’t leave, don’t disappoint this love
If you trust for your whole lifetime, it can live on

그대와 내가 헤어진대도
내 마음은 변하지 않아
Even if you broke up with me,
my heart will never change

당신과 함께라면 어디든 갈게
I’ll love forever, with you.
If it’s with you, I will go anywhere
I’ll love forever, with you

Can't believe I'd only stumbled upon this absolutely FIRE r&b track just a few days ago.

So many incredible things about it that I can't even begin to express how happy I have been blasting it through my ear canals quite literally non-stop since I first discovered it.

G-Dragon and TOP's original style of emotional rapping and straight-up flowing, definitely missed. Their other, more recent works just do not compare. It's this Haru Haru style that really distinguishes why they're the OG pairing of K-hiphop, ja feel?

Park Bom's vocals, need I really say more? It's like butter + sex. Not sure how that works but you get what I mean. Probably.

Smooth af. That hook is KILLER. I could listen to it til the day I die and I'd still be swaying my head delicately along and bopping my ass ever so slightly to the infectious beat in the background.

There is just SO much feeling in this song, it's too much for me to handle. And the way it's delivered without any hardcore spitting from GD&TOP's part as well as very laidback and mellow crooning from Bom? That's what makes it all the more powerful. Shivers down my spine, honestly.

Aquarius, by Tinashe

Click here to play on Spotify Web

(don’t search it on Youtube, the audio clips are pitched to avoid copyright infringement and the official music video would just be distracting HAHA just sayin...Tinashe is hot af lol)

simmer down, know you’re angry
i can make, make it okay

i can tell, i’ma be your baby
feel your stress, melting away

these hoes you know won’t hold you down

getting so hard to see the lights, lights, lights

low, low, low
grind, grind, grind
slow, slow

mind, mind,
mind numb,
numb, numb
i’ll, i'll,

i've come,

Truth be told, the lyrics aren't as diverse in this one but it's nonetheless poetic and VERY strong, as I'm sure you'll have to admit. You just gotta plug into the track with a pair of legit earpieces and let your conscious mind go on a trip. Seriously. The feeling that I get when I allow myself to fully immerse into this song is akin to floating in a warm bathtub with cotton candy scented bubbles and nothing but tealight candles illuminating the room.

Allow yourself to go on that journey too.

The most ridiculously soothing track my ears have been blessed with in a while, now. Yet the beat goes so hard. Close to damn perfection, I dare say.


aight i’m done

y’all cottonheaded ninny muggins betta go check out ALL of these songs, ya hear? if not i’ll POUND you.

and not even in the fun, sexy kinda way lol ok BYE

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Food, then i get emotional about Love lol idk

Had a late night dinz at Changi Airport's 24-hour O' Coffee Club. Goddamn it, I love 24-hour establishments. Especially when they serve such good foooood <3

Yo, this shit right here. I can’t believe they would even do that to me, man. COFFEE syrup, really??! Ffs.

I love syrup, SO much. I wouldn’t mind drowning in it simply because it’d mean that my last few waking moments on this earth would be spent directly receiving floods of yummy syrup into my gullet. Actually, I take it back. Seems like it would entail more pain and suffering than actual enjoyment lmao. But still. SYRUP ROX <3

Scrambled eggs were surprisingly on point, despite its rather unassuming looks.

Ok so the bacon looks a lil bit sad and undercooked, and indeed it was. After I finished snapping the photos, my mum requested for them to be returned to the kitchen and thrown on the grill for just a while longer.

The result was like, homaigod. So crispy and BURSTING with smokey aromas that your hair would start falling straight out of their follicles, by the clump. And only partially from the saltiness heh. Forreal doe. As my homegurl Dora The Explorer would say, it was yumyumyumyumyumDELICIOUSO~~!

This is the legendary shoyu glaze salmon as raved about in this oft-referenced first kiss celebratory post lmao. Would’ve liked it to be seared just a tad crispier and not as soaked, but the fluffy whipped potatoes were A+ as usual! So creamy, mmmm~! lol

Sorry this photo is just straight-up ghastly...sorry j-just...sorry

But I found the filter-it-yourself coffee quite k00l and sweg lol. Filtration fun times back in Chem practical lessons! Good times, omg. One topic that was oddly no included in the syllabus, but the name of which was prominently displayed on the cover of my textbook so that I’d practically have to stare at each day...was titration lol. Isn’t that just a great word? Tit-ration. Even though it’s pronounced tie-tration, I know but still. It’s like the rationing of tits hahaha. ok moving on

This wild mushroom soup was on some next level shit, too. You could taste and FEEL the flurry of actual blended mushroom bits with each creamy spoonful. And check out the little crispy sponge pieces of dipping bread? SO good omg


I've been using my phone to snap random, impromptu moments where I see either my parents just chillin in each other's presence and having a good ol' time.

There's something so simple yet great about visually documenting that split second in time, and having that moment to cherish forever. At any point afterward, when I scroll through my phone gallery (which, incidentally, is otherwise filled with either dumb memes or shitty food pics lol), I'll be reminded of these sweet occurrences and a smile will flash through my face once more.

They're nowhere near the perfect couple. In fact, their marriage has always been filled with stormy seas as much as clear skies.

Since I was a little kid, there have been fights of the most extreme degree. But one thing I never knew as a child was divorce, and for that I'll always be grateful.

Not that I'm shitting on anyone nor their parents for divorcing, make no mistake. It's just a fact of life that sometimes two people can no longer be together, based on an array of circumstances. I understand that wholeheartedly, although not personally, and I completely mean no harm or foul.

But I am thankful for my case because throughout the worst of it all, my parents have stuck it through and anyone with eyes or a beating heart would be able to tell that the feelings they have for each other just get stronger over time. That, in itself gives me hope that there is actually a thing in this world called real Love.

Plus, I find it all the more valuable that these photos are always candid and taken with no prior warning? Much unlike the heavily staged couple shots you see so much on social media nowadays. Where the people in question probably took umpteen attempts to get the "perfect" one, before slapping on a filter and posting with a caption that they spent way too much time on. Just so people can comment and rave about how they're "#relationshipgoals".

Met almost 30 years ago, started dating three years later, and about to celebrate their 24th anniversary of blissful marriage this year.

U can take your #relationshipgoals and suck on dat.

things took a way too serious turn yo...
i thought i was still screaming about bacon and tit rations like two seconds ago lol wtf

Friday, 4 March 2016

Me talking about my phone wallpapers. literally lol that's it

In the continuation of me rambling incessantly about my borderline unhealthy love for all things Gudetama-related, here is the latest state of my phone screen:

While trawling the interwebz for the perfect Gude-wallpaper, I stumbled upon these awesome resources which I would like to share with a possible fellow Gude-lover like yourself, perhaps? 嘻嘻 :3

几 cute 一下 worhh~~

minimalist but still adorable af hehe

So much love huehuehue

The lock screen used to be of a quote saying "How To Be Happy" atop a nice tiled background of bananas. I like bananas.

I'm talking about actual bananas, btw. Because they release serotonin into your body when you eat it, thus making them a literal Happy Fruit.

It is not a metaphor for dicks.

Even tho, it is true. I do like dicks.  :)

Oh look I found it!


I then changed it to this gorgeous picture of a colourful pastel building, supposedly in Hong Kong:

I stumbled upon this photo on Tumblr and, as fate would have it, it was around the period of my tragiqué inability to travel abroad to Japan and Hong Kong. How nice.

As for my home screen, this had been my wallpaper for as long as I can remember:

probably more than a year now since I first started using this phone in early 2015.

I had an extreme phase of pastel colour gradients, still do actually! But now I've gravitated more towards the galaxy style of graphics, with twinkling textures of stars and iridescent swirls.

Good lord, I've been binge-watching so many Jordan Schlansky videos I feel like my thought processes are starting to mimic the things that he'd say...what in the blue hell

Ok so yeah, back on track.

As cheesy as it is (and yes i often get called out by people who happen to take a gander at my phone screen and spot the gigantic #BLESSED plastered across the centre), I believe that it’s always good to be reminded of always practicing gratitude for all the blessedness I have been bestowed with in life.

What better place to stick this reminder than on the display of a screen I probably spend the bulk of my waking days compulsively checking, right? As sad as it is.

/ But hey, I do try to go like 12 or more hours without even touching my phone (that, or i switch it to airplane mode if i’m only using it as a music player/camera) on the weekends if I’m not heading out. You’d be surprised how goddamn liberating it feels to not be shackled to such a draining ass device! / #thingsthatnobodyasked

For my new home screen wallpaper, I did a lil bit of editing on this pic I found courtesy of Google Images:

Alas, my fail of a phone somehow screws up the resolution each time I try to set it as my home screen wallpaper, resulting in this absolute travesty:

Really? Really now???

Let us focus on what's important here, i.e my supreme photoshopping efforts lmao (aka using the text tool):

Nice right??? SAY YES :D :D

ok it's low-res af, i can't even lol

The font I went with is none other than Big Noodle Titling, of course.

Oh, you thought I was joking?

Download now to enhance your life.

Best font ever, tbh.

To have both "big noodle" and "TITling" in a single name...that's the dream :'))

Aight, I can't believe you just read through all that bullshit about my new phone screens. This is pretty much as exciting as my life gets, though. Forreal. Lolz what a tradegy. (ya i know it's supposed to be tragedy oh my GERD let me attempt some irony-based wit once in a while, will ya?)(and now am talkin to me self coz i hv no friends lmao #nice)

As a treat, please prepare your eyeballs for the incoming imagery...

Jks, nothing will ever prepare you for what's to come. NOTHING.

Helloooooooo. .,

Is this real life..Or is this just, fantasy...?'

LOL ok bye