Saturday, 26 March 2016

Coming Home.

accidentally typed "coming hoe" at first lol HAHA

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(photos gonna be slotted in periodically throughout this post so as to hold onto the tiny attention spans of all y'all visually-inclined creatures heh)

On my first day back at the office, Joyce randomly turned to me and asked, "Are you glad to be back at work?"

Seeing as she's my deputy editor, I shook my head gently coz I wanted to be polite but I didn't want to lie, either. But in my head I was just thinking: Hell to the fuck NO??!

My love for airports is immeasurable <3

Who in their right mind would be happy about returning from cheap gr8 food and shopping paradise? From jetting away in cushy airplanes and living the suite life in fancy hotels with nary a care in the world, back to getting stuck behind a desk and constantly counting down the seconds to my lunch break and thereafter, knock-off time.

I didn't even want to THINK about anything vaguely work-related throughout my 6-day trip. New email sent to my work address? Goodbye, Gmail notification. There's no way I am opening that up.

And every time someone from the office Whatsapped me I just wanted to put my phone into my mouth and swallow it so my stomach acid could break it down and I wouldn't have to tend to whatever issues and responsibilities were waiting for me back at my job.

Not literally tho, lol. But still.

Dined at a cafe called Blue Cup Coffee coz we had a good 2+ hours to kill from checking out of the hotel to boarding time. It was so, so good! Spicy Thai glass noodles salad, chicken wings (it was broken down into single bones so it was super easy to eat) that were on some next level flavour and crispiness, and a glorious plate of fungi hehe. Simple yet delicious fare!

But surprise, surprise. It's been two days since I've resumed my role in the editorial team (bless the long weekend) and I really enjoying myself?

Shit, I dare go as far as to say I really am glad to be back!

True enough, all I needed was a little refresher and to take a step back away from it all.

Stepping back into the office almost as good as new, I'm suddenly reminded of all the great things about working at TSL.

(very bland and watered down) Curry chicken. Thank goodness I'd already fuelled up adequately from the pre-flight lunch. This was honestly one of the most disappointing meals I've had on an airplane and I couldn't go with the other option coz it was snapper and I'm allergic to fish :(( Over the years I've gotten quite bored of plain white rice tbh. It's just so tasteless and...boring. I apologise for dishonouring all my Chinese ancestors lmao DON'T KILL ME!! Coffee panna cotta was delicious, though. This is gonna sound really creepy and weird but I always enjoy eating foods that are extraordinarily jiggly lol

The people, the day-to-day tasks, the little bursts of fun in between hustling it out, the PEOPLE (repeated for emphasis coz they really are amazing), and even the manageable doses of stress which effectively make me feel alive lol.

I now remember why I came to love and be so grateful for this job in the first place.

Not forgetting to mention that feeling of calm after a storm after battling it out and having a final draft to publish onto the site? Seeing my hard work go live and become read, enjoyed and shared by hundreds and sometimes even tens of thousands of people around the world. Man, that's really something.

Goodbye, Bangkok! Til next time x

And of course, having structure back in my life is lovely.

Don't know how I could have continued going out shopping at the night markets til 2 AM, returning to sleep at the hotel, waking up four hours for the continental breakfast (if you think i'm gonna pass up on a free buffet, u r out of yo goddamn mind!!) and diving back into bed for a lil nap into the afternoon before the day officially starts and I venture out to a new destination for more shopping and eating.

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  1. Welcome back to Singapore Renae. I laughed when you mentioned you love food that jiggles. I like jiggly food too like jellies and flan.