Thursday, 10 March 2016

Feel all the Feels

Been a willy while since I'd last rambled on about music I like - from rap to kpop - with way too much passion than necessary, so I thought I'd share some songs which have been giving me huge doses of da good ol' feely feels. & the lyrics I love the most from each!

Of this past week:

Afire Love, by Ed Sheeran

darlin’, hold me in your arms
the way you did last night
and we’ll lie, inside for
a little while here, oh

i could look into your eyes
until the sun comes up
and we’re wrapped in light,
and life,
and love

put your open lips on mine,
and slowly let them shut
for they’re, designed
to be together, oh

with your body next to mine,
our hearts will beat as one
and we’re set alight,
we’re afire love.

I've been faithfully listening to this song ever since it first came out in my second year of polytechnic. I was just a youngin back then, wasting hours on end playing Criminal Case on Facebook and even worse, developing a serious crush on freaking Detective Jones lmao BUT that's all in the past now so we good :'))

Something about the tune, the melody, plus Ed Sheeran's genius and unbelievably soulful lyrics just come together and create an all-out phenomenal song. I honestly can't get over it.

Rarely has there ever been a song that I can revisit consistently throughout the months across TWO years and still not get sick of, not even in the slightest bit.

There are tonnes of saccharine love songs out there that make you blush and think about your highschool crush. But it's songs like this that really explore the greater depths of what love really is, and I don't know about you but it kinda stirs something within me and gets me hella excited for the intense kind of love which is yet to come.

Forever With You, by Big Bang's GD&TOP feat. Bom

Apologies for the aesthetically icky vid lol but you must watch!! Lyric translations will get da feels flowin' real good, just trust me lol

alternatively, you may click here and follow along with the english translation column!

언제나 내 곁에 있어줘요, ma love
내 손을 놓지 말아요
Always stay by my side, ma love
Don’t let go of my hand

떠나가지마, 사랑을 속이지마
평생 믿고 의지하며 살아갈 수 있잖아
Don’t leave, don’t disappoint this love
If you trust for your whole lifetime, it can live on

그대와 내가 헤어진대도
내 마음은 변하지 않아
Even if you broke up with me,
my heart will never change

당신과 함께라면 어디든 갈게
I’ll love forever, with you.
If it’s with you, I will go anywhere
I’ll love forever, with you

Can't believe I'd only stumbled upon this absolutely FIRE r&b track just a few days ago.

So many incredible things about it that I can't even begin to express how happy I have been blasting it through my ear canals quite literally non-stop since I first discovered it.

G-Dragon and TOP's original style of emotional rapping and straight-up flowing, definitely missed. Their other, more recent works just do not compare. It's this Haru Haru style that really distinguishes why they're the OG pairing of K-hiphop, ja feel?

Park Bom's vocals, need I really say more? It's like butter + sex. Not sure how that works but you get what I mean. Probably.

Smooth af. That hook is KILLER. I could listen to it til the day I die and I'd still be swaying my head delicately along and bopping my ass ever so slightly to the infectious beat in the background.

There is just SO much feeling in this song, it's too much for me to handle. And the way it's delivered without any hardcore spitting from GD&TOP's part as well as very laidback and mellow crooning from Bom? That's what makes it all the more powerful. Shivers down my spine, honestly.

Aquarius, by Tinashe

Click here to play on Spotify Web

(don’t search it on Youtube, the audio clips are pitched to avoid copyright infringement and the official music video would just be distracting HAHA just sayin...Tinashe is hot af lol)

simmer down, know you’re angry
i can make, make it okay

i can tell, i’ma be your baby
feel your stress, melting away

these hoes you know won’t hold you down

getting so hard to see the lights, lights, lights

low, low, low
grind, grind, grind
slow, slow

mind, mind,
mind numb,
numb, numb
i’ll, i'll,

i've come,

Truth be told, the lyrics aren't as diverse in this one but it's nonetheless poetic and VERY strong, as I'm sure you'll have to admit. You just gotta plug into the track with a pair of legit earpieces and let your conscious mind go on a trip. Seriously. The feeling that I get when I allow myself to fully immerse into this song is akin to floating in a warm bathtub with cotton candy scented bubbles and nothing but tealight candles illuminating the room.

Allow yourself to go on that journey too.

The most ridiculously soothing track my ears have been blessed with in a while, now. Yet the beat goes so hard. Close to damn perfection, I dare say.


aight i’m done

y’all cottonheaded ninny muggins betta go check out ALL of these songs, ya hear? if not i’ll POUND you.

and not even in the fun, sexy kinda way lol ok BYE

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