Sunday, 6 March 2016

Food, then i get emotional about Love lol idk

Had a late night dinz at Changi Airport's 24-hour O' Coffee Club. Goddamn it, I love 24-hour establishments. Especially when they serve such good foooood <3

Yo, this shit right here. I can’t believe they would even do that to me, man. COFFEE syrup, really??! Ffs.

I love syrup, SO much. I wouldn’t mind drowning in it simply because it’d mean that my last few waking moments on this earth would be spent directly receiving floods of yummy syrup into my gullet. Actually, I take it back. Seems like it would entail more pain and suffering than actual enjoyment lmao. But still. SYRUP ROX <3

Scrambled eggs were surprisingly on point, despite its rather unassuming looks.

Ok so the bacon looks a lil bit sad and undercooked, and indeed it was. After I finished snapping the photos, my mum requested for them to be returned to the kitchen and thrown on the grill for just a while longer.

The result was like, homaigod. So crispy and BURSTING with smokey aromas that your hair would start falling straight out of their follicles, by the clump. And only partially from the saltiness heh. Forreal doe. As my homegurl Dora The Explorer would say, it was yumyumyumyumyumDELICIOUSO~~!

This is the legendary shoyu glaze salmon as raved about in this oft-referenced first kiss celebratory post lmao. Would’ve liked it to be seared just a tad crispier and not as soaked, but the fluffy whipped potatoes were A+ as usual! So creamy, mmmm~! lol

Sorry this photo is just straight-up ghastly...sorry j-just...sorry

But I found the filter-it-yourself coffee quite k00l and sweg lol. Filtration fun times back in Chem practical lessons! Good times, omg. One topic that was oddly no included in the syllabus, but the name of which was prominently displayed on the cover of my textbook so that I’d practically have to stare at each day...was titration lol. Isn’t that just a great word? Tit-ration. Even though it’s pronounced tie-tration, I know but still. It’s like the rationing of tits hahaha. ok moving on

This wild mushroom soup was on some next level shit, too. You could taste and FEEL the flurry of actual blended mushroom bits with each creamy spoonful. And check out the little crispy sponge pieces of dipping bread? SO good omg


I've been using my phone to snap random, impromptu moments where I see either my parents just chillin in each other's presence and having a good ol' time.

There's something so simple yet great about visually documenting that split second in time, and having that moment to cherish forever. At any point afterward, when I scroll through my phone gallery (which, incidentally, is otherwise filled with either dumb memes or shitty food pics lol), I'll be reminded of these sweet occurrences and a smile will flash through my face once more.

They're nowhere near the perfect couple. In fact, their marriage has always been filled with stormy seas as much as clear skies.

Since I was a little kid, there have been fights of the most extreme degree. But one thing I never knew as a child was divorce, and for that I'll always be grateful.

Not that I'm shitting on anyone nor their parents for divorcing, make no mistake. It's just a fact of life that sometimes two people can no longer be together, based on an array of circumstances. I understand that wholeheartedly, although not personally, and I completely mean no harm or foul.

But I am thankful for my case because throughout the worst of it all, my parents have stuck it through and anyone with eyes or a beating heart would be able to tell that the feelings they have for each other just get stronger over time. That, in itself gives me hope that there is actually a thing in this world called real Love.

Plus, I find it all the more valuable that these photos are always candid and taken with no prior warning? Much unlike the heavily staged couple shots you see so much on social media nowadays. Where the people in question probably took umpteen attempts to get the "perfect" one, before slapping on a filter and posting with a caption that they spent way too much time on. Just so people can comment and rave about how they're "#relationshipgoals".

Met almost 30 years ago, started dating three years later, and about to celebrate their 24th anniversary of blissful marriage this year.

U can take your #relationshipgoals and suck on dat.

things took a way too serious turn yo...
i thought i was still screaming about bacon and tit rations like two seconds ago lol wtf

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  1. Your parents are cute. It's nice that you have family outings together and you get to eat all sorts of food. My parents, my dad in particular will only eat from noodle houses. On another note, I really had a hankering for mushroom last week. I was deciding on whether to make mushroom soup from scratch or buy the tinned kind. In the end, I didn't make mushroom soup. Now you got me thinking about it again.