Friday, 4 March 2016

Me talking about my phone wallpapers. literally lol that's it

In the continuation of me rambling incessantly about my borderline unhealthy love for all things Gudetama-related, here is the latest state of my phone screen:

While trawling the interwebz for the perfect Gude-wallpaper, I stumbled upon these awesome resources which I would like to share with a possible fellow Gude-lover like yourself, perhaps? 嘻嘻 :3

几 cute 一下 worhh~~

minimalist but still adorable af hehe

So much love huehuehue

The lock screen used to be of a quote saying "How To Be Happy" atop a nice tiled background of bananas. I like bananas.

I'm talking about actual bananas, btw. Because they release serotonin into your body when you eat it, thus making them a literal Happy Fruit.

It is not a metaphor for dicks.

Even tho, it is true. I do like dicks.  :)

Oh look I found it!


I then changed it to this gorgeous picture of a colourful pastel building, supposedly in Hong Kong:

I stumbled upon this photo on Tumblr and, as fate would have it, it was around the period of my tragiqué inability to travel abroad to Japan and Hong Kong. How nice.

As for my home screen, this had been my wallpaper for as long as I can remember:

probably more than a year now since I first started using this phone in early 2015.

I had an extreme phase of pastel colour gradients, still do actually! But now I've gravitated more towards the galaxy style of graphics, with twinkling textures of stars and iridescent swirls.

Good lord, I've been binge-watching so many Jordan Schlansky videos I feel like my thought processes are starting to mimic the things that he'd say...what in the blue hell

Ok so yeah, back on track.

As cheesy as it is (and yes i often get called out by people who happen to take a gander at my phone screen and spot the gigantic #BLESSED plastered across the centre), I believe that it’s always good to be reminded of always practicing gratitude for all the blessedness I have been bestowed with in life.

What better place to stick this reminder than on the display of a screen I probably spend the bulk of my waking days compulsively checking, right? As sad as it is.

/ But hey, I do try to go like 12 or more hours without even touching my phone (that, or i switch it to airplane mode if i’m only using it as a music player/camera) on the weekends if I’m not heading out. You’d be surprised how goddamn liberating it feels to not be shackled to such a draining ass device! / #thingsthatnobodyasked

For my new home screen wallpaper, I did a lil bit of editing on this pic I found courtesy of Google Images:

Alas, my fail of a phone somehow screws up the resolution each time I try to set it as my home screen wallpaper, resulting in this absolute travesty:

Really? Really now???

Let us focus on what's important here, i.e my supreme photoshopping efforts lmao (aka using the text tool):

Nice right??? SAY YES :D :D

ok it's low-res af, i can't even lol

The font I went with is none other than Big Noodle Titling, of course.

Oh, you thought I was joking?

Download now to enhance your life.

Best font ever, tbh.

To have both "big noodle" and "TITling" in a single name...that's the dream :'))

Aight, I can't believe you just read through all that bullshit about my new phone screens. This is pretty much as exciting as my life gets, though. Forreal. Lolz what a tradegy. (ya i know it's supposed to be tragedy oh my GERD let me attempt some irony-based wit once in a while, will ya?)(and now am talkin to me self coz i hv no friends lmao #nice)

As a treat, please prepare your eyeballs for the incoming imagery...

Jks, nothing will ever prepare you for what's to come. NOTHING.

Helloooooooo. .,

Is this real life..Or is this just, fantasy...?'

LOL ok bye