Monday, 14 March 2016

dem Ice Cream Rolls got me fucked up, fam

After several years of pining, the chance to try ice cream rolls was finally bestowed upon me.

I initially thought there would be a fixed list of flavours to choose from, with some syrups and toppings to go with it at most. But nope, you get to create your own flavour by combining 2 main ingredients.

The mixers include oreo, milo, peanut butter, nutella, banana, strawberry, lychee (!!), and even Thai milk tea.

Kinda regret not going for the Thai milk tea coz that would've been bomb af...but oh well. Hashtag no ragrets.

I chose fruity pebbles and lotus caramel biscuits, which in my honest opinion are two of the yummiest sweet treats on this planet. Also, they be crunchy as hell so that means a party in my mouth! :D

You also get to choose one sauce topping (chocolate fudge, strawberry sauce, or maple syrup) and one crunch (mini marshmallows, cornflakes, or rainbow sprinkles.

I went with the maple syrup, coz duh. Maple syrup is the nectar of the gods (bless the Canadians) and makes EVERYTHING taste incredible. Including Gandhi's crispy flip flop, probably.

That's a Gordon Ramsay joke btw, no offense. plz dont kill me

There, I've had this gif saved in my Google Drive (like a fucking nerd lol) coz I stumbled upon it one day at the office (in case any of my bosses are reading was becoz i was doing work ok...research purposes...totally)(hello Joyce) and I've been trying to share the absolute hilarity with you guys but have never gotten the chance.

Well, here u go my friends. I can now die in peace.

Back on topic: I got da mini marshmallows to top it all off with. Kinda wanted the rainbow sprinkles but I thought, ehh. The fruity pebbles are already rainbow. Is there such a thing as too much rainbow? Sometimes we need some black and white in our lives to remind us to appreciate the colour.

As you can tell, my life is full of internal struggle with each everyday decision that I make.


Essentially, the guy just poured some white vanilla liquid onto the cold plate/stove thingamabob together with my chosen mixers and magic ensued. Like, freshly made ice cream was whipped up right before me??? It was grand.

And the lil rolls are so kewt :'))

All in all, the ice cream tasted of decent quality. It was super creamy and not at all frosty, so that's an instant +50 points coz shitty ass frosty ice cream filled with chunks of ice can go fuck itself.

Taste wise, I couldn't stop silently praising myself for being a brilliant bastard with each bite I took, coz simply put, the flavour combination was just flawless and amazing.

Sweet and sugary from the rainbow pebbles, with aromatic vanilla swirling through and blending so perfectly with the rich maple syrup. And that hint of caramel goodness permeating the final layers of flavour dancing on your palate, courtesy of the lotus biscuit.

As Gordon would say, wow wow wow wow wow. Jolly good. Fuck me up with these glorious rolls of frozen cream and get my tastebuds 8 months pregnant, won't you?

Jks about the last part. But ya, it was some good shit y'all.

I can't believe a fully customised flavour featuring two of your favourite textures and tastes is brought to life literally from scratch...upon order, right in front of your eyes, all in shortly over 2 minutes.

Life is amazing. Ayo technology.

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  1. I've never had ice cream rolls before but it looks good. I'm glad that it was another special treat that you enjoyed. I thought it was interesting how the mixture gets thicker as it's mixed as it started out so watery.