Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Had a scrum-diddly-umptious dinner wit ma main boo Alex last weekend, damn it was some good timezzzz ja feel?

Look at dis hensem boii <3

And his hensem dish: (hen lol coz it's a chicken geddit? ha ha)

Half Oven Roasted Chicken. Served with buttery savoy cabbage and natural jus.

First of all, mad props to whoever has the ability to make cabbage taste good coz dat shit is disgustING.

Unlike the choice hens served in Poulet which always slide right off the bone like an absolute dream, the meat on this half chicken seemed like quite a chore to cut up. Poor Alex was legit battling with the bones for most of our meal, and it looked pretty dry too :\

Chicken Roulade. Served with foie gras infused chicken farce, basmati rice and parmesan sauce.

Okay so...I realise the fact that I tend to exaggerate a LOT whenever I'm raving about food on this blog. I love my food, and good food genuinely gets me pumped as hell lol ngl. But ever since I joined The Smart Local, I've been trained to be way more critical about my food comments instead of simply labelling everything I eat gr8 perfect and amazing.

This dish, however, hoo boy. It was FAN. FREAKING. TASTIC.

Like, honestly the entire time I was savouring it morsel by morsel (coz let's face it, it wasn't the most abundant serving of all lol but i guess that's (semi-)fine dining for you!), I was just thinking about how HARD it was blowing my mind, and rocking the world of each individual tastebud residing in my mouth.

Holy buffalo bill.

It don't look like much, but the chicken was FAB. Seared real nicely so that the crispy skin had a smokey and aromatic crackle. Although the meat wasn't the most succulent, I hardly gave an eff coz it just tasted so bombastically good.

A lil on the salty side, I must say. Which is why the rich and decadently creamy rice mellowed out the flavours to a tee.

I could wax lyrical all day about how flawless this dish is, but really I'd just head down there and have another.

$11.90 + GST for such a minuscule plate really pains my heart, but the entire experience of wolfing it down is nothing short of phenomenal. Ugh, get in me already!!

So the last time we'd dined here, the space was still known as Concetto. It was almost one whole year ago, 3rd April '15 to be exact!

I just realised I never got around to blogging about that trip lol, so here it is:

Made the mistake of ordering some overpriced mocktail (think it was a Shirley Temple? rather pretty but who cares lol) that was essentially 4x the recommended sugar intake for an average human.

At least I had Alex's luscious lips to stare at as consolation @_@

Duck Panzerotti. Half-moon shaped pasta filled with Saveur duck leg and ricotta cheese; served with braised savoy cabbage, sweet potato crisp and foie gras infused duck consomme.

I love duck. Quack quack, motherfucka lol

(sorry bout da language if you're a young one xo)

Ordered this coz I was really craving some stuffed pasta. Just kidding, it was almost a year ago lol how tf would I remember what I was craving? But let's just go ahead and assume that, coz the fact is I am never not craving stuffed pasta. And that, my friend, is a tragic fact.

This was also the first time in my life to ever taste foie gras and, correct me if I'm wrong but...it pretty much tasted like nothing??

lol I suppose my palate is just too uncultured. ahh well, time to stick to my Nissin cup noodles and microwaveable pizza pockets! :D  #fate

Crab Risotto. Arborio rice cooked in shellfish broth and crab meat; served with crab meat tartare, brussel sprouts and crispy rice cracker.

Sounds fancy as balls, innit? You know shit is goin down when they serve the fresh crab meat (albeit an amount so tiny u practically need a microscope to spot it) on a separate spoon...made of W00D!! /gasp

Ok back to present day.

After a most enjoyable dinner at Saveur, we goofed around for a bit before getting dessert at this place called Hoshino Coffee.

It's an adorable little Japanese cafe which serves some pretty bomb stuff, in my opinion. Really overpriced as well so it makes my heart bleed bucketloads, but best believe I'ma come here every time I'm feelin like a balla hehe

which is precisely once every eighteen years


y am i a Broke Bitch™

Truth be told...this $10.80+++ souffle was NOT worth it.

I get that souffle is an incredibly difficult dish to execute, but damn. This was nowhere near satisfactory.

The only saving grace was the tiny teacup (hehe so kewt) of vanilla soft serve, which shouldn't be the case at all lol U R NOT THE STAR HERE!!1

Custard was oddly sour...and the cute bol of heavy whipping cream was, alas...way too heavy lol

It wasn't fun timez at all, man. Sad.

Thank goodness the company was so marvellous that it made up for the disappointment of it all :))

In fact, Alex was serving up so much piping hot tea that I could've been chewing on a bullfrog and it still would've tasted delish. Jks, das gross lol

But da gossip was delicious. ;)

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Swaggy a$$ fun timez, y'all.

Can't believe it's been eight freaking years. YOU A REAL JEM, ALEX.

A real JURONG, freaking, EAST. MALL.

lol waht

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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed most of your food Renae. I know the dissapointment that comes from ordering something expensive that turns out to be lacklustre. Yesterday I went out with my friend to one of her favourite cafes. I got some pasta dish which was basically like spaghetti bolognese for $16.90 which was a pretty standard price. However, I was very dissapointed by the serving. It was hardly anything, it was more of a snack. I felt that the pasta was a little too hard. I told my friend that if I were at Fasta Pasta, (obviously an Italian restaurant) I would have had a mammoth dish based on that price. My friend agreed but she said the amount that we had was really filling though I don't think she's much of judge considering how she is the type who gets full on a half a sandwich.

    Still on the topic of food, have you ever read http://www.chocolatesuze.com/ ? You remind me of her, it's like your her little sister which I mean as a compliment.