Monday, 21 March 2016

Take me away, to better days. A sweet escape, take me away.

I'm in The Land Of Smiles!! :D

Can't believe I get to chalk Thailand up as one of the countries I've been in this lifetime. And remember the shitstorm I had to weather in order to create my current passport? Well, the very first stamp that gets to be chopped in its spanking new, shiny pages is none other than Thailand's. Making it all the more special.

Sawasdee-ka! ^_^


I...LOVE airline food omg. Live and breathe for the sight of a well-organised meal tray, from the gorgeous main course to the cute little side dishes. Makes me recline the cushy airplane seat and tuck my feet cozily under my bum a very happy woman indeed.

Dry tom yum prawn w/ salted egg.

Soy sauce chicken fried rice.


I can't even begin to tell you how gr8ful I am for this trip...It is and will be exactly what my weary soul needs and will likely keep the work stress-induced meltdowns at bay.

I feel so charged up now and, as glorious as it is to be basking in the holiday mood and - come on now, who wouldn't want to trade their office clothes for some sunnies and an open itinerary to spend the day exploring a new land?

But reality always comes a-knockin'. And because my reunion with the ol' office desktop as well as a slew of new articles to slog over will arrive inevitably, I'm actually a lil bit stoked to resume the daily grind.

Just a teensy weensy bit lol...

Til the next blissful getaway, I guess!

Although you don't necessarily have to travel abroad to find joy and excitement, tbh.
Happiness is what you make it, and it can be reaped from all around you no matter what your circumstances.
Life is gr8 lol <3
ok im done
ciao now! have a lovely blessed day teehee

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  1. I'm glad that you finally got to go Thailand! I hope you enjoy yourself there.