Thursday, 7 April 2016

didn't think it was gonna end. not like this.

ok this is legit scary. i was checking my macbook notes today and realised that i had an emo post dated 3rd april, but at 1 in the afternoon?? ?

that was literally hours and hours before the split was even brought up.

i’m confused. and a little freaked out lol.

maybe my sad ass spirit escaped my physical body and wrote this shit out without me knowing lmao

anyway since i’m getting it all of my system slowly but surely, here ya go folks. yet another emo nemo post

but the difference being…this is some next-level foreshadowing shit lol




kinda funny how these emo shits are getting churned out on the when i look back through all my happy blog archives, i'll stumble upon the April '16 posts and just be faced with this emotional shitstorm lmao.

coz see, the beautiful thing is, time really does heal all wounds.

yes, how mightily cliched it may seem. but as the great Marshall Eriksen once said, cliches are cliches for a reason.

and maybe it won’t heal all the way.

maybe someday i’ll trudge along one of the places we used to go.
or catch a whiff of the familiar scent i thought only your body could possess.
and all the hurt will come rushing back, memories fresher than ever and the wound in my heart left bleeding again.

but isn’t it comforting to know that
one day
i just might find someone
who holds me so tightly that all the bits of pieces of my being that you’ve torn up
just stick together
and once again
i’m whole.

now, wouldn’t i be glad that you let me go?

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