Saturday, 2 April 2016


This has been sitting in my drafts since late Feb lol. And it all started out as an SMS draft I typed out on my phone one night back when i was waaaay in my feelings. Never underestimate the power of music to make you feel like a lil sentimental ass bitch lmao

I’ve decided to whip it out now so as not to let the time that I put into editing the pictures go to waste lol. Also because I’m !uncomfortable! with how long it’s been since a new post was published. My apologies for procrastinating so heavily on the Bangkok posts.

(Things change, people change. Feelings change. I guess it's time for me to grow up and accept that.

But for now I guess it's almost bittersweet to look back in time and see that, at some point of our being, I felt these things for you. In the truest, purest form.

What a shame that you wanted – still do to this day, actually – for me to feel nothing at all.)


[Warning: gross]

February 24th, 2016 | 12:08 AM

South Lake, Western Australia

All the joys I've experienced in my life up til now,
I'd like nothing more than to share them with you.

Georgetown, Penang
Terminal 1, Changi Airport

To show you my world.
To open the doors to my heart.
A place which I had always kept so guarded.

Qantas Airways, Singapore

From growing up in my cozy Perth home,
To staying at the 5-star Chimelong suite for months on end.

Chimelong Ocean Resort, Hengqin
Kings Park, Perth
Hengqin Ocean Kingdom
Jandakot, Western Australia

Not just the environment, but the simple joys of my day to day life there.

Gateways Donut King
Pizza Delivery Dinner @ Yangebup

Sharing a nice meal together.
Having grocery shopping adventures.

Some grocery store carpark lol, Perth
South Ocean Chinese Restaurant, Perth

I wanna show you all my favourite places, the things that make me smile the most. Go wandering with no destination in sight, just losing an afternoon in each other's company. Returning to the comfortable sanctuary of home at the end of a long day.

Fremantle Boardwalk

So tired,
but so happy.

Perth City

I wanna bury my head in the warm embrace of your chest as i look up at the night sky and thank all my lucky stars for having found you.

To fall asleep in your arms and lay a peck on your cheek first thing in the morning when i wake up.


I never thought I'd be this disgustingly mushy.
But then again I'd never met you.

And i never knew...
What a world of magical feelings I'd be engulfed in as a result.

-end of sappy post-

Present day: And now you got me fucked up!! Completely!!!1 ha ha!

nothing lasts forever, kids.
so enjoy the happiness and excitement of today because you never know when it'll all turn to shit!! :D

ain't love grand?? lol

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