Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Get sad...but in like a musical way, yknow?

For the first time in weeks, the night is particularly breezy. As the gusts of wind rip through the air in succession, I have just the song to chill out to and we all know that my physical being will spontaneously combust if I don’t write out a overenthusiastic novella in recommendation, so here it is.

(please ignore that awful pic of Taeyang, is2g)

I’m not a particularly huge fan of Big Bang, especially their newer shit. Bang Bang Bang gives me a fucking headache and pretty much every other song in their latest comeback has been unmemorable for me. /amgonnagetkillednow

I’d much rather listen to Taeyang’s solo stuff of GD&T.O.P’s quality collabs, but that’s another story.

"If You" is a super mellow, freaking awesome ballad to just lie down and listen to in the dark as your limbs dangle off the edge of your bed ever so slightly, skin softly caressed by your silk sheets and the paw of your childhood stuffed toy.

I’ve had it on loop at work for a period of time, especially on dark and stormy afternoons where I could see the downpour unfolding from my desk by the window.

Kinda fucked up too that I discovered this song towards the end of my faux-mance (faux romance coz we weren't ~officially~ together and shiet but u kno me and i had to get all emotionally invested in dat bitch) when I was already feeling shitty about it almost every single waking moment of my melodramatic existence. And then I continued blasting this in the background throughout my recovery phase hahaha, which obviously didn't help anytHING coz this song be tragic as hell!!!!1

me @ me: wyd tbh

The narrative of the song has them imposing the question, “If you’re hurting just as much as I am, shall we make things a little easier and just give it another shot?”.

Seems like a simple solution is in store. But the song only gets that much sadder when you realise that, just like many cases of a split a la Break Even, the pain is largely unbalanced. Hence, this plea to get back together and start restoring whatever they once had? Probably one-sided.

And the worse part is, it took all the strength in the world to put one’s pride away and ask the other. When you’re that fixated on a quick fix to ease your heartbreak, even something as cliched as running back into the wreckage of a failed relationship seems utterly tempting.

That point of desperation where you know good and well just how bad things have become. But the memories of good times past push you into seeing it as something you need to cling on to and continue cherishing. Because eventually this shitty “phase” will be history and you guys will be back on track to happily ever after. Is has to be, right?

Even the yearning of possible bliss that lies ahead…Begs the question of whether this is something you should continue fighting for, or to let go of before the wounds cut even deeper.

PSYCHE! Bitch is a BITCH who ain't about shit lol CUT THAT MUHFUCKA OFF, FAM. There are way more delicious brown men in the sea. Also bigger penises. :)

R.I.P to me if when my mother unearths this blog post lmao

Thursday, 26 May 2016

shitty food pics of my last 2 weeks @ TSL (cri n die)

Oh, what an exceptionally glorious time it has been :'))

I realised that my phone gallery is filled to the brim with trash photographic documentation of my everyday life, so here it is.

Actually, they're pretty much all pictures of Food lol

Which makes perfect sense coz afterall, ~Food is Love, Food is Life~

finna get that tattooed on my mon pubis lol JKS haha that would make for a weird pre-coital surprise, wouldn't it! /ded

Free Krispy Kreme donuts sent to the office! Goddamn, I'm gonna miss the neverending onslaught of delectable snacks that just lays in the pantry at all times as a great big free-for-all.

Chocolate glazed with colourful sprinkles, aka a (nice and Brown) classic with a smattering of infectious happiness radiating from the rainbow!

KFC breakfast with Tomasz, which had been in the works literally for months? 企鹅姐姐 (more commonly referred to as Joyce) was supposed to join but unforeseen circumstances kicked in and she was not by my side for (literally just the morning of) the second last day of my TSL journey D;

xiiao_dramaszxc lol

My all-time fave lunch of dry ban mian...BITCH IM GON MISS U, ridiculous waiting time that eats into my otherwise leisurely eating pace and all!!!!!

Ikan bilis is so gosh darn delicious...sigh

And those flavourful chunks of minced meat...and that delicious special sauce mixed in with a dash of chilli!!! T^T

I am convinced that the Universe aligned everything to tie in with my official departure from TSL on Friday.

1. My "regular" McDonald's breakfast item was indefinitely taken off the menu this week lol how tragiqué is that. I didn't even get to savour my office brekkie for the last time :')) I was emotionally unprepared!!
2. My go-to order of Lemon Green Tea w/ white pearls vanished from my life as well...Went to da neighbourhood bubble tea shop on Tuesday and they somehow decided to discontinue one, just ONE type of toppings from the extensive range of choices. And it had to be my precious white pearls.


sorry for the horrific picture lol

slightly sexier angle...i think

no not really, actually

Back when I could still hold the special breakfast roll in my hand...tortilla still warm from the griddle. Cheese melting on those fluffy scrambled eggs while I combined their textures with the savoury ham and crispy hash brown with each bite. Dat lil bit of sweet ketchup threw me off coz I'd always thought a condiment of such simple natures would make the overall breakfast burrito of sorts taste "cheap". Nope. If anything, it was the gel that bound everything together to create a wonderful taste sensation.

And now it's just gone...Forever.

Freaking McDONGLES never even gave me a warning!!!!!! :'((

And I never got to fully fill in my bubble tea loyalty card and get my free drink...Pretty much making the past few months of my patronage absolutely POINTLESS.

This is a sign, y'all. It is time for me to gtfo!! And go wherever those damn breakfast rolls and white pearls are, man forreal.

Miss u guys </3

I'm obvs trolling btw lol what I'm really gonna miss are the amazing people in the office as well as the simple bliss of everyday work life...Ahhh fuck it's gonna be one helluva readjustment.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

eating MORE Non-Thai food in Thailand

You didn’t think the amount of nonsensical, non-local delicacies I ate were enough to fit in just one post, didya? :D

Also, here’s a nifty little article™ I wrote recently on non-conventional and bombastically cool, fun and awesome (yes i m referring to thesaurus.com right this second) things to do in Bangkok. All super swaggy, none o’ that tourist trap crap lol. A.k.a, things I definitely should’ve taken into account myself before I went on my virgin trip to BKK.

Please enjoy!! <3


One of the most novel things I've seen in a willy while. This is a grilled sweet potato cake...Which is made out of mushed up sweet potato mixed in with flour, sugar and other stuff before getting SHAPED back into a sweet potato REPLICA lmao whaaaaat

How extra can u get m8...just eat a damn sweet potato bruh forreal

But in all honesty it was really delicious tho. Nice subtle tastes and pairs incredibly well with some warm chamomile tea :))

Fell in love with the most amazing yogurt I've ever tasted in my life...and believe me, I have tasted a FEW.

Honey in itself already tastes...just SPECTACULAR.

That rich sweetness cutting through creamy yogurt with a slight hint of tang. So light yet packed with robust flavours. I can't evennnn

I would've bought 300 back if I could. And to think this little box of creamy joy only costs 20 baht. Yo that's like 77 Singaporean cents? That is KRAZY!! This shit is gourmet yo I M NOT KIDDING.

I could NOT stop digging into this glorious shité.

Pardon the censorship but I really have a fat hand complex lol...I just think it looks so gross and meaty when I'm holding stuff and scrunches up in weird ways! All the creases and folds and shit omg UGHH

Tried to cover it up with a cute lil honeycomb but Google images didn't really have any that were ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ so a honey flavoured bar of soap will have to do...teehee

Wasn't kidding when I said I absolutely LOVED honey. Check that milk & honey lip balm out! (it smells heavenly btw)(and glides on like a dream!)(protective layer of creamy honey on your lips, hell to the YES PLEASE) Also the golden yellow laptop case...but that is purely coincidental ahem.

Can't believe I snapped a photo of this. And am about to write a short paragraph about it, too. This is so dumb lol

Complimentary welcome beverage from the hotel we stayed at! Nobody in my family drinks alcohol, especially moi coz I am a giant flaming prude. Fo' serious tho, I bet my little 13-year-old sister would down more shots of tequila than me right NOW if she wanted to. Nah lol jokes

But this was a simple glass of fruit punch. Very sweet, I'm sure that it's just cordial containing copious amounts of pure sugar mixed in with tap water. But holy shit, was it not the most delicious and refreshing glucose solution I've ever tasted in me gosh darn life!

Each time I let it sliver down my throat, I felt like my swallowing pipes were getting coated in BLISS.

K moving on

Had dinner at a Mexican joint one evening. Yes, the multinational madness continues lol

Waitress came over explaining the heat levels of each sauce and I nodded politely at her kind instructions but in my head I was thinking, gurrrl. This ain't my first time at the rodeo lmao forrealz tho

It looks like shit but I swear, yo. It was DELISHIUS.

Generous toppings, quality dollop guac, plus the spicy pork was tender and very spicy indeed hehe I like that!!

Super qtpatootie character macarons. Which one is your fave! I liked the cuteness of light Rilakkuma (idk wth his/her name is lmao) but passion fruit just ain't ma thang~~

Got the main, darker brown Rilakkuma instead HAHA. You would think it's choc or coffee flavoured but nope! It's rose...plus lychee. Holy shit, how fancy is that right?

Usually character-based desserts are kinda gimmicky so I was expecting the macarons to taste cheap, plasticky and overly sweet. But they were actually exquisitely made! Very soft and crumbly, chewy in the middle. And the flavour really was amazing. I've never eaten something so perfume-y and florally delicious in my life haha. Very impressed!

Ok bye now lol

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

the worst kind of pain,

...lies not within rage-induced blows to a concrete wall or deafening cries of sadness which echo off the ceiling.

it's the seed of blunt misery which lives and breathes heavily in your chest each day,
slowly weighing your spirits down until the burden is too much to bear.

what is pain when you scream and nothing comes out,
when tears have run dry and your sobs reduce to breathless chokes of defeat?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

None of them can complete me half as much as you did.

If I were to have even just half of a half of you left with me...maybe then I wouldn't feel so empty.

(turn on English captions for lyric translations!)

For me, all it takes is the very first note of the song before a series of tingles are sent down my spine.

And even if it's just a mere 5 seconds into it, that lofty piano prelude? You can almost sense the loneliness and longing through each key getting played. There is no way you won't start thinking back to the time you gazed out of the window on a stormy night, missing your lover and waiting for them to return home. Go on, I double dare you.

It's been about two or so months since I've had Pour Up playing on repeat, wreaking havoc in my heart and begging the question in my mind of how a song this perfect could exist.

I am now convinced that Dean is no less than a musical genius, and can literally do no wrong.

Pssst...please also listen to What2Do (supa chill song which also features Crush, so there is absolutely NO chance of it not being sheer perfection), Bonnie & Clyde and I Love It. 10,000 eargasms, guaranteed.

Monday, 16 May 2016

i dont even like cats

Meant to write a new Bangkok post over the weekend, but succumbing to a 17-hour hibernation just felt way more tempting.

Discovered an absolute gem of a song on Sunday night and was about to pen down some melancholic bullcrap, but instead I wound up drifting off to slumber whilst my latest obsessions, Fail Video Compilations, played in the moonlit background.

You'd be surprised how soothing clips of other people's painful public humiliation can be lol (im not a sadist, i swear)

*the rip-roaring laughter of the supportive loved ones who are filming the whole damn thing is usually what gets me tbh hahaha

I then woke up this somewhat peaceful Monday morning to learn that my mother spent the better part of the night scrolling through my entire emo love shit archive, as shown by her slew of lengthy and VERY Whatsapp concerned messages that bombarded my cranial lobes before I even had time to stretch/mourn the passing of yet another weekend.

Isn't that just dandy!! :D

As such, please have some (subjectively) cute cat photos to coo over as the next post brews!


Boop! Got your nose!

This lil qt is TSL's royal office cat named Pika, short for Pika Choo. Named as such coz its owner (a.k.a my boss)'s surname is Choo. Lol if that isn't just the cleverest damn thing you've ever heard u needa fuck outta my face right quick we shall agree to disagree. I love cool & dandy naming concepts for pets huehuehue

(dont forget i named my pig Baecon)

(ye im a real #cheapthrills kinda gal arent i lol)

Claiming yo hand (paw?)(fur hand) in Marriage™

Gasp! You have chosen me too! *beams* :'))

I was waiting for her killa claws to launch into my flesh but she just stayed there...ever so casually perching on me thigh with one foot.



(the indoor lighting and my shitting phone camera are what makes everything so yellow ok)
(i do not have jaundice)

Look at this fat ass.


Holy shit, she has a lot of fur. So fluffy. I almost got lost in there! D;

How the frickle frackle are you like 3 million times prettier than me tbh...I mean, that's not too difficult to achieve since we're talking about me as the basis of comparison and all lol *sobs* BUT STILL.


Bitch thinks Satan hath arrived the moment I laid my being gently on hers lmao can't blame ya there!

Yes I am as shocked as you are over the fact that physical contact has been established. Now settle down, you fluff level 9000 cute ass body of EVIL!!

Congratz for making it this far on this obvious filler post lol

As a token of appreciation, here's one of my fave screenshots in the entire realm of nonsense that is my phone gallery:

lmao What A Freak!!

it's like a horror show that i can't look away from coz while it is deeply unnatural and unsettling, it be cute af at the same time lollll look at its little limbs!!!!! rooted so authoritatively on the ground. u are not a Human!!!!

man, cats are weird lol

Monday, 9 May 2016

eating a bunch of Non-Thai food in Thailand.

Hello. It is I, the person who travels to Australia to eat teriyaki chicken bentos. Flies to China to eat carbonara. Goes to Malaysia for their Pizza Hut.

A few years back when I was studying in an international school in Macau, a fellow Singaporean struck up a conversation with me, eyes gleaming with excitement and anticipation. Finally, someone who'll understand how badly one tends to miss local cuisine when they've been away from their home country.

Him: Oh my god, I miss chicken rice sia. And satay. And laksa, OMG laksa!! What dish do you miss the most from Singapore? :D :D :D

Me: .............i really wish i could buy some KFC cheese fries right now lol tbh

Him: /3000% done/

I eat what I eat, don't be shittin on me for not chugging Thai green curry and shovelling pad thai noodles into my gullet non-stop just coz I'm in Bangkok!!

Also, I just really love sampling fast food from around the world teehee IT'S FUN OK!!!!1

don't judge me lol ples

Bless my stars, dey wuz 'avin a Tokyo ~FOOD FAIR~ at Siam Paragon like, yo. DAS MY DREAM COME TRU, RIGHT DERE.

(sorry my thumb looked rather grotesque so i figured i'd try saving y'all from that visual assault)

I love me some freakin' みたらし だんご :'))

a.k.a mitarashi dango, glutinous rice balls bathed in a sweet soy sauce glaze and TORCHED to caramelised perfection godDAMN they are delicious!!!!!!

Slurping up bowls of ramen in THAILAND coz we're maniacs like that.


It was so good we actually returned on a separate day for seconds HAHA

SGD$6++ for a small bowl, but enough to satiate (sneaky asa akira reference teehee did u pick up on that? nope? just me then lol okay.) my hunger!

Their gyozas were also on some next level shit. SUPER juicy and the skin thickness was ~*just right*~. I'm tired of ridiculous skin-to-filling ratios, man! I'm TIRED of it!!! GIVE ME MORE MEAT AND LESS FLOUR IN THINE MOUF lol das wad she sed

Got some glorious KRISPY KREME donuts, coz who da EFF doesn't love deep-fried rings of doughy goodness amirite??

Top left corner was some strawberry GLITTER glaze shit that straight-up looked like 99¢ lipgloss. Well done lol A+ for presentation tho! Very festive, that's for sure.

The original and chocolate glazed old-fashioneds (that's those odd looking ones you see on the top and middle right) were DEELISH. So cake-y and fun to munch on!

Other notable flavours were lemon meringue (!!!) and freaking APPLE CIDER. Holy shit, y'all. When I dipped me tongue into that sweet and tangy applesauce filling I swear to god I caught a lil glimpse of heaven.

Just kidding lol I didn't.

Don't kill me.

But it was good tho! Yum yum love me some apple and cinnamon WHOOOOOO gimme an apple pie now I'll eat that shit!!

Presenting...a box of Thailand KFC's chick hen.

Judge me all you want but this was right up there in the Top 5 Best Moments Of Me Entire Trip lmao (my life is kinda sad but ok).


Like, LOVE it.

And these crispy, boneless chicken strips were just a DREAM to devour. I freaking hate having to pull meat apart from those nasty ass bones!! Get yo thighs and breasts and drumSTICKS outta my face k!!!! I wanna be able to shove them down my mouth hole at breakneck speeds, and bones would just stand in my gosh dang way, ja feel me??

Very tasty coney island dog from Dairy Queen. Holy shit, that chicken bolognaise sauce was bombbbbbb. And check that melty cheese action right there!

(sorry i had to censor the spurts of ketchup precum coz it just looked rather vile)


How far will we go as humans to achieve novelty??!

Chop up a bunch of different fruits...cut and scrape out watermelon til there's just rind left......pour agr agar in.........dont forget da chopped fruits...... . ... .. .. ..refrigerate. well done u dun cre8ed an abomination and it took way too much time and energy than required lel

my mum was SO ready to pay money fo dat shiet.

ok das all for now lol goodyBYE

Thursday, 5 May 2016

McDonald's !NEW! Crispy Chicken Burger Review

It was fucking delicious.

I enjoyed it.

(although i spat that putrid bite of tomato out of my traumatised mouth and removed the remaining Satan's Ass Fruit from the burger's glory as soon as this picture was taken)

ICYMI, I thought the salmon paella burger was pretty neat too.

Sunday, 1 May 2016


One thing that really helped me in retaining every precious bit of sanity in the past couple weeks, not just through all the emo love crap but bits and pieces of work-related stress as well, was the sheer thought of my recent Bangkok vacation.

The fact that those memories weren’t all that distant just made everything so much sweeter. It’s like everything was painted in my mind with crisp detail and vivid scenes. Each new place discovered, activities I took part in, yummy dishes that filled my tummy.

Gorgeous fresh fruit display! There was a fruit buffet within the hotel.
You could pig out on different types of fruits, make your own smoothies, fruit salads etc.
Too bad I'm not a big fan of fruits/sweet stuff in general lol
Just imagine how healthy your bowel movements would be after one buffet meal here tho!
lmao just sayin

Loved the adorable sampling jars. "PLEASE TASTE"! Well, don't mind if I do! lol
The dried cantaloupe was my favourite, followed closely by classic mango :))

Sunset from our first evening in Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest building in Bangkok.
We stayed on the 36th floor, out of 88 total storeys.

Love love love stunning cake displays like this one.
Everything looks fancy af!! *heart eye emoji x100*

More pretty pastries :))

They may become less crystal clear as days go by, but for now they do the job of plastering a big smile on my face just nicely.

Especially when I happen to tune in to any of the tracks I happened to heavily listen to during my trip, oh my goodness. The feels just come rushing back in floods! I get tingles and it’s as if I’ve been teleported straight back to Thailand hehe /keesiao

That’s the power of music :’))

Street corn on the cob from the night market.

These memories will always be cherished so dearly in my heart, for they allow me to be grateful for the past and strong enough to embrace the challenges of today, with a heart bursting with excitement for the future.


man, i really need to st0p.