Saturday, 21 May 2016

None of them can complete me half as much as you did.

If I were to have even just half of a half of you left with me...maybe then I wouldn't feel so empty.

(turn on English captions for lyric translations!)

For me, all it takes is the very first note of the song before a series of tingles are sent down my spine.

And even if it's just a mere 5 seconds into it, that lofty piano prelude? You can almost sense the loneliness and longing through each key getting played. There is no way you won't start thinking back to the time you gazed out of the window on a stormy night, missing your lover and waiting for them to return home. Go on, I double dare you.

It's been about two or so months since I've had Pour Up playing on repeat, wreaking havoc in my heart and begging the question in my mind of how a song this perfect could exist.

I am now convinced that Dean is no less than a musical genius, and can literally do no wrong.

Pssst...please also listen to What2Do (supa chill song which also features Crush, so there is absolutely NO chance of it not being sheer perfection), Bonnie & Clyde and I Love It. 10,000 eargasms, guaranteed.

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