Monday, 9 May 2016

eating a bunch of Non-Thai food in Thailand.

Hello. It is I, the person who travels to Australia to eat teriyaki chicken bentos. Flies to China to eat carbonara. Goes to Malaysia for their Pizza Hut.

A few years back when I was studying in an international school in Macau, a fellow Singaporean struck up a conversation with me, eyes gleaming with excitement and anticipation. Finally, someone who'll understand how badly one tends to miss local cuisine when they've been away from their home country.

Him: Oh my god, I miss chicken rice sia. And satay. And laksa, OMG laksa!! What dish do you miss the most from Singapore? :D :D :D

Me: .............i really wish i could buy some KFC cheese fries right now lol tbh

Him: /3000% done/

I eat what I eat, don't be shittin on me for not chugging Thai green curry and shovelling pad thai noodles into my gullet non-stop just coz I'm in Bangkok!!

Also, I just really love sampling fast food from around the world teehee IT'S FUN OK!!!!1

don't judge me lol ples

Bless my stars, dey wuz 'avin a Tokyo ~FOOD FAIR~ at Siam Paragon like, yo. DAS MY DREAM COME TRU, RIGHT DERE.

(sorry my thumb looked rather grotesque so i figured i'd try saving y'all from that visual assault)

I love me some freakin' みたらし だんご :'))

a.k.a mitarashi dango, glutinous rice balls bathed in a sweet soy sauce glaze and TORCHED to caramelised perfection godDAMN they are delicious!!!!!!

Slurping up bowls of ramen in THAILAND coz we're maniacs like that.


It was so good we actually returned on a separate day for seconds HAHA

SGD$6++ for a small bowl, but enough to satiate (sneaky asa akira reference teehee did u pick up on that? nope? just me then lol okay.) my hunger!

Their gyozas were also on some next level shit. SUPER juicy and the skin thickness was ~*just right*~. I'm tired of ridiculous skin-to-filling ratios, man! I'm TIRED of it!!! GIVE ME MORE MEAT AND LESS FLOUR IN THINE MOUF lol das wad she sed

Got some glorious KRISPY KREME donuts, coz who da EFF doesn't love deep-fried rings of doughy goodness amirite??

Top left corner was some strawberry GLITTER glaze shit that straight-up looked like 99¢ lipgloss. Well done lol A+ for presentation tho! Very festive, that's for sure.

The original and chocolate glazed old-fashioneds (that's those odd looking ones you see on the top and middle right) were DEELISH. So cake-y and fun to munch on!

Other notable flavours were lemon meringue (!!!) and freaking APPLE CIDER. Holy shit, y'all. When I dipped me tongue into that sweet and tangy applesauce filling I swear to god I caught a lil glimpse of heaven.

Just kidding lol I didn't.

Don't kill me.

But it was good tho! Yum yum love me some apple and cinnamon WHOOOOOO gimme an apple pie now I'll eat that shit!!

Presenting...a box of Thailand KFC's chick hen.

Judge me all you want but this was right up there in the Top 5 Best Moments Of Me Entire Trip lmao (my life is kinda sad but ok).


Like, LOVE it.

And these crispy, boneless chicken strips were just a DREAM to devour. I freaking hate having to pull meat apart from those nasty ass bones!! Get yo thighs and breasts and drumSTICKS outta my face k!!!! I wanna be able to shove them down my mouth hole at breakneck speeds, and bones would just stand in my gosh dang way, ja feel me??

Very tasty coney island dog from Dairy Queen. Holy shit, that chicken bolognaise sauce was bombbbbbb. And check that melty cheese action right there!

(sorry i had to censor the spurts of ketchup precum coz it just looked rather vile)


How far will we go as humans to achieve novelty??!

Chop up a bunch of different fruits...cut and scrape out watermelon til there's just rind left......pour agr agar in.........dont forget da chopped fruits...... . ... .. .. ..refrigerate. well done u dun cre8ed an abomination and it took way too much time and energy than required lel

my mum was SO ready to pay money fo dat shiet.

ok das all for now lol goodyBYE

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