Wednesday, 25 May 2016

eating MORE Non-Thai food in Thailand

You didn’t think the amount of nonsensical, non-local delicacies I ate were enough to fit in just one post, didya? :D

Also, here’s a nifty little article™ I wrote recently on non-conventional and bombastically cool, fun and awesome (yes i m referring to right this second) things to do in Bangkok. All super swaggy, none o’ that tourist trap crap lol. A.k.a, things I definitely should’ve taken into account myself before I went on my virgin trip to BKK.

Please enjoy!! <3


One of the most novel things I've seen in a willy while. This is a grilled sweet potato cake...Which is made out of mushed up sweet potato mixed in with flour, sugar and other stuff before getting SHAPED back into a sweet potato REPLICA lmao whaaaaat

How extra can u get m8...just eat a damn sweet potato bruh forreal

But in all honesty it was really delicious tho. Nice subtle tastes and pairs incredibly well with some warm chamomile tea :))

Fell in love with the most amazing yogurt I've ever tasted in my life...and believe me, I have tasted a FEW.

Honey in itself already tastes...just SPECTACULAR.

That rich sweetness cutting through creamy yogurt with a slight hint of tang. So light yet packed with robust flavours. I can't evennnn

I would've bought 300 back if I could. And to think this little box of creamy joy only costs 20 baht. Yo that's like 77 Singaporean cents? That is KRAZY!! This shit is gourmet yo I M NOT KIDDING.

I could NOT stop digging into this glorious shité.

Pardon the censorship but I really have a fat hand complex lol...I just think it looks so gross and meaty when I'm holding stuff and scrunches up in weird ways! All the creases and folds and shit omg UGHH

Tried to cover it up with a cute lil honeycomb but Google images didn't really have any that were ~*aesthetically pleasing*~ so a honey flavoured bar of soap will have to do...teehee

Wasn't kidding when I said I absolutely LOVED honey. Check that milk & honey lip balm out! (it smells heavenly btw)(and glides on like a dream!)(protective layer of creamy honey on your lips, hell to the YES PLEASE) Also the golden yellow laptop case...but that is purely coincidental ahem.

Can't believe I snapped a photo of this. And am about to write a short paragraph about it, too. This is so dumb lol

Complimentary welcome beverage from the hotel we stayed at! Nobody in my family drinks alcohol, especially moi coz I am a giant flaming prude. Fo' serious tho, I bet my little 13-year-old sister would down more shots of tequila than me right NOW if she wanted to. Nah lol jokes

But this was a simple glass of fruit punch. Very sweet, I'm sure that it's just cordial containing copious amounts of pure sugar mixed in with tap water. But holy shit, was it not the most delicious and refreshing glucose solution I've ever tasted in me gosh darn life!

Each time I let it sliver down my throat, I felt like my swallowing pipes were getting coated in BLISS.

K moving on

Had dinner at a Mexican joint one evening. Yes, the multinational madness continues lol

Waitress came over explaining the heat levels of each sauce and I nodded politely at her kind instructions but in my head I was thinking, gurrrl. This ain't my first time at the rodeo lmao forrealz tho

It looks like shit but I swear, yo. It was DELISHIUS.

Generous toppings, quality dollop guac, plus the spicy pork was tender and very spicy indeed hehe I like that!!

Super qtpatootie character macarons. Which one is your fave! I liked the cuteness of light Rilakkuma (idk wth his/her name is lmao) but passion fruit just ain't ma thang~~

Got the main, darker brown Rilakkuma instead HAHA. You would think it's choc or coffee flavoured but nope! It's lychee. Holy shit, how fancy is that right?

Usually character-based desserts are kinda gimmicky so I was expecting the macarons to taste cheap, plasticky and overly sweet. But they were actually exquisitely made! Very soft and crumbly, chewy in the middle. And the flavour really was amazing. I've never eaten something so perfume-y and florally delicious in my life haha. Very impressed!

Ok bye now lol

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