Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Get sad...but in like a musical way, yknow?

For the first time in weeks, the night is particularly breezy. As the gusts of wind rip through the air in succession, I have just the song to chill out to and we all know that my physical being will spontaneously combust if I don’t write out a overenthusiastic novella in recommendation, so here it is.

(please ignore that awful pic of Taeyang, is2g)

I’m not a particularly huge fan of Big Bang, especially their newer shit. Bang Bang Bang gives me a fucking headache and pretty much every other song in their latest comeback has been unmemorable for me. /amgonnagetkillednow

I’d much rather listen to Taeyang’s solo stuff of GD&T.O.P’s quality collabs, but that’s another story.

"If You" is a super mellow, freaking awesome ballad to just lie down and listen to in the dark as your limbs dangle off the edge of your bed ever so slightly, skin softly caressed by your silk sheets and the paw of your childhood stuffed toy.

I’ve had it on loop at work for a period of time, especially on dark and stormy afternoons where I could see the downpour unfolding from my desk by the window.

Kinda fucked up too that I discovered this song towards the end of my faux-mance (faux romance coz we weren't ~officially~ together and shiet but u kno me and i had to get all emotionally invested in dat bitch) when I was already feeling shitty about it almost every single waking moment of my melodramatic existence. And then I continued blasting this in the background throughout my recovery phase hahaha, which obviously didn't help anytHING coz this song be tragic as hell!!!!1

me @ me: wyd tbh

The narrative of the song has them imposing the question, “If you’re hurting just as much as I am, shall we make things a little easier and just give it another shot?”.

Seems like a simple solution is in store. But the song only gets that much sadder when you realise that, just like many cases of a split a la Break Even, the pain is largely unbalanced. Hence, this plea to get back together and start restoring whatever they once had? Probably one-sided.

And the worse part is, it took all the strength in the world to put one’s pride away and ask the other. When you’re that fixated on a quick fix to ease your heartbreak, even something as cliched as running back into the wreckage of a failed relationship seems utterly tempting.

That point of desperation where you know good and well just how bad things have become. But the memories of good times past push you into seeing it as something you need to cling on to and continue cherishing. Because eventually this shitty “phase” will be history and you guys will be back on track to happily ever after. Is has to be, right?

Even the yearning of possible bliss that lies ahead…Begs the question of whether this is something you should continue fighting for, or to let go of before the wounds cut even deeper.

PSYCHE! Bitch is a BITCH who ain't about shit lol CUT THAT MUHFUCKA OFF, FAM. There are way more delicious brown men in the sea. Also bigger penises. :)

R.I.P to me if when my mother unearths this blog post lmao

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