Monday, 16 May 2016

i dont even like cats

Meant to write a new Bangkok post over the weekend, but succumbing to a 17-hour hibernation just felt way more tempting.

Discovered an absolute gem of a song on Sunday night and was about to pen down some melancholic bullcrap, but instead I wound up drifting off to slumber whilst my latest obsessions, Fail Video Compilations, played in the moonlit background.

You'd be surprised how soothing clips of other people's painful public humiliation can be lol (im not a sadist, i swear)

*the rip-roaring laughter of the supportive loved ones who are filming the whole damn thing is usually what gets me tbh hahaha

I then woke up this somewhat peaceful Monday morning to learn that my mother spent the better part of the night scrolling through my entire emo love shit archive, as shown by her slew of lengthy and VERY Whatsapp concerned messages that bombarded my cranial lobes before I even had time to stretch/mourn the passing of yet another weekend.

Isn't that just dandy!! :D

As such, please have some (subjectively) cute cat photos to coo over as the next post brews!


Boop! Got your nose!

This lil qt is TSL's royal office cat named Pika, short for Pika Choo. Named as such coz its owner (a.k.a my boss)'s surname is Choo. Lol if that isn't just the cleverest damn thing you've ever heard u needa fuck outta my face right quick we shall agree to disagree. I love cool & dandy naming concepts for pets huehuehue

(dont forget i named my pig Baecon)

(ye im a real #cheapthrills kinda gal arent i lol)

Claiming yo hand (paw?)(fur hand) in Marriage™

Gasp! You have chosen me too! *beams* :'))

I was waiting for her killa claws to launch into my flesh but she just stayed there...ever so casually perching on me thigh with one foot.



(the indoor lighting and my shitting phone camera are what makes everything so yellow ok)
(i do not have jaundice)

Look at this fat ass.


Holy shit, she has a lot of fur. So fluffy. I almost got lost in there! D;

How the frickle frackle are you like 3 million times prettier than me tbh...I mean, that's not too difficult to achieve since we're talking about me as the basis of comparison and all lol *sobs* BUT STILL.


Bitch thinks Satan hath arrived the moment I laid my being gently on hers lmao can't blame ya there!

Yes I am as shocked as you are over the fact that physical contact has been established. Now settle down, you fluff level 9000 cute ass body of EVIL!!

Congratz for making it this far on this obvious filler post lol

As a token of appreciation, here's one of my fave screenshots in the entire realm of nonsense that is my phone gallery:

lmao What A Freak!!

it's like a horror show that i can't look away from coz while it is deeply unnatural and unsettling, it be cute af at the same time lollll look at its little limbs!!!!! rooted so authoritatively on the ground. u are not a Human!!!!

man, cats are weird lol

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