Thursday, 26 May 2016

shitty food pics of my last 2 weeks @ TSL (cri n die)

Oh, what an exceptionally glorious time it has been :'))

I realised that my phone gallery is filled to the brim with trash photographic documentation of my everyday life, so here it is.

Actually, they're pretty much all pictures of Food lol

Which makes perfect sense coz afterall, ~Food is Love, Food is Life~

finna get that tattooed on my mon pubis lol JKS haha that would make for a weird pre-coital surprise, wouldn't it! /ded

Free Krispy Kreme donuts sent to the office! Goddamn, I'm gonna miss the neverending onslaught of delectable snacks that just lays in the pantry at all times as a great big free-for-all.

Chocolate glazed with colourful sprinkles, aka a (nice and Brown) classic with a smattering of infectious happiness radiating from the rainbow!

KFC breakfast with Tomasz, which had been in the works literally for months? 企鹅姐姐 (more commonly referred to as Joyce) was supposed to join but unforeseen circumstances kicked in and she was not by my side for (literally just the morning of) the second last day of my TSL journey D;

xiiao_dramaszxc lol

My all-time fave lunch of dry ban mian...BITCH IM GON MISS U, ridiculous waiting time that eats into my otherwise leisurely eating pace and all!!!!!

Ikan bilis is so gosh darn delicious...sigh

And those flavourful chunks of minced meat...and that delicious special sauce mixed in with a dash of chilli!!! T^T

I am convinced that the Universe aligned everything to tie in with my official departure from TSL on Friday.

1. My "regular" McDonald's breakfast item was indefinitely taken off the menu this week lol how tragiqué is that. I didn't even get to savour my office brekkie for the last time :')) I was emotionally unprepared!!
2. My go-to order of Lemon Green Tea w/ white pearls vanished from my life as well...Went to da neighbourhood bubble tea shop on Tuesday and they somehow decided to discontinue one, just ONE type of toppings from the extensive range of choices. And it had to be my precious white pearls.


sorry for the horrific picture lol

slightly sexier angle...i think

no not really, actually

Back when I could still hold the special breakfast roll in my hand...tortilla still warm from the griddle. Cheese melting on those fluffy scrambled eggs while I combined their textures with the savoury ham and crispy hash brown with each bite. Dat lil bit of sweet ketchup threw me off coz I'd always thought a condiment of such simple natures would make the overall breakfast burrito of sorts taste "cheap". Nope. If anything, it was the gel that bound everything together to create a wonderful taste sensation.

And now it's just gone...Forever.

Freaking McDONGLES never even gave me a warning!!!!!! :'((

And I never got to fully fill in my bubble tea loyalty card and get my free drink...Pretty much making the past few months of my patronage absolutely POINTLESS.

This is a sign, y'all. It is time for me to gtfo!! And go wherever those damn breakfast rolls and white pearls are, man forreal.

Miss u guys </3

I'm obvs trolling btw lol what I'm really gonna miss are the amazing people in the office as well as the simple bliss of everyday work life...Ahhh fuck it's gonna be one helluva readjustment.

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