Sunday, 5 June 2016

fancy shit i ate @ strangers' reunion

Honestly baffled by the fact that I never got around to blog about these two super fancy and ULTRA expensive meals. But then again I am a Class A lazy piece of yanky danky doodle shite (wassup Gordon) so there's no surprise there.

Although planet Earth has gone through over half of its orbit around the Sun since I'd first consumed the ensuing foods, it cost me too damn much not to immortalise them on this web journal that's read by a grand total of 4 people. One including my baby sister who Whatsapps me spelling mistakes and grammatical errors no later than 15 minutes after I tell her a new post is up. And another being my mum who's just trying to stalk my relationship status and see if I make any mention of dating a new brown guy. (i wish, mama. i freaking WISH.)

Also one is me.

Idk who the last reader is, but thanks for supportin' yo. U da real mvp :'))


Visited the Strangers' Reunion cafe solo, twice. Both times to visit thy leading man Ian a.k.a DEAN TAN?! oooh he bakes

Service was pretty busy on both trips (especially the daytime one, shit was CRAZY) so I kept trying to spot Ian in the crowd while he did his waitering so I could establish eye contact and disturb him with my moon face emoji expressions. Alas, I'm pretty much blind without my spectacles (which i actively choose not to wear coz i m vain af and would apparently much rather fall into longkang than have the gift of sight) so I wound up staring at the wrong guy instead...multiple times lol

And my gaze was apparently just so leveled at the region of that poor random waiter's derrière so...that's nice. :'))


Sunday, 6th September 2015

Especially memorable coz it was the last weekend before I'd officially became an intern journalist at TheSmartLocal teehee. The beginning of an era!! I had nooo idea what amazing things were going to be in store for me haha. That wide-eyed, naïve but uber eager fool.

 This was obviously taken at the height of my atas, act 一个 fancy phase. I mean, those sunglasses on the table? REALLY, bitch?? lol

Tryna be all Tumblr-esque and whatnot.  Sent way too much money down the drain, but what I did enjoy forreal was the quality alone time!

In fact, I enjoyed myself so much it spawned this blog post which I stumbled upon while going through my archives and checking if I'd ever posted these food pics hahaha. Such gr8 times!!

Besides a tall glass of iced cold Mocha ($5.50)(pretty okay deal? definitely not the priciest mocha i've seen across my cafe-hopping), I got myself the Ham & Homemade Goat's Cheese Omelette ($15)(again, solid price for a main course i'd say!).

I freaking LOVE eggs, and honestly I feel that you just can't go wrong with a nice, simple omelette stuffed with lotsa cheese. Well, unless you're Hatched lol. Don't mean to be rude since they're one of my fave cafes of all time, but damn. Their omelette was pretty ghastly :\

Stranger's Reunion served theirs atop some toast, so you KNOW for sure that 15 bucks is gonna go a long way in satiating your hunger haha. There was also a lil side salad (rocket tossed in vinaigrette, nothing super fancy but it pairs well with all the richness of the eggs, meat and cheese!) and what I reckon to be the absolute star of the show: SPICY TOMATO RELISH.

Perfect balance of heat and tang, every mouthful was made that much tastier from that dollop of relish on top.

Twas my first time trying out proper goat's cheese and...I'm not a fan lol. I found it way too pungent with a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste each time I gulped it down. I would probably never in my life order something with goat's cheese ever again lmao. But then again, I quite dislike lamb as well. And, I've heard that goat's milk is pretty nasty, so.

Guess I'll stick to my regular cow byproducts lol

/every time i discuss my heavily carnivorous diet i feel kinda bad?? like an army of vegans out there are foaming at the mouth because of my milk, cheese and meat-loving sentiments lol IM SORRY!! i must continue to eat them...dey juz too Tasty :'))


Friday, 18th September 2015

Still pretty early on in my internship, I decided to swing by Stranger's Reunion for a nice solo dinz. Nice and chill way to kickstart the weekend!

I honestly do not know what Past Me was thinking...blowing that kinda cash on fancy meals when I hadn't even received my first paycheck yet lmao WHUT?? Present Me still needs to deliberate for like 45 mins to see whether it would be financially feasible to go get a Paddle Pop from 7-11, god damn.

tfw your past self was #ballin like mad, so present day you is a broke ass bitch lol

save me

Affogato! ($6.50)

Vanilla bean ice cream was super decadent, A+ quality indeed. That shot of espresso was KILLER STRENGTH, yo. I am NOT kidding. My heart was palpitating like nobody's business after I'd so much as DIPPED the tip of my tongue into it.

ok that's a lil bit of exaggeration but u get it lol

I remember this dinner occurred when I was still in my hardcore Snapchat phase. Obviously I had to capture that pouring of espresso onto da ice cream ball, only I had a gross miscalculation of physics and the coffee wound up getting EVERYWHERE ON THE TABLE.

The waitress was super nice about it and came by immediately to clean up the sad brown puddles of my failure. And food wastage, fuck me.

The worst part was I was still helplessly clutching onto my phone, screen still opened to the camera function coz I am Dumbo lol hi helo it me.

This right here is the Truffled Cream (!!) Pasta with Italian Pork Sausage, Edamame & Parmesan ($18.90).

The cream sauce was just about as incredible as you'd imagine. Of course, the parmesan shavings were ridiculously fragrant and tasty, albeit a little on the stingy side. And that tiny lil baby pinch of truffles? HEAVEN.

I'm not the biggest fan of sausages (lol! except for those kinds of sausages HA HA HA)(sorry, i'm also not very mature obvs) but the herby Italian meat did bring a touch of savouriness to an otherwise entirely rice and creamy dish.

Edamame peas were on point, too. So cute and light! Who doesn't love edamame? Teehee (⁎⁍̴̀﹃ ⁍̴́⁎)♡


First time I got to sample their dinner menu. Prior visits were mostly centred around their famous buttermilk waffles, and one time I got to try their smashed avocado on bread (with BACON, no less!) which was superb.

To more gastronomically delightful trips to wonderful cafes in the near future!

If my funds would so allow it lol

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