Tuesday, 14 June 2016

i get way too excited by groceries in australia

Because I am a br0ke a$$ bit¢h, I've been trying my darndest to be awfully frugal. I haven't shopped for new clothes/shoes/accessories for like, 10 months or so. Unless I see a piece of <$5 cloth that's hanging in the clearance sales rack that just so happens to fit my body.

Also excluding my bombastic bargain buys in Bangkok. Bless the night markets, where else can you snag 7 tops for a wholesale price of 80% off the r.r.p?

Yet, I'm here now in Perth not yearning for shopping sprees to stock up my wardrobe with new threads. If there's anything I'd like to ship back home by the tonne, it's the irresistible array of supermarket goodies. Alas, food is something I'll always love too much not to splurge on. And yet there's barely a dent in my pocket even after I supply my trolley with enough nourishment to satiate the appetite of a full-grown rhinoceros (i.e me).

Really, now? Really???

Pasta, my looooove~~~! All types, too. Spirals, shells and rigatoni. Oh, my! *a billion heart eye emojis rise to the ceiling as i sprint down the aisles and sweep everything into my cart like a maniac without a care in the world*

Also, "69" cents? LOLOLOLOL

(maturity is Me)

I was so ridiculously enthralled by all the wacky and exotic offerings laying oh so majestically in the fresh produce section. Like, not even kidding. Strolling down that section of the supermarket was akin to making a trip to the zoo or something. Just marvelling at every new exhibit.

Goddamn, nature is full of wonder.

How big are these eggplants doe??? They're basically eggBOWLS at this rate.

Adorable??.? ??  ? ? um

Damn, I ain't even had a skinny carrot like that in my whole life tho forreal. But now at least I've received the privilege of seeing some with my very own eyes. Multiple whole bunches, in fact! #blessed

My mum caught me snapping this picture and she totally judged me and yelled, "没有看过白萝卜啊?!" ("Have you never seen a radish before?!")

Ok in my defence.!!

Aside from the sheer size of that humongous thing, I have very recently gotten into MAMAMOO. Like, way, waaaaaay into them. It started with one insanely catchy troll song that was produced, released and performed as a great big joke. Honestly, they were just parodying Unpretty Rapstar lol. Which I also happen to love!

That amount of dedication just for a spoof...And to have it unintentionally become such a smash hit of a song, too? Incredible lol.

But anyways yeah. Spent the better portion of my post-internship break binge-watching Mamamoo On Crack videos (bless this Youtube user who is hilarious as hell, a pity she's only made less than 15 videos in the series so far but best believe I've rewatched them all about five times each HAHA i need help) and now I am a hardcore, 100% certified MooMoo.

Which is the name of MAMAMOO's fan club.

Which also coincidentally translates to "radish" in Korean (무, pronounced mu").

Thus resulting in the root vegetable being adopted as the girl group's unofficial mascot. To the point where, instead of waving light sticks like any other normal K-idol group's fans, MAMAMOO's concerts consist of an arena illuminated by glowing radish-shaped torches.


That is a thing.

Which I guess I am now a part of.

Taking pictures of giant Moos and shit.

My girls :'))) <3

Performing live on stage wearing radish onesies lmao FECKIN CUTE!!!!! im ded

(there's also a thing where fans (sorry i meant MOOMOOS) wear radish MASKS to go watch their performances but it just looks way too freaking creepy so...i ain't about to embed it here and let it fuel my nightmares lol. u have been warned!)

Great. And now, back to regular scheduled programming of Grocery Tales! :)))

P.S - not that anybody asked but my discovery of Mamamoo was also (partly) what lead to my first relatively drastic haircut in about 5 years! LOVE YOU HWASA, my short hair style inspo <3

What, pray tell, could this gorey looking vacuum-sealed packet of juicy red blood and guts be? A cow liver? A sheep's heart? FRESHLY DUG OUT OF ITS CARCASS WITH A HUMAN FIST PUNCHED CLEAN THROUGH TO ITS CHEST, STILL BEATING???!

Nah man, it a beetroot lol

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