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idk if u can tell but i quite like SALMON

It was around late 2015 when I made the splendid discovery that I was, in fact, not allergic to oily fish. Just white fish, and that's it!

No thanks to that cursed Filet O' Fish I'd sunk my teeth into as a voracious 6-year-old...And the subsequent flareups of NEAR DEATH proportions throughout my childhood as my mother tried to sneak in pieces of common white fish into my food to "see whether I was really allergic" and "test my tolerance levels".


So there I was, bordering 20 years of age still living under the belief that all fish = bad. Betta not touch it lest I want my lips and throat to swell up and itch like a bitch while the rest of my body self-destructs upon sensing the danger!

On that #blessed day where I first consumed a notable amount of salmon, I gave it a healthy window of time and ultimately noticed that I was completely fine and devoid of any physical symptoms. Other than a delightfully satiated tummy and a surge of omega 3 being absorbed into my bloodstream unlike anything my body had ever before experienced.

Plus, my heart rate probably accelerated quite a fair bit due to excitement of this wonderful World Of Salmon I had just unlocked. Think of all the possibilities!! OH MY GOD I am gonna eat all the salmon there is in the whole wide world!!!

Better late than pregnant never, they always say. But I had some catching up to do to make up for the past 2, salmon-lacking decades.

I...sorta went into overdrive for a month of two where I'd ONLY order salmon every time I went out for a meal HAHA

The following were taken between October 2015 to...earlier this week.

Note that this isn't even everything lol not even close! Coz I don't take pics of my food ALL the time. Sometimes I am lazy and/or too freaking famished to whip out my phone, ja feel?


Strangely I'm still slightly reactive to raw salmon a.k.a sashimi. Tried it one time and within 2 minutes my physical being was collapsing upon itself. But at least I gave it a try so that's that!

Very content with just being able to devour cooked salmon anyway. Especially that succulent aburi, mmmmmm yas lord~~

Genki Sushi!

It was me first time there and honestly I was more taken aback by the incredible "train delivery" system than anything else but DAMN, these were some tasty ass SOOSHes!

These were from Itacho Sushi @ Changi Airport, my love~~

That minuscule piece of cheese was nicely charred, sure. But it added little to no taste value to the overall experience in thine mouth so PLEASE do not waste yo money on dat shiet!!

The delectable assortment of piped sauces is where it's at :3

Torched mentaiko sauce? Holy SHIT yaaas.

Ichiban Sushi:

Do not underestimate that tiny smidgin of chilli sauce because it lead to a straight-up spice EXPLOSION in me mouth. Spring onions were a bad garnish choice :\ So pungent and unnecessary imo lolz

These ones are from Chargrill Bar, which I absolutely ADORE. Their sides are prettyyyy amazing :'))

My fave ones to get are the potato salad, chips (they're thick as hell, crinkle-cut and doused in some glorious paprika seasoning mix instead of just salt. what's not to love?!) and the onion rings. Yes, I am very much an advocate for clean eating lol where da Health Promotion Board at?? I am DEFINITELY an Healthier Option™ lmao

Since we're on the topic of clean eats, DO NOT order the garden salad as one of your sides, even if they tell you every single other side dish is out of stock lmao EAT AIR INSTEAD.

I thought it was gonna be some quality shredded veggies tossed in a decent dressing, but nope. It was a mountain of shitty lettuce pieces drowning in spurts of mayonnaise. Topped off with a slice of fat and juicily DISGUSTING tomato (a.k.a satan's ass fruit) to mock me, no less!

The biggest disappointment in my life...and I have seen some shit, Belieb dat ._.

If I'm not wrong, one salmon steak costs $9.80 and comes with 2 sides, which I think is a g00d. a$$. Deal. Their salmon is soooo well-seasoned, I'm talking pepper and herb RUBBED deeply into dat shiet and grilled to crispy seared perfection.

Only gripe I would have is the inconsistency of the portion sizes...lmao

Also sometimes it can get a bit too dry but oh well, you win some you lose some! For a neighbourhood kopitiam chain stall tho, Chargrill Bar stays #winning <3

I am such a fan of them lol I can't even lie

This one's from Big Box at Jurong East. They have a cafeteria-like food court set-up that I'm quite sure is supposed to be like an imitation Ikea cafe lol

No complaints tho! Their food is cheap and grrr8.

Hefty slab of salmon, Hollandaise sauce was on POINT and there was plenty of it to go around! Went really well with the veggies, strong dill aroma throughout and it was just fab.

11/10 would recommend, I wanna go there again please lol someone living in the westside please hmu!!

Went to some kopitiam near parkway parade one evening when I was chillin in the east,

This was the worst shit ever. Super expensive (i don't even remember the exact figure but i recall being pretty pissed about the unjustified cost hahaha), the service was horrible, and I had to wait so long for this sizzling hot plate of POO. I was personally offended, it was that bad aight?

Look at those miserable excuses for fries, too. Just when you thought the sauce could be a saving grace for an otherwise indigestible pile of sludge, Nope. It was completely watered down and disgusting.

Sad, sad day for us salmon lovers worldwide.

Twas an absolute mess indeed.

Back on track with Saizeriya's hotplate offerings, which I'm goddamn sure was only a FRACTION of the price but so much better nonetheless:

See, the thing with Saizeriya's meat dishes is that it isn't the most well-seasoned in town. Hell, even the side dishes are sad ol' boiled corn and soggy potato wedges lol (i love u to death, Saizeriya. but u kno it's da truth!! wat da heck is up wit ur wedgez TBH).

So what I usually do when I get the salmon is mix it up with what little creamy spinach sauce it comes with, and drown the absolute hell out of it with a nice HEAPING of parmesan cheese.

Honestly, I don't even bother with the pounding of the can or endlessly trying to shake it out like some freaking Shake Weight (things can get obscene at the dinner table, im just sayin). Just unscrew the cap right off and proceed to pourrrrr dat lovely pungent powder out :)))

The heat of the sizzling plate will cook it right up and your cheese will get combined wit creamy sauce and become gooey, melty goodness.

U welkum <3

O' Coffee Club:

Takeaway versions of the same dish lol, hence the progressive hideousness.

Their's is a firm favourite of mine because it has an awesome, sticky shoyu glaze paired with a refreshing yuzu sauce that really cuts through the richness. Also, the creamy mashed POTATAS are always A++.

Sadly they're weirdly inconsistent with the side dishes AND presentation lol. Like, hey one day I'm just gonna give it to you seared and encrusted but the next time you visit Imma douse it in sauce so it's nice and WE T. and they keep freaking changing their menu?? So yeah idek if this item still exists. But it was fun while it lasted! :'))

This one's from Hot Tomato, which is well-known for their steaks and grills but eff dat lmao IMMA GET SOME SALMON.

This marked my very first one-on-one dinner sesh with Joyce...back then we were still at the old office. Damn, how time flies. That was the start of something new doe. TEEHEE. Ok I'm getting sentimental now, goodbye.

First and so far only time I've had salmon with a fresh and tangy mango salsa accompaniment rather than a creamy sauce! Was aight lol. Nothing that would make me crave it another time :\

Swensens pesto salmon:

I usually am a huge, HUGE fan of everything Swensen has on offer. Been dining regularly at good ol' Swennie's since I was a freaking baby so I practically grew up on that shit. But their salmon was just...edible. lol

Idk if something went wrong in the kitchen the one time I decided to order this dish, but the pesto "cream" sauce was legit just pesto WATER. Like, I am not kidding. You could swish it around in that lil cup, it was so liquified and tasteless I might as well have dunked the salmon into my cup of iced water.

Cmon Swensens GET YO HEAD IN THE GAME!! still love u doe <3

This was also a Major Disappointment in the form of a random kopitiam Western food stall I decided to try out for fun. Salmon was completely unseasoned and, in my many months of salmon consumption, was the FISHIEST by far.

Honestly I'd never noticed how off-puttingly fishy a salmon could be whilst I was eating it, until this one. Super bad, yo. :'(

Cream pasta was also completely tasteless lmao

It was one of those meals where I really had to force each bite down my gullet in the name of not wasting food, but every painful gulp was accompanied by a tear rolling down my cheek. (not literally but ya)

Finna end off on a high note! Yes it is true lol, we are almost coming to the end of this ridonkulously long post. Tbh it kinda spiralled out of control coz I didn't even want to write something for EVERY salmon pic...and it was meant to be kept to a short caption. But lo and behold apparently salmon gets me so emotional I must write a passionate paragraph on each piece that I've ever consumed lmao BYE

i need help


This is from Fish & Co's healthier choice menu. All the dishes are supposed to be like, a total of 500 calories I think. When they sent the itty bitty plate over to our table my mum was like LOLLL wtf.

Seriously tho the portion is tiny, but kinda cute at the same time.

"What is this, a salmon for ANTS??!"

LOVED the grilled pumpkin chunks on the side, the creamy mushroom dip was pretty swaggy as well!

Fish & Co recently revamped their menu, I think. And they now have a wide range of salmon steak options. Full-sized ones, this time lololol

I got myself a nice and traditional herbs & spices salmon, but they also come in cajun spiced and Japanese seaweed furikake (i think??!) varieties. Idk lol, Imma go try them all out teehee IF I have the funds! It's kinda expensive.

But SOOOOO worth the splurge omg it was deelish.

Right up there in the TOP 3 BEST SALMON DISHES I dun ever tasted, I swear to you. Could very well be The Best, actually. Shit was gooooooood

You get to choose what 2 sides you wanna get and I got the tasty rice (idk wtf it's called lol IT'S GOOD THO)(love the plump and juicy raisins mixed in wit da spiced rice grains <3) and the seasonal vegetables coz I wanna ~*act healthy*~.

I can't believe there was barley in my veggies...I've always hated it as a child but surprisingly it's so much easier to down as a cooked side dish than as a sweet drink?? huehuehue

Bonus: Kenneth was using this salmon phone case for a brief period of time and it is just...everything I ever wanted in my whole entire life.


Sweet dreams are made

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  1. I'm glad that you are not allergic to salmon. Every dish looked really delicious. I'm buying salmon today. Salmon is so easy to cook. I just grill it and serve it with rice.