Saturday, 11 June 2016


Definitely a recurring feature on my blog (#throwback to 2012 & 2013), I finally got to visit South Ocean again for the first time in ages. We first discovered this gem of a Chinese restaurant well over a decade ago, and it has since become a must-visit on every single trip back to WA.

My entire family has been dining there so often ever since I was a kid, especially during the period of time I was studying in Perth. I was practically raised on their scrumptious HK fare! Coz when you're a young rice-loving Asian, nothing beats digging into a piping hot meal that reminds you of home. And your ching chong China roots lol

There's something about the rowdy atmosphere of a Chinese restaurant that's particularly heartwarming, too. Step through the door and you're automatically transported to a comfy, safe space where Mandarin and an assortment of other Chinese dialects are the main mode of communication.

And of course, there was the clan of waiters during my childhood era whom I found suuuuuper duper handsome. But then again, I've always been told that I have rather strange tastes in men lol. Still, it's probably what instilled my love for Cantonese-speaking guys...teehee!


ABSOLUTE fave: Salt n' Pepa Squidz

The crispy battered skin is soooo ridiculously crispy and flavourful. As a tiny lil 8-year-old, I was quite the finicky eater so weird, bland and chewy squid was a big no-no in my one page long list of foods I'd actually eat. I used to peel the skin off and pair it with my white rice, chucking the squid meat rejects to my parents to get rid of lmao

I think Young Me would be mighty pleased to know that I now eat all dem gross looking veggies, and LOVE it too :')) Snow peas tho! <3

Vegetables are so freaking tasty when prepared right!!!! oh my gosh

Except for brussels sprouts, I must say. All those stereotypes in children's books turned out to be terribly true. The sweaty globes of fart-smelling putrid veg are Do not attempt eating them. It will not end well. :(

Crispy chicken! My dad's fave :)

He has to order this at EVERY Chinese restaurant we head to lol. Yup, even in SG. He could probably give you a tried and tested list of the 10 Best Crispy Chick Hennns there is.

Another regular every time we hit South Ocean up. It doesn't look the prettiest, but it's a delicious thick broth of tung hoon (a.k.a glass noodles, MY LOVE!!), with fried pieces of egg tofu (*droooolz*) and an assortment of other goodies. Like enoki mushroom! Choking hazard but very delicious haha (that's what she said)(just kidding)(that'd be weird)

Tried something new this time, think it's a limited edition special on their menu? KOREAN STYLE beef served with shredded fresh veg and soft-as-hell mantou buns! Forreal tho, they were soooo fluffy and fun to just press and squeeze for way longer than is appropriate at the dinner table huehuehue

Beef was tasty but way too sweet for my liking :\

If there was some Korean gochujang (hot pepper sauce) to go with it that would've been AMAZING omg

Fun fact: Gochu is also slang for penis in Korean huehuehuehuehuehue #TheMoreYouKnow!

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