Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Where Women Glow, And Men Plunder.

Hello from Perth!!

+1000 points if u got da title ref 

The last time I'd been Down Under was well over a year ago. Mi familia went on a trip to WA without me some time in mid-2015, dumping me in SG with all my school commitments D;

Well I'm back here now to eat some good ass fast food and have supermarket adventures stocking up on dirt cheap, exotic groceries!


As ironic as the Universe could possibly get, I blog about my disdain for lamb only a few short hours before my flight, only to board the plane and get just 2 menu options of either white fish (which i am allergic to) or. Lamb.

Ok I ain't even wanna sound like a picky eater, ungrateful bratty ass lol any inflight meal I get to dig into is a GOOD one!

Braised in red wine, these weren't bad at all. Had that super strong pungency I detest in all lamb I've eaten throughout my life (instances which i could easily count on just one hand) but undeniably flavourful and aromatic as well.

Veggies were pleasant but crazily salty, which I guess they have to be coz human tastebuds supposedly lose a huge percentage of their senses when that high up in the air, hence all airplane food has to be HEAVILY seasoned to an extreme degree.

Best part fo sho' was the garlic mashed po-tatas, as expected. SO creamy and delicious, homaigod.

Even the smoked chicken appetizer with Waldorf salad was gr8. A++!

Goddamnit, I love airline food with all my heart :'))) ♡


Watched The Mermaid (a Hong Kong comedy) during my flight, and I'm honestly surprised I made it through the whole thing lol

what a cute concept!! can u identify all the different sea creatures weaved into their hair hehehe

Back when it was still showing in local cinemas around the beginning of the year, I was absolutely DYING to catch it because it was the only movie by Stephen Chow in a while. And I seriously missed his inimitable hilarity :'))

Still kinda sad that he wasn't in the actual movie itself (i think he's permanently retired as an actor. KILL ME) but if he's the brains behind it, it's gotta induce some decent laughs right?

I'd say the beginning portions were rather draggy. In fact, any scenes with the Rich Guy or Rich Girl were just boring. Did their job in steering the plot, sure. But it didn't contribute to the rip-roaring comic entertainment at all.

My favourite character, hands down (or should i say tentacle, TEEHEE!) was Show Luo Zhi Xiang as the fucking Octopus Uncle. Man, every time he appeared on screen I was just mentally prepared to giggle like a goon while cramped in my seat on a crowded ass airplane.

Good times, yo. I love 小猪 :))

Another scene that had me dying was the one where Rich Guy goes to report his mermaid kidnapping incident and the policemen have a hard time believing his claims of fantasy. Also when the cops tried to draw out how the "suspect" would look like lmao I WAS DED.

half human, half fish lol BYE

Check out the trailer here if you need one more reason to torrent legally obtain this box office record smashing comedy for your viewing pleasure teehee

Ok, dat all for my movie review rambling. As a final offering,

I can't believe Wu Yi fucking Fan a.k.a Kris of EXO-M fame (before he said adios and dumped those Kpoppers for a new career of his own based on the huge legion of fans he'd amassed from his short but powerful music career, once backed by Korean music industry giant S.M Entertainment) made a cameo appearance as quite possibly the randomest character of all time /GUFFAWS

He was pree cute doe, acting as a marine biology student on a scholarship to learn more about MERMAIDZ lololol ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ

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