Thursday, 28 July 2016

egg updates

I thought it was just a phase at first, but my love for all things eggy is still going strong.

I'm no longer using my adorable sunny side up phone case*. Had to retire it and switch things up with a new shell coz I bought too many phone covers at once and I'm afraid that my phone will either be swapped out for a new one when my mobile contract ends/die out on its own before I get the chance to use all my covers at least once lmao. #firstworldproblem to the max??

Note to self: Curb your enthusiasm the next time you go phone case shopping. It's just so hard to find cute covers for any model that ain't a generic iphone/samsung galaxy!!1

*read that post and realised how much things have changed now that it's 5 months down the road. damn. this is why i love blogging lol. it's like an easy to create and even more convenient to access online journal filled with nonsensical shitposting and poorly taken photos, but the memories that they bring are so gr8 :'))

Ok idk why I got so in-depth with the phone cases thing. This post is to announce my glorious new ez-link card TEEHEE


Just in case it wasn't obvious enough...I. Freaking. LOVE Gudetama lol  that lazy little shit!!

(click here if u love him too and want some gude-wallpapers)(there's also gude-porn in that post lol I M SERIOUS)

My student ez-link is actually expiring in about a month or so (goodbye, student perks. i will miss u)(i act as if im not gonna continue carrying the card around in my wallet and savouring the student benefits and discounts that it'll bring HOHOHOHO try and stop me!!!!!!)(law enforcers who may be reading this....pls do not arrest me)(i just want to get student meals at kfc, i mean no harm), meaning this EGGCELLENT new release couldn't have come at a better time!

im sorry lol i just had to

When I saw the announcement for their limited edition release, I was so eggcited (ok last one lol I PROMISE) I almost pooed.

Ermmm the designs aren't the best, tbh? Kinda plain and boring, idk :\

I like the one where Gudetama's chilling on a bus/train with a captain's hat on. It's really cute and I love the idea of him actually taking our local public transportation lol idk why the thought of that thrills me...i need to Get A Life

The egg/boat one is aesthetically pleasing, I'll give you that. But it's just too plain for me :((

It's $12 for purchase with a loaded value of $7, meaning the piece of Gude plastic costs $5 lol
Usage valid all the way to 2022, though! I got it over the counter at my nearest TransitLink Ticket Office and the whole process took me like, 30 seconds :)

Thank goodness I managed to snag my favourite design out of the lot. And now it's mine to tote around all around the island! Hooray!!

Just kinda weird that the croissants (?) are drawn in a way that makes me think of this every time I see it:

lol save me ples

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

a thousand and one cliches...

...that are nevertheless true.

"Last night I laid in bed, so blue. 'Cause I realised the truth: They can't love me like you.
I tried to find somebody new. Baby, they ain't got a clue. Can't love me like you."

I was on a wave, with you. I truly was.

(Once you've had the best, you can't do better.)
Deep down I know that it's not true, coz I got my whole life ahead of me.
I sure as shit didn't expect to meet you, and for all those things to happen. But it happened anyway.
So who's to say I won't experience a billion more blessings in future, beyond what my imagination can even conjure?
I just wish I didn't have to wait so damn long.
Coz honestly, it still hurts a little bit from time to time.

I didn't expect to find something like that. Not this early on, at least. Not this young.
How is it that you were able to utterly satiate me in every way possible?
And now I'm left without it anymore.
Constantly battling between letting it be and trying to find a replacement.
Another you.
All futile attempts, no doubt.

There've been commendable efforts the past weeks of late where I pretend like I don't know you.
That we never met.
Where I coast through various spots around town while running errands and I pretend we didn't spend time there together.
Where I board a bus in the afternoon and it goes down a path that once took me to you at 3A.M in the dead of night, where I felt most alive.
Where a random song comes on shuffle but it just had to be one that used to play in the background back when we laid in that king-sized bed, your arms around me and my world standing so perfectly still.

But I've just not been able to do the same today.
Tonight, I miss you the most.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Laffs Volume 3.0

"Normal" posts are currently in the works and I plan on doling them out in a regular fashion (hopefully)(i m The Most inconsistent person i know in this world so yea)(we gon see), but I'm still gonna come at y'all with da memes   8-)

Some of these are gonna hit a lil too close to home lol so prepare for the possibility that it might get a bit...Real :\

like this one:

Story of my fucking life tbh lololol cAN I JUST CLAM.  DOWN FOR ONCE. ????? JUS T 0NCE, DAT WIL B REAL NICE


VERY tru lol  IM SORRY MAN an introvert's gotta do what an introverts gotta do! :'))

relatable.. .


just continue lettin my stubborn ol' self suffer D';

Lil interjection of cuteness and love <3

Chelsea Peretti is awesome ok she's one of my faves on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, her stand-up is pretty bomb most of the time and her tweets ALWAYS have me dying lol go check her stuff out!

hahahahha  i read that thing out loud 3x  it was gr8

IF THIS ISN'T ME LIKE, 86.335% OF MY LIFE!!!!!!1! oh my Cod


how can a frozen stiff, grinning mask exude so much tragedy lmao TBH


aight that's all for now folks <3

look at this cute little fucker hehe IT'S SO HD!! colour me amazed :D

Saturday, 16 July 2016

fucked around and got attached to u.

k so I’m now in a more balanced state of emotions, therefore allowing safe and healthy enjoyment of songs about loss, heartbreak, tragic shit like that.

But YO this song has got me capital “F", Fucked. Up.

(i’m really glad official music videos all come with lyrics now lol)

When I first saw the title while scrolling Spotify’s charts, I was like nah fam that sounds like some grade-A cheesy love song shit that I ain’t tryna mess with lol

random side note but i really just…Hate fantastical stuff about romance lol idc whether it’s songs, books, shows, whatever. u canNOT do anything in this world that would make me want to voluntarily spend 1+ hours of my life sitting through a rom-com omg especially if it’s like a sob story..i will Barf.

Thank goodness I forced myself to give it a listen (fuck u spotify and ur stupid 5 skips per hour)(IM TOO BR0KE TO CONTINUE MY PREMIUM ACCOUNT AFTER THE TRIAL GODDAMNIT) coz it is truly…a work of art.

Beautiful vocals (love the girl especially. can’t believe she’s only six-freaking-teen omfg WHAAT???! U STOP THAT), bomb ass lyrics and it just makes me Ache…in places that still remain untouched.

Like, how u gon make me feel like I lost the love of my life when a bitch haven’t even BEEN in love yet lol DAMN?????


"And now all this time
Is passing by
But I still can't seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realise how much I miss you.

Do you miss me like I miss you?
Fucked around and got attached to you.

Always missing people that I shouldn't be missing,
Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just to create some distance.
I know that I control my thoughts and
I should stop reminiscing."


bruh  :')


p.s this song is pretty good too (and by that i mean that it’s also fairly high on the SOUL CRUSHING factor)

Look at me, becoming a proper Top 40s basic bitch lol

where my k-hiphop and r&b at

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

guess who's happy as a clam again lol (it me)

Ok I don't know how sad I sounded in my 2 previous posts starting from Sunday night, and how often I included mention of melancholic shit. But these days I have truly been A Whiney Bitch irl lmao that's no joke. It's gotten annoying, frankly, but there are just times where chasing that mopey feeling of emptiness and despair actually becomes somewhat desirable, y'know?

Late last night (when i was all alone feeling massively Fucked Up, surprise! lol) I stumbled upon this tweet from one of my OG favourite Youtubers, comedian, rapper, human being in general.

I felt so strongly about this <140 character post that I wanted to somehow hold the tweet to my chest and just press that shit into my heart. Deep in the back of my mind I already know this stuff, it's logic. My heart, on the other hand, is the one in need of convincing.

To just trust the process. Let time do its thang, ma.

True enough, I woke up today shortly after noon (HOURS earlier than my routine screwed up cycle time of 5pm, might i add. so that's already a victory in itself lol no?) and as the shitty lil demons started creeping in my ear chanting "LIFE SUCKS" over and over, I was presented with the Best. News. Ever. (it's mainly to do with my education/future path in life. VERY exciting stuff but imma keep it all lowkey for now coz nothing's set in stone yet and i aint tryna jinx anything lol :X)

Like, you don't even have time to entertain emo thoughts when real life is unfolding at such amazing magnitudes.

A bunch of other smaller joys starter piling on soon after. And I've only been awake for less than an hour so far! lololol

Life is so good, man.

Everyone should allow themselves to properly feel sadness, hurt, anger, disappointment etc. All those unsavoury emotions that are part and parcel of life. Not every day is gonna be filled with sunshines, rainbows and singing ponies with glitter in their hair.

...But next time I choose to focus on the insignificant bits of my life that are lacking, completely taking for granted the countless blessings I have to be grateful for? Just slap me in the face. Please, I beg of you*.

*definitely not "you" as in a possible stranger reading this from the internet whom i don't know and have never met irl lol can u imagine how scary and violent that would be? striking me across the face when u see me on the street like "oh, i'm just here delivering that slap u wanted so badly. yer welks"    ..awkz

Monday, 11 July 2016

June/July Joys (Part I): Long Men & Naked Babies

I'm gonna start dipping into the photo gallery of my phone and blogging about random past events (mostly food)(mostly overseas). Reason being that I foresee myself spending majority of the days ahead just vegetating, straight up.

A rollercoaster of swagtastic events has come and gone. Beginning from June to, well...Yesterday, I suppose. Man, what a fucking incredible month or so. End of an amazing internship, unfolding of plans for university. Adventures in Perth and Penang. BBC* dream come true lol.

*And u kno i aint talkin bout no British Broadcasting Corporation. /insert moon emoji/

The fact that such life-changing highs were also accompanied by pretty devastating lows, just makes each day or even a single moment of happiness that much more worthy of gratitude and appreciation.

2016 has been one insanely phenomenal year so far. Like, things have happened that I never would've even DREAMED about in my wildest fantasies. Can you imagine that? Coz I sure couldn't lol.

It is my hope that I'll be able to remember this spectacular era years down the road, as I'm being lowered into my grave. #morbidmonday huehuehue if my mama read this she would slap me in the face for joking about my own impending death. then she would probably skin me alive for the bbc thing earlier on lmao ok


Penang bound! None of these pictures are gonna be posted in a way that'll make any chronological sense, btw. My phone jumbles them up every time it transfers from internal to external memory, and the physical memory of my own brain can't keep up so yeah.

As Chris would say, "*sigh* Life."

When you're stuck in a wifi-less apartment with nothing to do...Doodle emo lyrics on tissue paper lol OF COURSE!!

"If you were still here...
Even if just half of you were left behind
Perhaps I wouldn't be so lonely"

D (Half Moon) by DEAN. Yeah I still wasn't over it heh :'))

My handwriting is horrible and the words that I wasn't sure of how to write, I just scribbled some random strokes and hoped for the best lmao. Also I'm now realising that it should be "也许" instead of "如果". (i think)

Such a disgrace to my China roots D;

First meal in Malaysia, very apt:

My fave! lololololol

Y'all know I had to hit my internationally acclaimed go-to Indian cuisine hotspot up within the next day...

ya i've only been to like less than 3 legit Indian restaurants across just SG/MSIA but still

My sis and I helped ourselves to the delicious tandoori chicken <3

Feckin luv briyani (idk if it's spelled biryani or what, ppl keep tellin me different things) and naan :)))

My mum's vegetarian set.

3 lunch sets came to a total of a little under SGD$12?? Like. How is that even possible.


I was in tears, y'all. Food was so good...And it was cheap as all hell??? HOW

Oh ya and the service + surroundings were on point too. For a glimpse of the latter, look at my previous post about the restaurant here. I already hyperlinked it above during my initial mention but I bet u didn't click it, aye? Thought I wouldn't find out huh?!!

If you actually did click on it then. My sincerest apologies lol. You da real mvp and I love and value you as a person ok? Muah~~  ❤

If you didn't click it before and you still don't wanna click it now coz you don't give A Single Fuck and want me to just shut up about this right now and proceed with the rest of the post... fair enough :')

Anddddd over here we have our lil dessert. I think it was called kefir ice cream? Sorry, the only thing I remember is that none of us could pronounce it and there was no wifi so I couldn't Google it. Dat cultural struggle doe :\

The friendly waiter HIGHLY suggested it so we gave it a try. Pree chill. Had lots of crushed pistachio bits in it which I really enjoyed.

The ice cream melted super rapidly tho, and the remaining solid chunks in the middle were like, frosty which is a big no-no for me when it comes to the all-important matter of AIS KRIM.

Ok, Perth updates now!!

Went by Target one evening coz I planned on picking up some nail remover wipes, maybe a pair of shoes if they happen to catch my fancy AND be on sale AND have my size. I sure as heck didn't expect to waltz up to the cashier toting a freaking PLASTIC BABY DOLL *chortle*

What can I say, I just can't resist the cuteness of these smooth little plastic shitheads lmao THEY REALLY R QUITE ADORABLE!!!! One of my happiest purchases throughout the trip, too. I think something's wrong with me, idk.

Anyway they were on sale, used to be 7 bucks but marked down to a nice and affordable $4.20 lol #BLAZEIT

(u cant make this stuff up)

Snapped a pic with the Target logo in the background so I could commemorate the momentous occasion lmao. The chick working there made eye contact with me RIGHT before I pressed the shutter on my phone and is2g she was judging the Hellllllll outta me...

To humanize a modelled structure of plastic even further, I deliberated intensely for about 15 minutes before naming her 小丸子 (xiǎo wán zi). "Wán" means something like ball or round, for example meatball and fishball are called 肉丸 (rou wan) and 鱼丸 (yu wan) respectively.

But it also alludes to something roundish and squishy? And KAWAII NEH~~

(im like so disgusted by myself and my antics i almost feel the physical tingling of an oncoming Vomit at the back of me throat lol Y AM I LYK DIS)

Sidenote but I was googling the translation of Xiao Wan Zi just to be sure I wasn't writing the wrong shit for y'all here, and apparently the same characters in Japanese translate to "Maruko". How feckin awesome is that lmao THAT'S LIKE A PROPER NAME!! And a beautiful one, at that.

What a gr8 find lol. The Universe is filled with infinite wonder and amazement :')))


JC toys?? I mean, HELLO. That pretty much just tells you that this fake baby was made for me to purchase and have in my life for the rest of time lol (JC are my Chinese initials btw)(佳琪/Jia Chi)

(this was still during Perth's wintertime hence the thick af cozy pajamas instead of nudity lol)

I provide it with ample doses of sweet, sweet lovin' as you can see. lmao definitely not the cuddliest toy to have in bed, size and softness wise (all of this just sounds like one big innuendo lmao IM SORRY) but ya

Keepin my raging maternal instincts and chronic loneliness at bay for now, at least :'))

HEAVEN. They're like sugar-sprinkled donut subs piped with fresh cream (the high quality, uber flavourful kind)(like u can really TASTE the fat and butter that goes into each sinful lick lmao) and some tangy jam to balance out the richness.

Really yumzz


GOnna end off with this:

No parties in my life but there are intermittent dashes of wonderful, magnificent happiness and love and light. Very very grateful for that. All of it, every single last bit. And to da peoplez, be it family or friends. And friends who feel like family. I feel like I can never be quite as thankful enough to have such indescribably awesome people in my day to day...Like, yo. What did I do to ever deserve so much as getting to cross paths wit u!!

pardon the sudden outburst of emotions lel idk y

a lil bit awkward.. .

ok LOVE Y'ALL bye <3

clink clink bitch

Friday, 8 July 2016

BREAKING NEWS: i love Pancho's

HAH! I'm back with a regular food post, what did I tell ya!!

In less than 24 hours, too. Man, the things you can achieve when you stay up til 7 in the MORNING and completely set aside the importance of salvaging your circadian rhythm and regulating your serotonin levels which are already dangerously out of whack.

yeh my sleep cycle is beyond rekt at this point. as is my life.

Now! Lemme take y'all back to the night of Sunday, 12th June 2016 :D

Dinner on that fateful evening was so incredible (legit) I am actually QUIVERING in excitement right now as I begin to recount the glorious memories.

Rainy night, cozy vibes <3

I am a huuuge fan of Mexican food. You know a certain restaurant/cuisine type has really earned a special place in your heart when it's chosen as your birthday dinner destination, huh? Also...when you get irresistible cravings for it in the middle of Bangkok hahaha

And now, Perth!

Our annual trips back to WA usually consist of getting reacquainted with our favourite eateries we've known, loved and loyally patronised since a decade ago. This ranges from quaint family-run restaurants to, well. Red Roosters. (yes i actually wrote an entire blog post for it lol DON'T JUDGE ME OK international fast food is always amazing <3)

We'd never had proper Mexican nosh in Australia (unless you count the nachos i got from a food court chain store at Booragoon) and my mum randomly decided to hit Google up for a new dining haunt this trip.

Lo and behold, what has officially been deemed (by me, at least) a !new! regular spot to visit on ALL subsequent trips down under, from now til forever more.

Guest starring me mum's head, helo dere

Sorry I suck at photography lol. But the interior was cute, very cute.

For someone who adores Mexican food as much as I (loads of meat, cheese, and tasty salsa. what's not to love?!), there's actually a staple ingredient in most of the cuisine's common dishes that I absolutely ABHOR.

And that is coriander. Also known as cilantro. Also known as Chinese parsley.


Honestly, there are very few foods in this world which have the ability to physically nauseate me with just a WHIFF. And coriander is one of them.

I actually caught a glimmer of this scientific article that said people either love or hate the herb based on a specific gene that they possess? Which I actually find pretty neat. It explains why some people have the (what i find to be demon-like) ability to devour bunches of coriander on its own, and why others would rather chug a milkshake of blended up garbage mixed with rotten sour curds than come within a 5-metre radius of the cursed herb*.

*that's just an analogy btw, pls don't actually prepare the drink for me thx

Thankfully, our dishes were relatively devoid of coriander. Save for my mum's potato and rice dish which had a few ungodly specks of green EVIL mixed in, but it wasn't enough to make my taste buds shrivel up and die. #blessed

My dad's enchiladas, prettier than u tbh xoxo (just kidding)(but really im not)(look at it oh my god shit looks amazing)(that fork grip doe)(he is so ready to dig in)("hurry up wit da photo, my child  u r doin me a Real Big Hunger)

I got myself a chilli con carne taco, coz u kno I love to feel the heat <3


My sis had tacos too, but hers was beef.

And it came with an appetiser of nachos in salsa and sour cream. Damn, I'm jealous af?? I want a kiddy set meal too omg I AM 12 TRUST ME i am

Mama with the swaggiest plate in town, coz she is Queen.

Potatoes and tender chicken chunks with flavour-packed rice (im sure there is a name for it but i forgot lol) and HEAPS of melted cheese. Good god, it tasted amazing. A lil bit of cilantro hidden in there, but I'll survive.

Time for DESSERTS!! Hell to the fuk yeah

My sister's FREE sundae. Kids and their gosh darn privileges >:((

im kidding lol

I stole some of her ice cream so at the end of the day, we all good~~

My mum with her jumbo spearmint sundae.

And, here is mine!! :D :D

Vanilla ice cream + fluffy chocolate mouse piped into a crunchy tostada case. My fave part was how it was all dusted in cinnamon sugar (LOVE!!).

i didnt kno how to make it look pretty ok omg SORRY i was so full at this point and my satisfaction levels were really up there. believe me tho, this was some good shit!!`

And that was a very very gr8 ending to an A+++ meal.

Special shout-out to our server for the evening, I think her name was Alice? I'M SORRY OMG my memory is shitty af. But she was a really cute Asian (?) or mixed chick who was SO patient and friendly and straight up bursting with energy every time she came by our table. It really made our dining experience that much more pleasant, and it sure had us smiling throughout a fabulous dinner.

In fact, when we got our bill and left, she LEAPED out just as we were strolling out the door to say goodbye and good night to us. YO!! You didn't even have to do that lol it was really adorable and heartwarming :'))

And most of the times I don't even get a simple smile/thank you or "you're welcome" when I treat food service stuff with courtesy and politeness lmao ok


Lovely, very personal and all-round stellar service
Charming and wonderfully quirky interior (the tables and chairs are kinda food court-ish looking but frankly i don't give a friggin' HECK about all dat lol as long as there's something to prop my food up and support my bum as i chow down, i'm all good)
Delectable, mostly coriander-free food which is decently priced, to boot.

It's official. My heart has been stolen.

Pancho's, TAKE ME. I'm yours <3


Random shot from the car window as we went on a post-dinner car ride through the city.

Man, 12th June 2016 was a fucking fantastic day in my life.

(ya mainly because of One Good Meal™ lmao SUE ME OK food makes me super happy!!!!1)

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Still a lazy piece of shit. Still using dank memes and intermittent fits of laughter to cope with my otherwise crippling sadness, anxiety, and fear that I'll never find love.

Please enjoy the following!! :'))

Will be back with a regular (most likely food-related) post soon, i swear on it*

*thankfully, the term "soon" is widely subjective so ya. dont kill me ples

/dem ariana grande whistle notes in the background doe/

real talk but the older i get, the less i give a shit about having lotsa friends?? like, that shit takes a lot to maintain and quite frankly i am sick of making time for ppl i know dont genuinely give a fuck abt me until "the mood strikes them" or when they're just bored and have no one else to hit up (it's super obvious which one u fall under btw, just sayin)

it's one thing to not be able to meet up or chat virtually ALL THE DAMN TIME like, i get it. we all grown we got our own lives now. but to not even make a single itty bitty bit of effort and disappear to god knows where, only to pop up and act like not a damn thing changed this whole time? like u can just step into ma life as and when u please??

like. to hell with that. tbh if i aint a priority then i have no place in ur life!! end of story

a couple gems is all you need. i love love LOVE the small circle of people im actually 100% tight with, and i actively choose them whenever i have time and the social energy to spare. ALWAYS. not some wack ass fair weather friend who comes around once in a blue moon saying they miss me and we needa hang out lol

where were u when shit was goin down in my life and i really needed someone? man.

fuck that. 4 quarters will always be better than 100 pennies. be careful who u call ur friends.

ok emotional rant done lol

the sadness in this reaction pic is so fcking real lmao  I CANT

i m sorry to spill this but this definitely applies to girls too lmao IM SORRY OK errbody gotta fart, yo

(my fave is when i manage to get an empty lift all to myself otw to my home so i can just let 'er rip right there and then huehuehue)

(i m truly sorry u just read that)

  海鸟   狗跟鱼相爱,只是一场意外。。。 </3 T^T !!!

how it be with that Spotify premium trial tbh

altho i miss actually being able to skip songs...especially that "suggested song" bullcrap i mean wHAT IS  THAT!!!! dont be actin like u know me!!!! >:((

i wish this didnt apply to my life so freaking strongly but it does lol and it is a straight up TRAGEDY.

HAHAHAHHA FAK i guffawed like a bitch when i saw this one omgg but for a straight minute or so i was legit DYINGG ok im sorry but forreal

#relatable af, especially when it's a bunch of bratty youths omg explains why i HATE going to places like cineleisure or scape (orchard in general, tbh)

those small lians really scare the shit outta me

好 liao   b yebye