Friday, 8 July 2016

BREAKING NEWS: i love Pancho's

HAH! I'm back with a regular food post, what did I tell ya!!

In less than 24 hours, too. Man, the things you can achieve when you stay up til 7 in the MORNING and completely set aside the importance of salvaging your circadian rhythm and regulating your serotonin levels which are already dangerously out of whack.

yeh my sleep cycle is beyond rekt at this point. as is my life.

Now! Lemme take y'all back to the night of Sunday, 12th June 2016 :D

Dinner on that fateful evening was so incredible (legit) I am actually QUIVERING in excitement right now as I begin to recount the glorious memories.

Rainy night, cozy vibes <3

I am a huuuge fan of Mexican food. You know a certain restaurant/cuisine type has really earned a special place in your heart when it's chosen as your birthday dinner destination, huh? Also...when you get irresistible cravings for it in the middle of Bangkok hahaha

And now, Perth!

Our annual trips back to WA usually consist of getting reacquainted with our favourite eateries we've known, loved and loyally patronised since a decade ago. This ranges from quaint family-run restaurants to, well. Red Roosters. (yes i actually wrote an entire blog post for it lol DON'T JUDGE ME OK international fast food is always amazing <3)

We'd never had proper Mexican nosh in Australia (unless you count the nachos i got from a food court chain store at Booragoon) and my mum randomly decided to hit Google up for a new dining haunt this trip.

Lo and behold, what has officially been deemed (by me, at least) a !new! regular spot to visit on ALL subsequent trips down under, from now til forever more.

Guest starring me mum's head, helo dere

Sorry I suck at photography lol. But the interior was cute, very cute.

For someone who adores Mexican food as much as I (loads of meat, cheese, and tasty salsa. what's not to love?!), there's actually a staple ingredient in most of the cuisine's common dishes that I absolutely ABHOR.

And that is coriander. Also known as cilantro. Also known as Chinese parsley.


Honestly, there are very few foods in this world which have the ability to physically nauseate me with just a WHIFF. And coriander is one of them.

I actually caught a glimmer of this scientific article that said people either love or hate the herb based on a specific gene that they possess? Which I actually find pretty neat. It explains why some people have the (what i find to be demon-like) ability to devour bunches of coriander on its own, and why others would rather chug a milkshake of blended up garbage mixed with rotten sour curds than come within a 5-metre radius of the cursed herb*.

*that's just an analogy btw, pls don't actually prepare the drink for me thx

Thankfully, our dishes were relatively devoid of coriander. Save for my mum's potato and rice dish which had a few ungodly specks of green EVIL mixed in, but it wasn't enough to make my taste buds shrivel up and die. #blessed

My dad's enchiladas, prettier than u tbh xoxo (just kidding)(but really im not)(look at it oh my god shit looks amazing)(that fork grip doe)(he is so ready to dig in)("hurry up wit da photo, my child  u r doin me a Real Big Hunger)

I got myself a chilli con carne taco, coz u kno I love to feel the heat <3


My sis had tacos too, but hers was beef.

And it came with an appetiser of nachos in salsa and sour cream. Damn, I'm jealous af?? I want a kiddy set meal too omg I AM 12 TRUST ME i am

Mama with the swaggiest plate in town, coz she is Queen.

Potatoes and tender chicken chunks with flavour-packed rice (im sure there is a name for it but i forgot lol) and HEAPS of melted cheese. Good god, it tasted amazing. A lil bit of cilantro hidden in there, but I'll survive.

Time for DESSERTS!! Hell to the fuk yeah

My sister's FREE sundae. Kids and their gosh darn privileges >:((

im kidding lol

I stole some of her ice cream so at the end of the day, we all good~~

My mum with her jumbo spearmint sundae.

And, here is mine!! :D :D

Vanilla ice cream + fluffy chocolate mouse piped into a crunchy tostada case. My fave part was how it was all dusted in cinnamon sugar (LOVE!!).

i didnt kno how to make it look pretty ok omg SORRY i was so full at this point and my satisfaction levels were really up there. believe me tho, this was some good shit!!`

And that was a very very gr8 ending to an A+++ meal.

Special shout-out to our server for the evening, I think her name was Alice? I'M SORRY OMG my memory is shitty af. But she was a really cute Asian (?) or mixed chick who was SO patient and friendly and straight up bursting with energy every time she came by our table. It really made our dining experience that much more pleasant, and it sure had us smiling throughout a fabulous dinner.

In fact, when we got our bill and left, she LEAPED out just as we were strolling out the door to say goodbye and good night to us. YO!! You didn't even have to do that lol it was really adorable and heartwarming :'))

And most of the times I don't even get a simple smile/thank you or "you're welcome" when I treat food service stuff with courtesy and politeness lmao ok


Lovely, very personal and all-round stellar service
Charming and wonderfully quirky interior (the tables and chairs are kinda food court-ish looking but frankly i don't give a friggin' HECK about all dat lol as long as there's something to prop my food up and support my bum as i chow down, i'm all good)
Delectable, mostly coriander-free food which is decently priced, to boot.

It's official. My heart has been stolen.

Pancho's, TAKE ME. I'm yours <3


Random shot from the car window as we went on a post-dinner car ride through the city.

Man, 12th June 2016 was a fucking fantastic day in my life.

(ya mainly because of One Good Meal™ lmao SUE ME OK food makes me super happy!!!!1)

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