Thursday, 28 July 2016

egg updates

I thought it was just a phase at first, but my love for all things eggy is still going strong.

I'm no longer using my adorable sunny side up phone case*. Had to retire it and switch things up with a new shell coz I bought too many phone covers at once and I'm afraid that my phone will either be swapped out for a new one when my mobile contract ends/die out on its own before I get the chance to use all my covers at least once lmao. #firstworldproblem to the max??

Note to self: Curb your enthusiasm the next time you go phone case shopping. It's just so hard to find cute covers for any model that ain't a generic iphone/samsung galaxy!!1

*read that post and realised how much things have changed now that it's 5 months down the road. damn. this is why i love blogging lol. it's like an easy to create and even more convenient to access online journal filled with nonsensical shitposting and poorly taken photos, but the memories that they bring are so gr8 :'))

Ok idk why I got so in-depth with the phone cases thing. This post is to announce my glorious new ez-link card TEEHEE


Just in case it wasn't obvious enough...I. Freaking. LOVE Gudetama lol  that lazy little shit!!

(click here if u love him too and want some gude-wallpapers)(there's also gude-porn in that post lol I M SERIOUS)

My student ez-link is actually expiring in about a month or so (goodbye, student perks. i will miss u)(i act as if im not gonna continue carrying the card around in my wallet and savouring the student benefits and discounts that it'll bring HOHOHOHO try and stop me!!!!!!)(law enforcers who may be reading this....pls do not arrest me)(i just want to get student meals at kfc, i mean no harm), meaning this EGGCELLENT new release couldn't have come at a better time!

im sorry lol i just had to

When I saw the announcement for their limited edition release, I was so eggcited (ok last one lol I PROMISE) I almost pooed.

Ermmm the designs aren't the best, tbh? Kinda plain and boring, idk :\

I like the one where Gudetama's chilling on a bus/train with a captain's hat on. It's really cute and I love the idea of him actually taking our local public transportation lol idk why the thought of that thrills me...i need to Get A Life

The egg/boat one is aesthetically pleasing, I'll give you that. But it's just too plain for me :((

It's $12 for purchase with a loaded value of $7, meaning the piece of Gude plastic costs $5 lol
Usage valid all the way to 2022, though! I got it over the counter at my nearest TransitLink Ticket Office and the whole process took me like, 30 seconds :)

Thank goodness I managed to snag my favourite design out of the lot. And now it's mine to tote around all around the island! Hooray!!

Just kinda weird that the croissants (?) are drawn in a way that makes me think of this every time I see it:

lol save me ples

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