Saturday, 23 July 2016

heart out; shout it from the rooftops.

(slightly uncanny.)

You know that thing you do when you hear a catchy song on the radio/in public, and have no way of knowing what the title is? You desperately try latching onto any notable lines of lyrical content so that Future You would be able to google that shit and thereby discover a new favourite tune to blast on repeat. Hooray!

I personally jot the lyric bits and pieces down in my phone using the sms drafts function. My drafts folder is overflowing with spam at this point, coz I've been recording all sorts of random stuff from my emo thoughts (many of which are eventually published here lol) to shopping lists (i can start publishing those here too if y'all would like). Anyway.

It all started on the night where this happened. After that utterly fantastic dinz wit da fam, I was chillin in the car at Fremantle along with my dad and sis. With a truly magical view of the glistening pier laying ahead of us, a marvellous ballad started playing on the radio and proceeded to suck me in. Like, my whole soul.

I didn't really pay much attention to the tracks that played before, but this particular song was so good. Soft and melodious, before it bursts into powerful passion that is very fun to belt along to. And the lyrics, oh my!

Based purely on the sounds of their voices, I had no idea who the artists were. Tbh I thought it was a duet between just one guy and one girl?? Totally blew my mind when I found out the female parts were performed by all of Little Mix lolWHUT

A lil part of me also thought that it could be a song from a while back, perhaps. Unlike most songs that top the charts in 2016, it's just a wholesome pop ballad that has nary a tinge of EDM. Imagine my confusion while I awaited its entire duration for the beat to drop lol

So this was keyed into my trusty mobile that very night:

Life happened, I was my usual lazy piece of shit self so I never really got around to googling the lyrics. It also didn't happen to come back on the radio throughout the rest of the time we were in Perth, so that was that.

Some days the thought at the back of my head would resurface to my consciousness and be like, "hey u rmb that really awesome but sad duet that u've been wanting to check out?"

But I never got to hear the song ever again. Until that one day, a little over a week back...

At this very spot...

OBVIOUSLY i had to make a whole new note in my phone of such a momentous occurrence lmao

How I didn't start seasoning my salmon with salty tears at one point, I'll never know.

Wild Honey really continued to rub it in with other heartwrenching tracks like Westlife's If I Let You Go, The 1975's Robbers and Heart Out, some smooth random sad song by Ne-Yo. All amazing songs, but SO not right to play in the state of emotions I was brewing in lmao

That playlist had me in a MESS, y'all. How could you do this to me..........sigh

g00d timez, man

just gr8 lol


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  1. I actually love it when people rave about songs. I went to listen to Secret Love Song, it was great. It's my favourite duet so far.