Monday, 11 July 2016

June/July Joys (Part I): Long Men & Naked Babies

I'm gonna start dipping into the photo gallery of my phone and blogging about random past events (mostly food)(mostly overseas). Reason being that I foresee myself spending majority of the days ahead just vegetating, straight up.

A rollercoaster of swagtastic events has come and gone. Beginning from June to, well...Yesterday, I suppose. Man, what a fucking incredible month or so. End of an amazing internship, unfolding of plans for university. Adventures in Perth and Penang. BBC* dream come true lol.

*And u kno i aint talkin bout no British Broadcasting Corporation. /insert moon emoji/

The fact that such life-changing highs were also accompanied by pretty devastating lows, just makes each day or even a single moment of happiness that much more worthy of gratitude and appreciation.

2016 has been one insanely phenomenal year so far. Like, things have happened that I never would've even DREAMED about in my wildest fantasies. Can you imagine that? Coz I sure couldn't lol.

It is my hope that I'll be able to remember this spectacular era years down the road, as I'm being lowered into my grave. #morbidmonday huehuehue if my mama read this she would slap me in the face for joking about my own impending death. then she would probably skin me alive for the bbc thing earlier on lmao ok


Penang bound! None of these pictures are gonna be posted in a way that'll make any chronological sense, btw. My phone jumbles them up every time it transfers from internal to external memory, and the physical memory of my own brain can't keep up so yeah.

As Chris would say, "*sigh* Life."

When you're stuck in a wifi-less apartment with nothing to do...Doodle emo lyrics on tissue paper lol OF COURSE!!

"If you were still here...
Even if just half of you were left behind
Perhaps I wouldn't be so lonely"

D (Half Moon) by DEAN. Yeah I still wasn't over it heh :'))

My handwriting is horrible and the words that I wasn't sure of how to write, I just scribbled some random strokes and hoped for the best lmao. Also I'm now realising that it should be "也许" instead of "如果". (i think)

Such a disgrace to my China roots D;

First meal in Malaysia, very apt:

My fave! lololololol

Y'all know I had to hit my internationally acclaimed go-to Indian cuisine hotspot up within the next day...

ya i've only been to like less than 3 legit Indian restaurants across just SG/MSIA but still

My sis and I helped ourselves to the delicious tandoori chicken <3

Feckin luv briyani (idk if it's spelled biryani or what, ppl keep tellin me different things) and naan :)))

My mum's vegetarian set.

3 lunch sets came to a total of a little under SGD$12?? Like. How is that even possible.


I was in tears, y'all. Food was so good...And it was cheap as all hell??? HOW

Oh ya and the service + surroundings were on point too. For a glimpse of the latter, look at my previous post about the restaurant here. I already hyperlinked it above during my initial mention but I bet u didn't click it, aye? Thought I wouldn't find out huh?!!

If you actually did click on it then. My sincerest apologies lol. You da real mvp and I love and value you as a person ok? Muah~~  ❤

If you didn't click it before and you still don't wanna click it now coz you don't give A Single Fuck and want me to just shut up about this right now and proceed with the rest of the post... fair enough :')

Anddddd over here we have our lil dessert. I think it was called kefir ice cream? Sorry, the only thing I remember is that none of us could pronounce it and there was no wifi so I couldn't Google it. Dat cultural struggle doe :\

The friendly waiter HIGHLY suggested it so we gave it a try. Pree chill. Had lots of crushed pistachio bits in it which I really enjoyed.

The ice cream melted super rapidly tho, and the remaining solid chunks in the middle were like, frosty which is a big no-no for me when it comes to the all-important matter of AIS KRIM.

Ok, Perth updates now!!

Went by Target one evening coz I planned on picking up some nail remover wipes, maybe a pair of shoes if they happen to catch my fancy AND be on sale AND have my size. I sure as heck didn't expect to waltz up to the cashier toting a freaking PLASTIC BABY DOLL *chortle*

What can I say, I just can't resist the cuteness of these smooth little plastic shitheads lmao THEY REALLY R QUITE ADORABLE!!!! One of my happiest purchases throughout the trip, too. I think something's wrong with me, idk.

Anyway they were on sale, used to be 7 bucks but marked down to a nice and affordable $4.20 lol #BLAZEIT

(u cant make this stuff up)

Snapped a pic with the Target logo in the background so I could commemorate the momentous occasion lmao. The chick working there made eye contact with me RIGHT before I pressed the shutter on my phone and is2g she was judging the Hellllllll outta me...

To humanize a modelled structure of plastic even further, I deliberated intensely for about 15 minutes before naming her 小丸子 (xiǎo wán zi). "Wán" means something like ball or round, for example meatball and fishball are called 肉丸 (rou wan) and 鱼丸 (yu wan) respectively.

But it also alludes to something roundish and squishy? And KAWAII NEH~~

(im like so disgusted by myself and my antics i almost feel the physical tingling of an oncoming Vomit at the back of me throat lol Y AM I LYK DIS)

Sidenote but I was googling the translation of Xiao Wan Zi just to be sure I wasn't writing the wrong shit for y'all here, and apparently the same characters in Japanese translate to "Maruko". How feckin awesome is that lmao THAT'S LIKE A PROPER NAME!! And a beautiful one, at that.

What a gr8 find lol. The Universe is filled with infinite wonder and amazement :')))


JC toys?? I mean, HELLO. That pretty much just tells you that this fake baby was made for me to purchase and have in my life for the rest of time lol (JC are my Chinese initials btw)(佳琪/Jia Chi)

(this was still during Perth's wintertime hence the thick af cozy pajamas instead of nudity lol)

I provide it with ample doses of sweet, sweet lovin' as you can see. lmao definitely not the cuddliest toy to have in bed, size and softness wise (all of this just sounds like one big innuendo lmao IM SORRY) but ya

Keepin my raging maternal instincts and chronic loneliness at bay for now, at least :'))

HEAVEN. They're like sugar-sprinkled donut subs piped with fresh cream (the high quality, uber flavourful kind)(like u can really TASTE the fat and butter that goes into each sinful lick lmao) and some tangy jam to balance out the richness.

Really yumzz


GOnna end off with this:

No parties in my life but there are intermittent dashes of wonderful, magnificent happiness and love and light. Very very grateful for that. All of it, every single last bit. And to da peoplez, be it family or friends. And friends who feel like family. I feel like I can never be quite as thankful enough to have such indescribably awesome people in my day to day...Like, yo. What did I do to ever deserve so much as getting to cross paths wit u!!

pardon the sudden outburst of emotions lel idk y

a lil bit awkward.. .

ok LOVE Y'ALL bye <3

clink clink bitch

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