Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Hello. I have returned after going from cranking out 2 posts per week despite being on vacation, to dropping off the face of the earth lol. Well, last week I was MIA coz I couldn't be bothered bringing my laptop with me to go to Penang. And the past few days I've just been lazy as hell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last night I caught myself sitting in bed alone in the middle of the night, my insides bubbling over with despair to the point of feeling tears stinging in the back of my eyes. My life has literally been A++ the past month or so, and a phenomenal event happened just the night before that really had my entire mood, heart and soul, just my entire being feeling on POINT.

I was straight up ecstatic about EVERYTHING that I had going on for me, yet I suddenly felt numbingly sad for no damn reason?? Dafuq is wrong wit u bitch!!!!

Checked my period tracker app (god bless technology <3) and sure enough, it's set to come in less than 7 days time. Ok.

Errthang makes sense now, the mystery has been solved. Y'all can go back to your homes now!

Pre-menstrual week. Or, what I've come to refer to as Sad Week.

Where you feel like crumbling apart and just sleeping 24/7 coz being awake is just so...sad. For no damn reason??? GODDAMN hormones need to stop cramping (pun intended) my style HMPH!!!1

Back to regular scheduled happiness and fun time soon enough. But in the meantime, here are some funnies for both you and I to enjoy!

*credits to their original owners, i had 'em all saved from Imgur, Tumblr, or Twitter

I fckin love drake lol DRIZZY 4 LYFE <3

So wrong but so hilarious...

Um. This is basically my life right there??? tragic

IM SORRY FOR THIS VIOLENCE AND CRUELTY LOL but it made me laugh like a bitch

And lastly, one that hits a liiitle too close to home...

Yup. Pretty much accurate

Ok bye now!

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