Wednesday, 27 July 2016

a thousand and one cliches...

...that are nevertheless true.

"Last night I laid in bed, so blue. 'Cause I realised the truth: They can't love me like you.
I tried to find somebody new. Baby, they ain't got a clue. Can't love me like you."

I was on a wave, with you. I truly was.

(Once you've had the best, you can't do better.)
Deep down I know that it's not true, coz I got my whole life ahead of me.
I sure as shit didn't expect to meet you, and for all those things to happen. But it happened anyway.
So who's to say I won't experience a billion more blessings in future, beyond what my imagination can even conjure?
I just wish I didn't have to wait so damn long.
Coz honestly, it still hurts a little bit from time to time.

I didn't expect to find something like that. Not this early on, at least. Not this young.
How is it that you were able to utterly satiate me in every way possible?
And now I'm left without it anymore.
Constantly battling between letting it be and trying to find a replacement.
Another you.
All futile attempts, no doubt.

There've been commendable efforts the past weeks of late where I pretend like I don't know you.
That we never met.
Where I coast through various spots around town while running errands and I pretend we didn't spend time there together.
Where I board a bus in the afternoon and it goes down a path that once took me to you at 3A.M in the dead of night, where I felt most alive.
Where a random song comes on shuffle but it just had to be one that used to play in the background back when we laid in that king-sized bed, your arms around me and my world standing so perfectly still.

But I've just not been able to do the same today.
Tonight, I miss you the most.

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