Thursday, 7 July 2016


Still a lazy piece of shit. Still using dank memes and intermittent fits of laughter to cope with my otherwise crippling sadness, anxiety, and fear that I'll never find love.

Please enjoy the following!! :'))

Will be back with a regular (most likely food-related) post soon, i swear on it*

*thankfully, the term "soon" is widely subjective so ya. dont kill me ples

/dem ariana grande whistle notes in the background doe/

real talk but the older i get, the less i give a shit about having lotsa friends?? like, that shit takes a lot to maintain and quite frankly i am sick of making time for ppl i know dont genuinely give a fuck abt me until "the mood strikes them" or when they're just bored and have no one else to hit up (it's super obvious which one u fall under btw, just sayin)

it's one thing to not be able to meet up or chat virtually ALL THE DAMN TIME like, i get it. we all grown we got our own lives now. but to not even make a single itty bitty bit of effort and disappear to god knows where, only to pop up and act like not a damn thing changed this whole time? like u can just step into ma life as and when u please??

like. to hell with that. tbh if i aint a priority then i have no place in ur life!! end of story

a couple gems is all you need. i love love LOVE the small circle of people im actually 100% tight with, and i actively choose them whenever i have time and the social energy to spare. ALWAYS. not some wack ass fair weather friend who comes around once in a blue moon saying they miss me and we needa hang out lol

where were u when shit was goin down in my life and i really needed someone? man.

fuck that. 4 quarters will always be better than 100 pennies. be careful who u call ur friends.

ok emotional rant done lol

the sadness in this reaction pic is so fcking real lmao  I CANT

i m sorry to spill this but this definitely applies to girls too lmao IM SORRY OK errbody gotta fart, yo

(my fave is when i manage to get an empty lift all to myself otw to my home so i can just let 'er rip right there and then huehuehue)

(i m truly sorry u just read that)

  海鸟   狗跟鱼相爱,只是一场意外。。。 </3 T^T !!!

how it be with that Spotify premium trial tbh

altho i miss actually being able to skip songs...especially that "suggested song" bullcrap i mean wHAT IS  THAT!!!! dont be actin like u know me!!!! >:((

i wish this didnt apply to my life so freaking strongly but it does lol and it is a straight up TRAGEDY.

HAHAHAHHA FAK i guffawed like a bitch when i saw this one omgg but for a straight minute or so i was legit DYINGG ok im sorry but forreal

#relatable af, especially when it's a bunch of bratty youths omg explains why i HATE going to places like cineleisure or scape (orchard in general, tbh)

those small lians really scare the shit outta me

好 liao   b yebye

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