Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Intervention

Just wrapped up a solo late-night movie screening in bed and, good lord. This film made me feel ALL SORTS o' things.

I am very much a comedy junkie, especially the embarrassingly dumb kind. Like, I kinda hate it when people ask me what my fave movie is coz their's is always something either artsy and influential or an all-time classic. But me? The Heat. I watched that Melissa McCarthy (love her) Sandra Bullock (LOVE her) movie fucking NINE times, to date. I shit you not.

So anyway the point is that I don't usually make it a point to sit through serious dramas. I legitimately HATE weepy romance films and chick flicks. Stuff like THE NOTEBOOK can all fuck right off to hell coz I reeeeeally don't need that kind of unrealistic crap and cringeworthy cliches about looove in my life. (no offence if u love those movies lol to each their own)

The only reason I even...obtained (*ahem*) this movie was because I saw not only Natasha Lyonne (asides from her role in Orange Is The New Black, i just think she's an amazingly talented actress through and through) but freaking COBIE. SMULDERS, in the god damn movie poster. LIKE. HELLO????

Anything with good ol' ROBIN SCHERBATSKY in it is automatically a must-watch?*??????

*sidenote but i also recently watched a movie called Results which also stars Cobie. straight up awesome movie, highly recommend. i'm not gonna write a whole review about it lol but she plays a fitness instructor in it! good shit.

If you can get past the whiney and hugely annoying character that is Annie (played by Melanie Lynskey)(seriously, that squeaky voice of hers just makes me want to SCREAM)(does not help at all that she plays a complete bitch), I highly, HIGHLY recommend you give this movie a watch.

Bitch in the red cardigan is who you gotta watch out for. Soooooo bloody annoying throughout the whole film omg

BOOM. Damn straight. Cobie fucking slaughtered her lol savageeee

The #1 reason for thinking The Intervention is so great? It's so real.

It's about love, and marriage, and finding romantic companions in life. But it is also 100% authentic.

There are the sweet and borderline cringey moments that comes with puppy love and the infamous Honeymoon Period of every relationship. But they also show you the ugly sides of every partnership. Not just a neat, textbook narrative of a good start, the introduction of a problem, resolution, and happily ever after.

Because not all relationships HAVE a happily ever after, they freaking end! Sometimes in utter flames, too. Many just fail in the problem stage because one, or both parties, decides to throw in the towel!
Seeds of jealousy, insecurity and self-doubt. Not being on the same page as your partner. Outgrowing one another to the point where the two of you can never go back to where you once were.

It's all covered in this 1-and-a-half-hour movie.

Last but not least, the film may be dealing mainly with marriage and long-term relationships for grownups in an age group past 35 or so. But I strongly recommend it to the younger crowd as well.

There's a character named Lola. She's 22 but dating a much older guy who was crushed after losing his former lover. He wants something real, something serious. Something heavy and long-term.

As you would imagine, those things aren't in line with the short- OR long-term plans that a fun-loving, 22-year-old student has for her future.

Really interesting and insightful for me to watch their storyline unfold, as someone who's in that life limbo as well. And also as someone who has a penchant for dating older guys lol

Friday, 26 August 2016


No trip Down Under is complete without a gut-busting, free-flow salad buffet bar meal at Sizzler's, aye? Similarly, this blog as well as my very soul and physical being would not be the same without the imperative post-feasting blog post.

Prepare thy corneas, y'all. 'Bout to drop some serious food porn up in this bitch. Like SEX on deck. Unfff.

ok i need 2 st0p


Seriously doe the variety of dishes all taste amaaaazing and you can only imagine how filling it all is, what with all the fibre and stuff.

Really went all-in on the unlimited cheese and bacon bits TEEHEE. Sundried tomatoes were A+, too. Those things aren't cheap at all, so obviously I had to help myself to A Heaping.

complimentary CHEEZ TOAST appetizers!! sorry the picture is so butt fucking ugly lol but rest assured that it was nothing short of crunchy, aromatic, and oh-so-cheesily DELISHIUS <3 (may i interest u in viewing the pic of it from this post instead)

My main dish: grilled chicken with swiss cheese, bacon and onion tomato relish.

It was ~aight~ I guess but I cannot for the life of me believe that they would just serve me da tomatoes in that state.......like. Cmon fam. They ain't even CHOPPED, much less diced!! Wth is this chunky mess of GR0SSNESS.

My lil sis with her delectable kid's meal nuggets.

You can really tell that everything on her plate tasted awesome from the way God himself decided to bathe it in love and light.

Sizzler's nuggets: one of the best nuggest I've ever tasted, hands down. Something about their crunchy and flavourful breading is just phenomenaaaaalllll~~ <3

Tried to be my own Mexican cuisine master but I failed. Oh, how spectacularly I failed.

Nachos were on POINT, as always. Due to the sheer deliciousness of the tomato basil salsa + shredded parmesan, which no one would be able to fuck up anyway.

The colossal dollops of sour cream and VERY non-avocado-containing guacamole though.......

I also don't know wtf I was doing layering all dem jalapeño pieces in my beef and cheese taco. Like. Forreal, you eat a bunch of jalapeño-filled sandwiches from Subway and you suddenly think that those piquant little shits can do no wrong. But my creation was SO FREAKING WRONG!!!!!!! /SCREAMS/

Desserts provided a good recovery, coz they were pleasant all around~~

Chocolate mousse and salted caramel panna cotta with a nice mug of cappuccino, woohoo!

I really am not a fan of coconut shreds, man.

Scooped up from a new batch of piping hot apple crumble fresh from the kitchen, with some vanilla soft serve.



Wednesday, 24 August 2016


don't say that you love me, that you miss me
if it's not true within your heart
reluctantly just to pacify me
i'll be deeply hurt if i find out

i want you to leave quietly, without turning back
i'll understand clearly what it is that you want
no need to force yourself to console me
by telling me strange reasons

up til now, i'm still
loving you
是爱情的,友情的 都可以
be it of romance or friendship

it's the bliss that lies within my heart
i know that it feels bitter/difficult

the impact of revisiting a song that was first introduced to your life during childhood.
usually not by choice.
maybe your parents played it in the car long road trips,
maybe an older sibling was blasting it on their walkman and you listened in because you had yet to know any music of your own discovery.

these mandopop songs were brought to my life courtesy of my cousin, 8 years my senior.(coincidentally the same age gap i have as my little sister)
he hung around so much, we practically grew up together and he was like a brother to me.

throughout my childhood and pre-teen years, (his adolescence)
he listened to so much great music in my presence.

i absorbed it all like a sponge.

2001, 2002, 2003 and so on. for about half a decade

thank god for technological advances now, how easy it is now to google a certain string of lyrics and find out about a long forgotten song i used to constantly have stuck in my head

this cyndi wang track, for example
is so tragic lol i can’t.

the lyrics are beyond beautiful. i always feel that chinese songs are akin to poetry.
how do a small handful of characters and single-sounding words come together to sound so perfect,
yet hold so much emotional meaning and colourful stories behind them??

makes me wish i was that much fluent in chinese to be able to create such art.

ok i’ve rambled far enough

pls enjoy this touch of emo love song goodness lol

listen to the song too or i’ll beat you with a bat simply coz it’s a gr8 little tune and i highly recommend it but no biggie if you choose not to!!1

note: somewhat irrelevant but kpop taught me that u don’t need to experience love to produce/perform love songs. those idol group members aren’t even allowed to date, ffs.
anyway. i wonder if this applies to mandopop artists as well? hehe

i know it for sure doesn’t mean that i can’t belt it out with more emotion than a thirsty hippo 1 week before its period*, despite my never being in love before. ever. in my life.


ok bye

*horrific analogy. i’m sorry lol idk what i was thinking

Sunday, 21 August 2016

SMTM 5: Gil + Mad Clown

These 2 are so gosh darn adorable on the show, ALWAYS supplying the laffs amidst hip-hop excellence and intense K-variety drama. Obviously I had to do a lil tribute of my fave moments lol

Before we start:

Check out Gil's musical genius in 눈물 (Tears), one of my all-time favourite ballads. Your heart will BLEED the fuck out. English subbed music video available!!

Some choice Mad Clown offerings include Stupid In Love (VERY emotional, you will cry) and Fire. And, of course Without You, featuring Hyorin my queen. And which I already wrote a whole post about back in July 2015 lmao THE LOVE IS REAL

K, now that I trust the above tracks are looping in the background as you read the rest of this post, lettuce proceed! :D



GET REKT!!!!!!1

Jessi having absolutely no chill as well lmao

That collab was FIRE tho!!!!!!!!! holy shit

Gunhee dug deep into the pain of his failed relationship lol damn

Same tbh HAHAHA

How fuckin cute can Mad Clown get tbh

This is Mad Clown expressing how grateful he is for the chance to produce alongside Gil as a team, coz he used to listen to LeeSSang's music from way back when Mad Clown first started his hip-hop career.

Touching stuff, yo.

Followed by an awkward high-five attempt. OF COURSE lol

Sunday, 14 August 2016

I LOVE HOTELS & BREAKFAST BUFFETS (like, a lil bit too much)

Ranked ever so slightly below my hardcore fixation for airports, airplanes and inflight meals (i kno a billion people out there beg to differ but o well. more immaculate trays of fanciful food for me! lol)...is my love for HOTELS.

Baiyoke Sky breakfast buffet on the 36th floor. Legit, one of my happiest days EVER lol

As with anything else that exists, I know there can be some ultra shit-tastic ones out there. But I've been mightily blessed to be able to spend my vacations in some pretty swaggular resorts.

Any holiday is just that much sweeter when you can wake up every morning and come home every night to a comfy ass suite of ultimate luxury and divine relaxation. The awesome hotel vibes aren't limited to the rooms, either. Go frolicking about from the spacious lobby to the sky-high balconies with nary a care in the world. Your only chore would be to take in all the beautiful, world-class sights, sounds, feelings and ambience. There is a whole treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered, RIGHT within the compasses of the hotel. (this is coming from someone who spent entire vacation weeks in China not venturing out of the resort even once...then proceeded to write an article about it lol)

The only reason why hotels aren't at da top of the list is coz I haven't been to a whole tonne, frankly.

And I ain't complainin!! I am thoroughly aware of how privileged I already am to be able to enjoy all these things. My only expectation now is not that I continue to be "lucky" and pampered enough to have these experiences bestowed upon me (although i would still accept it with open and VERY grateful arms lmao i mean...cmon) but to be able to hustle and earn it all on my own right.

I usually travel once to a maximum of three times per year. Perth would almost always be one of the destinations, and my family and I stay in a proper house whenever we're Down Under. I haven't been in an Aussie hotel since...I wanna say, when I was a toddler who couldn't remember shit? :)

Likewise with Penang, where the accommodation of choice is a rented apartment.

So that leaves us with the remaining two cities that I've ever visited in my life thus far: Bangkok and Guangzhou.

My Thailand accommodation was Baiyoke Sky, a.k.a The tallest building in the city. (80 FLOORS, GOD DAMN IT. EIGHTY!!!!)

A breakfast buffet spread of such stellar standards is already enough to blow my mind and have me firmly planted on no less than cloud nine for the rest of the goddamn WEEK, but a breathtaking view of the entire city to go along with it? Bruh.

I DONT DESERVE THISSSSSS lol this is too much!!!!!!1   yo. honestly

The adorable shot glasses of fresh juice were SO yummy homaigod T^T

Fucking highlight of the trip and quite possibly my LIFE, man. Straight up. This bitch right here was soooooo happy lol I need help! (sorry i get THIS delighted a bit too easily hahaha) But yeah. Forrealz.

That was some A+ good shit. Luv ya, Baiyoke <3

Chimelong Resort's White Tiger Restaurant breakfast buffet in Guangzhou was awesome too. (see last year's post for sexy shots of the 5-star, internationally acclaimed resort's interior)

Sad that it happened coupla years ago so I don't have pics for you rn haha. Actually you know what. Here,

Took the liberty of trawling my folders' hundreds of thousands of pictures to find it. Good trip down memory lane, and well worth the find, I say!

Gotta have soy sauce stir-fried noodles for brekkie coz I'm hella china lol jks those noodles are fookin delish errbody LOVES dem regardless of race language or religion to build a democratic society based on justice and equality.... .. . .  . .. ...

So those are my hotel (breakfast) highlights so far, I guess. :))))

Would like to stay at some local ones, too. Who says you need to fly thousands of miles away from home to live it up, Suite Life style?

Shall experience the very first staycation of my life soon. Oh wait, I guess technically I've already done that...teehee

fuck yeeeaaaaaahhh

u havent lived til u get fucked up on free flow seared ahi tuna @ 11 in the morn

before AND after u get actually fucked by dat world class d lol HAHA ok bye

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

me dying over Show Me The Money Season 5

Kinda fell off the face of the earth coz I've been binge-watching SMTM 5.

I freaking LOOOVE K-hiphop, oh my goodness.

I'm sorry, but One is fucking handsome lol NO ONE CAN DENY THIS!!!!!!!1

Dat boi is #Blessed.

I never got past the third episode of Season 4 coz the editing style of Korean variety shows is just soooo draggy D;

Also, Black Nut was a psycho and I don't enjoy watching any show that gives me the heebie jeebies.

A pity tho coz I really liked most of the producers on SMTM 4.


I got waaay into the show this season, mostly coz I've nothing to quell my k-hiphop cravings whilst Unpretty Rapster Season 3 episodes are coming out but NOBODY is subbing them. Somebody better fuckin do it real soon...I need me my Giant Pink (yes that is a name of a female rapper lol I CANT)(she's gorgeous and talented but...damn. that name is unfortunate lol)

Yo, THIS. Was the episode that I started gettin HYPED THE EFF UPPP

I can't believe they fucking went to Los Angeles and gave locals the chance to audition and fly back to South Korea to compete?? Holy shit that is like, Legit.

And they got TIMBALAND to sit down, listen to everyone, and judge???? That man is a legenddddd, yo.

He had such high praises to sing of the show, too. I agree wit chu!!!! :')))

Spoiler alert but I'm kinda sad neither of the local girls (Miss L.A and Legendary TeMo) were able to progress much further. They both had pretty decent skills and it was just blowing my mind that they had not only a foreigner but a FEMALE one reppin' the game in SMTM back home in Korea hehehe.

At least Miss L.A got free air tickets tho, so. Hope she ate some bibimbap before flyin her cute ass talented ass self back to America lmao

Flowsik and Killahgramz were my faves from the LA batch ;P

Oh yeah Junoflo's pretty cute too TEEEHEE ok i had like a tiny lil baby crush on him for like A MINUTE but he got eliminated so quickly...which sucks lol

(followed him on twitter immediately afterwards so i could thirst over his social media posts lol DONT JUDGE ME)

If I were ever to date a non-brown Asian dude, he'd probably be this type of guy teeheeee

And Reddy too, tbh. He ain't even conventionally handsome like at ALL, but his style and charm is just everrrrything??


Kk back to the show itself lmao

The stage performances were LIT af. When the producer teams came out I just about lost my damn MIND, I tell you.

It's so nice to see hiphop fans just vibing and enjoying the show, regardless of whether they was competing. Hiphop brings people together, man.

#YGGR, gotta love it.


Fucking love Illionaire, baby.

YAAAAAAAAS, GURL. Miss L.A knows what's UP!!

Way to make a song about your name so damn catchy lol props to Simon D!

Please watch SMTM if you're looking for a new, awfully addictive guilty pleasure. If you can just get past the cringe overload, borderline DISGUSTING editing style that tries so hard to draw suspense, you're all set (Y)

Plus, discover gr8 new K-hiphop music!!

I personally love the old-school hiphop vibes of this one. And that fucking dance tho?? lmao

Gil is a musical genius :'))