Friday, 26 August 2016


No trip Down Under is complete without a gut-busting, free-flow salad buffet bar meal at Sizzler's, aye? Similarly, this blog as well as my very soul and physical being would not be the same without the imperative post-feasting blog post.

Prepare thy corneas, y'all. 'Bout to drop some serious food porn up in this bitch. Like SEX on deck. Unfff.

ok i need 2 st0p


Seriously doe the variety of dishes all taste amaaaazing and you can only imagine how filling it all is, what with all the fibre and stuff.

Really went all-in on the unlimited cheese and bacon bits TEEHEE. Sundried tomatoes were A+, too. Those things aren't cheap at all, so obviously I had to help myself to A Heaping.

complimentary CHEEZ TOAST appetizers!! sorry the picture is so butt fucking ugly lol but rest assured that it was nothing short of crunchy, aromatic, and oh-so-cheesily DELISHIUS <3 (may i interest u in viewing the pic of it from this post instead)

My main dish: grilled chicken with swiss cheese, bacon and onion tomato relish.

It was ~aight~ I guess but I cannot for the life of me believe that they would just serve me da tomatoes in that Cmon fam. They ain't even CHOPPED, much less diced!! Wth is this chunky mess of GR0SSNESS.

My lil sis with her delectable kid's meal nuggets.

You can really tell that everything on her plate tasted awesome from the way God himself decided to bathe it in love and light.

Sizzler's nuggets: one of the best nuggest I've ever tasted, hands down. Something about their crunchy and flavourful breading is just phenomenaaaaalllll~~ <3

Tried to be my own Mexican cuisine master but I failed. Oh, how spectacularly I failed.

Nachos were on POINT, as always. Due to the sheer deliciousness of the tomato basil salsa + shredded parmesan, which no one would be able to fuck up anyway.

The colossal dollops of sour cream and VERY non-avocado-containing guacamole though.......

I also don't know wtf I was doing layering all dem jalapeño pieces in my beef and cheese taco. Like. Forreal, you eat a bunch of jalapeño-filled sandwiches from Subway and you suddenly think that those piquant little shits can do no wrong. But my creation was SO FREAKING WRONG!!!!!!! /SCREAMS/

Desserts provided a good recovery, coz they were pleasant all around~~

Chocolate mousse and salted caramel panna cotta with a nice mug of cappuccino, woohoo!

I really am not a fan of coconut shreds, man.

Scooped up from a new batch of piping hot apple crumble fresh from the kitchen, with some vanilla soft serve.



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