Sunday, 14 August 2016

I LOVE HOTELS & BREAKFAST BUFFETS (like, a lil bit too much)

Ranked ever so slightly below my hardcore fixation for airports, airplanes and inflight meals (i kno a billion people out there beg to differ but o well. more immaculate trays of fanciful food for me! lol) my love for HOTELS.

Baiyoke Sky breakfast buffet on the 36th floor. Legit, one of my happiest days EVER lol

As with anything else that exists, I know there can be some ultra shit-tastic ones out there. But I've been mightily blessed to be able to spend my vacations in some pretty swaggular resorts.

Any holiday is just that much sweeter when you can wake up every morning and come home every night to a comfy ass suite of ultimate luxury and divine relaxation. The awesome hotel vibes aren't limited to the rooms, either. Go frolicking about from the spacious lobby to the sky-high balconies with nary a care in the world. Your only chore would be to take in all the beautiful, world-class sights, sounds, feelings and ambience. There is a whole treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered, RIGHT within the compasses of the hotel. (this is coming from someone who spent entire vacation weeks in China not venturing out of the resort even once...then proceeded to write an article about it lol)

The only reason why hotels aren't at da top of the list is coz I haven't been to a whole tonne, frankly.

And I ain't complainin!! I am thoroughly aware of how privileged I already am to be able to enjoy all these things. My only expectation now is not that I continue to be "lucky" and pampered enough to have these experiences bestowed upon me (although i would still accept it with open and VERY grateful arms lmao i mean...cmon) but to be able to hustle and earn it all on my own right.

I usually travel once to a maximum of three times per year. Perth would almost always be one of the destinations, and my family and I stay in a proper house whenever we're Down Under. I haven't been in an Aussie hotel since...I wanna say, when I was a toddler who couldn't remember shit? :)

Likewise with Penang, where the accommodation of choice is a rented apartment.

So that leaves us with the remaining two cities that I've ever visited in my life thus far: Bangkok and Guangzhou.

My Thailand accommodation was Baiyoke Sky, a.k.a The tallest building in the city. (80 FLOORS, GOD DAMN IT. EIGHTY!!!!)

A breakfast buffet spread of such stellar standards is already enough to blow my mind and have me firmly planted on no less than cloud nine for the rest of the goddamn WEEK, but a breathtaking view of the entire city to go along with it? Bruh.

I DONT DESERVE THISSSSSS lol this is too much!!!!!!1   yo. honestly

The adorable shot glasses of fresh juice were SO yummy homaigod T^T

Fucking highlight of the trip and quite possibly my LIFE, man. Straight up. This bitch right here was soooooo happy lol I need help! (sorry i get THIS delighted a bit too easily hahaha) But yeah. Forrealz.

That was some A+ good shit. Luv ya, Baiyoke <3

Chimelong Resort's White Tiger Restaurant breakfast buffet in Guangzhou was awesome too. (see last year's post for sexy shots of the 5-star, internationally acclaimed resort's interior)

Sad that it happened coupla years ago so I don't have pics for you rn haha. Actually you know what. Here,

Took the liberty of trawling my folders' hundreds of thousands of pictures to find it. Good trip down memory lane, and well worth the find, I say!

Gotta have soy sauce stir-fried noodles for brekkie coz I'm hella china lol jks those noodles are fookin delish errbody LOVES dem regardless of race language or religion to build a democratic society based on justice and equality.... .. . .  . .. ...

So those are my hotel (breakfast) highlights so far, I guess. :))))

Would like to stay at some local ones, too. Who says you need to fly thousands of miles away from home to live it up, Suite Life style?

Shall experience the very first staycation of my life soon. Oh wait, I guess technically I've already done that...teehee

fuck yeeeaaaaaahhh

u havent lived til u get fucked up on free flow seared ahi tuna @ 11 in the morn

before AND after u get actually fucked by dat world class d lol HAHA ok bye

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