Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Here with a slightly ~*special*~ edition of sweet, juicy memes. Look at me, being all timely and shit lol

In keeping up with the latest internet trend which is to bastardise one of my personal favourite childhood shows, here are some of my top picks for memes featuring Arthur. dat little aardvark nerd king.........

jks i quite like him

it's his annoying shit of a sister D.W who needs 2 get slapped!! HMPH.

me, all the damn time lmao

especially if i be lookin CUTE for once in my life!!!!1 lol i aint find my perfect angle where the sunlight hits my cheekbones just right for u NOT to watch it and provide me wit virtual validation >:(

i wouldn't call this #relatable coz i always pay for my own shit but LOLLL it fucken funny

i be petty like that lol

kk dats all. back to regular memes now! huehuehue

I loved 21 Jump Street. I'm such a sucker for dumb comedies lol I hope new ones hit local theatres soon!! I really wanna check out Bad Moms. Especially now that I've become addicted to watching IISuperWomanII's vlogs, and Lilly has a cameo in it (the movie, not her vlogs).

Also, Kristen Stewart is perf.

Wanted to catch Central Intelligence really badly too, when it was still showing. But didn't have any kakis and I've yet to lose my watch-a-movie-alone virginity lol. FUCK i really hate it when people apply a virginity analogy to random mundane activities they're doing for the first time. SORRY. to myself

I need to find me a buddy and pal who'll go with me to watch dumb ass funny movies lol PREFERABLY during weekdays before 6pm so that tickets will be cheap af hahaha

But that would mean they probs have to be a jobless bum just sittin around all day lol LIKE MEEEE!


This just got so real and sad omg

RIGHT?????? RIGHT!!!??!?!?!?!!!!!!

I'm so so sorry. I tried not to laugh lol I really did!! !

fuck all y'all puttin in time to make such edits lmao I M  DED

pls tell me u laffed too so i dont feel like such a sinner :')

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