Tuesday, 9 August 2016

me dying over Show Me The Money Season 5

Kinda fell off the face of the earth coz I've been binge-watching SMTM 5.

I freaking LOOOVE K-hiphop, oh my goodness.

I'm sorry, but One is fucking handsome lol NO ONE CAN DENY THIS!!!!!!!1

Dat boi is #Blessed.

I never got past the third episode of Season 4 coz the editing style of Korean variety shows is just soooo draggy D;

Also, Black Nut was a psycho and I don't enjoy watching any show that gives me the heebie jeebies.

A pity tho coz I really liked most of the producers on SMTM 4.


I got waaay into the show this season, mostly coz I've nothing to quell my k-hiphop cravings whilst Unpretty Rapster Season 3 episodes are coming out but NOBODY is subbing them. Somebody better fuckin do it real soon...I need me my Giant Pink (yes that is a name of a female rapper lol I CANT)(she's gorgeous and talented but...damn. that name is unfortunate lol)

Yo, THIS. Was the episode that I started gettin HYPED THE EFF UPPP

I can't believe they fucking went to Los Angeles and gave locals the chance to audition and fly back to South Korea to compete?? Holy shit that is like, Legit.

And they got TIMBALAND to sit down, listen to everyone, and judge???? That man is a legenddddd, yo.

He had such high praises to sing of the show, too. I agree wit chu!!!! :')))

Spoiler alert but I'm kinda sad neither of the local girls (Miss L.A and Legendary TeMo) were able to progress much further. They both had pretty decent skills and it was just blowing my mind that they had not only a foreigner but a FEMALE one reppin' the game in SMTM back home in Korea hehehe.

At least Miss L.A got free air tickets tho, so. Hope she ate some bibimbap before flyin her cute ass talented ass self back to America lmao

Flowsik and Killahgramz were my faves from the LA batch ;P

Oh yeah Junoflo's pretty cute too TEEEHEE ok i had like a tiny lil baby crush on him for like A MINUTE but he got eliminated so quickly...which sucks lol

(followed him on twitter immediately afterwards so i could thirst over his social media posts lol DONT JUDGE ME)

If I were ever to date a non-brown Asian dude, he'd probably be this type of guy teeheeee

And Reddy too, tbh. He ain't even conventionally handsome like at ALL, but his style and charm is just everrrrything??


Kk back to the show itself lmao

The stage performances were LIT af. When the producer teams came out I just about lost my damn MIND, I tell you.

It's so nice to see hiphop fans just vibing and enjoying the show, regardless of whether they was competing. Hiphop brings people together, man.

#YGGR, gotta love it.


Fucking love Illionaire, baby.

YAAAAAAAAS, GURL. Miss L.A knows what's UP!!

Way to make a song about your name so damn catchy lol props to Simon D!

Please watch SMTM if you're looking for a new, awfully addictive guilty pleasure. If you can just get past the cringe overload, borderline DISGUSTING editing style that tries so hard to draw suspense, you're all set (Y)

Plus, discover gr8 new K-hiphop music!!

I personally love the old-school hiphop vibes of this one. And that fucking dance tho?? lmao

Gil is a musical genius :'))


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