Sunday, 21 August 2016

SMTM 5: Gil + Mad Clown

These 2 are so gosh darn adorable on the show, ALWAYS supplying the laffs amidst hip-hop excellence and intense K-variety drama. Obviously I had to do a lil tribute of my fave moments lol

Before we start:

Check out Gil's musical genius in 눈물 (Tears), one of my all-time favourite ballads. Your heart will BLEED the fuck out. English subbed music video available!!

Some choice Mad Clown offerings include Stupid In Love (VERY emotional, you will cry) and Fire. And, of course Without You, featuring Hyorin my queen. And which I already wrote a whole post about back in July 2015 lmao THE LOVE IS REAL

K, now that I trust the above tracks are looping in the background as you read the rest of this post, lettuce proceed! :D



GET REKT!!!!!!1

Jessi having absolutely no chill as well lmao

That collab was FIRE tho!!!!!!!!! holy shit

Gunhee dug deep into the pain of his failed relationship lol damn

Same tbh HAHAHA

How fuckin cute can Mad Clown get tbh

This is Mad Clown expressing how grateful he is for the chance to produce alongside Gil as a team, coz he used to listen to LeeSSang's music from way back when Mad Clown first started his hip-hop career.

Touching stuff, yo.

Followed by an awkward high-five attempt. OF COURSE lol

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